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Optimization of the Injection Molding Process Simulation Using Taguchi Method 2010
Electrochemical study of AISI 316L Stainless Steel in different nanoparticle suspensions 2010
Study of Ni-Tio(2) nanocomposite coating prepared by electrochemical deposition 2010
Study of nonlinear deformatios of binary alloys with cubic structure 2010
Performance and emission characteristics of an CI engine fueled with diesel-biodiesel-bioethanol blends 2010
Synthesis and characterization of COLL-PVA/HA hybrid materials with stratified morphology 2010
A comparative study concerning chromatographic retention and computed partition coefficients of some precursors of peraza crown ethers 2010
EPR investigation of some desiccated Ascomycota and Basidiomycota gamma-irradiated mushrooms 2010
Novel, Biologically Imperative, Highly Versatile and Planar Systems: Synthesis, Characterization, Electrochemical Behavior, DNA Binding and Cleavage Properties of Substituted beta-Diketimine Copper(II) and Zinc(II) Complexes with Dipyrido(3,2-a: 2 ' 3 ',-c) phenazine Ligand 2010
Synthesis and characterization of side-chain poly(methacrylate)s bearing new azo-moieties 2010
Electrochemical study of AISI 304 stainless steel during the exposure at the disinfectant solutions with fungal suspensions 2010
Polydimethylsiloxane/silica/titania composites prepared by solvent-free sol-gel technique 2010
Growth and characterization of nitrogen-doped TiO(2) thin films prepared by reactive pulsed laser deposition 2010
Latent heat nano composite building materials 2010
Synthesis and antimicrobial evaluation of some fused heterocyclic [1,2,4]triazolo [3,4-b][1,3,4]thiadiazole derivatives 2010
Morphology of polyethylene nanolayers: a study by evanescent light microscopy 2010
Laser remote sensing in atmosphere investigation 2010
Hydrothermal synthesis of Si(1-x) Sn(x)O(2) single crystal 2010
Influence of the deposition time and temperature on the texture of InN thin films grown by RF-magnetron sputtering 2010
Effect of the morphology on the optical and electrical properties of TPyP thin films deposited by vacuum evaporation 2010
The influence of near IR laser annealing on the magnetic properties of Fe-Si sheet 2010
Photonic crystal optoelectronic devices and circuits for student training 2010
Spectral study of the interaction between enoxacin and calf thymus DNA 2010
Structural investigation of biogenic ferrihydrite nanoparticles dispersion 2010
Specialized positioners and manipulators for robotic welding 2010
Interventions on the Gothic Roof Structure of the Nave at the Lutheran Church in Bistrita (Romania) 2010
Research, Planning and Interventions Guide for Historic Roof Structures with Baroque Character 2010
From Simple Roof Structure Calculus Based on 2D Modelling to 3D Models-Case study: Reformed Church in Cluj-N., Romania 2010
Analytical and Numerical Approach to the Romanian Medieval Church Structures 2010
Supported phospholipid bilayers with chlorophyll for optoelectronic devices 2010
Synthesis and structural studies of complexes of Cu, Co, Ni and Zn with isonicotinic acid hydrazide and isonicotinic acid (1-naphthylmethylene)hydrazide 2010
Analysis on the blood flow through the cardiovascular implants in the laminar motion 2010
Magnetic field wiggy-chain undulator 2010
Optical evaluation of heritage silver coin plasma cleaning using statistical methods 2010
Volcanic ash monitoring over Bucharest area using a multiwavelength Raman lidar 2010
Pressure-induced structural transition in Ln(2)Zr(2)O(7) (Ln = Ce, Nd, Gd) pyrochlores 2010
Simultaneous determination of methyl-xanthines in different types of tea by a newly developed and validated TLC method 2010
Entrapment and release of drugs by a strict "on-off" mechanism in pullulan microspheres with pendant thermosensitive groups 2010
Use of Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) in the Characterization of EPDM/PP Blends 2010
Combined FPPE-PTR Calorimetry Involving TWRC Technique. Theory and Mathematical Simulations 2010
Evaluation of thermal and dielectric behaviour of some anionic nylon 612 copolymers 2010
Three-stage model for nucleation of graphite in grey cast iron 2010
An in vitro release study of indomethacin from nanoparticles based on methyl methacrylate/glycidyl methacrylate copolymers 2010
Metal oxide nanoparticles synthesized by pulsed laser ablation for proton exchange membrane fuel cells 2010
Screening of Molecular Virulence Markers in Staphylococcus aureus and Pseudomonas aeruginosa Strains Isolated from Clinical Infections 2010
Structural characterization, thermal investigation, and liquid crystalline behavior of 4-[(4-chlorobenzyl)oxy]-3,4 '-dichloroazobenzene 2010
Isothermal catalytic combustion of n-pentane/air mixtures on platinum wire 2010
Lead-free ferroelectric thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2010
NO reduction with CO on Cu-Cr and Co-Cr oxide catalysts supported on Al(2)O(3) and Al(2)O(3) + SiO(2) 2010

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