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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Study and Researches about the Microhardness's variation of a Special SG Cast Iron 2010
Interfacial Behavior of Dissimilar Friction Welded Nodular Cast Irons with Low Carbon Steels 2010
Friction Welding Structures of Carburized Steels 2010
Morphologies of Widmanstatten Structures and Mechanism Formation in Steels 2010
Characterization of the Diffusion Zone Developed in a Bimetallic Steel-Bronze at Interface 2010
Investigations of the Correlation Between the Preparation Method and the Properties of Anilinic Derivative Functionalised Polymer Thin Films for Non-Linear Optical Applications 2010
Surface Protection of the Steel Sheet with Zn-Fe Alloys 2010
Reactions of Distibanes with [Fe(2)(CO)(9)]: Synthesis, Structure and DFT Calculations of [(Et(2)Sb)(4)Fe(4)(CO)(14)], [(nPr(2)Sb)(4)Fe(3)(CO)(10)], [{(Me(3)SiCH(2))(2)Sb}(4)Fe(2)(CO)(6)], and [2-(Me(2)NCH(2))C(6)H(4)SbFe(2)(CO)(8)] 2010
Technological Researches Concerning a Decrease in the Losses Due to the Oxidation of Remelted Scrap from Aluminium Alloys 2010
Synthesis, characterization, DNA binding, oxidative damage of DNA strand scission, and antimicrobial activities of -diketone condensed Schiff-base transition metal complexes 2010
Distance and Detour Matrices of an Infinite Class of Dendrimer Nanostars 2010
Composition Rules for Omega Polynomial in Nano-Dendrimers 2010
Mixed convection boundary layer flow about a solid sphere with Newtonian heating 2010
Deformation of orthotropic porous elastic bars under lateral loading 2010
Modelling of the simultaneous wet spinning-grafting process of hemp fibres meant for medical textiles 2010
Optimization models of parachute manufacture process 2010
Systemic approach to the design of knitted fabric with a three dimensional architecture 2010
The impact of enzymatic treatments applied to textitle materials on wastewaters 2010
Flexibility in technological process design - a key factor for developing new generations of textile equipments based on intelligent mechatronic systems 2010
Studies concerning the photostabilization of cationic dyes derived by the compact condensed systems with thiazolic ring applied on polyacrylic fibres using UV absorber 2010
Strategic alignment to customer orientation 2010
The influence of the course density and the turn of the knitting machine over the breaking force on the jersey course direction 2010
Generalized algorithms for computerized apparel design 2010
Spectroscopic studies on the wool surface modifications induced by UV excimer laser irradiation 2010
Calculus equations for computer command programs of waxing emulsion warp's load 2010
Applications of auxetic textile structures in the industry and society 2010
The impact of textile products customer retention on the buying decision process 2010
Optimization models of paraglide manufacturing process 2010
General aspects concerning the development of a female dimensional typology using 3D body scanning measurements 2010
Surface treatments applied to textile materials and implications on their behaviour in wet conditions 2010
Biotechnologies for textile materials made of protein fibers. Enzymatic scouring of raw wool 2010
Influence of finishing treatments on the physical-mechanical characteristics of cotton knitted fabrics 2010
The effects of azo dyes on human health 2010
Mathematical modelling and the technological process optimization for the bio-scouring of the cotton textile materials 2010
Structure-properties relationship of the antistatic woven fabrics for protective equipment application 2010
Composite nanopowder for antibacterial textiles 2010
Determination of Total Antioxidant Activity of Wines Using a Flow Injection Method with Chemiluminescence Detection 2010
Stabilization of Cefotaxime in Hydrotalcite - Like Anionic Clay Matrix and its Controlled Release 2010
Sorption of Hg(2+) and Pb(2+) Ions from Aqueous Solutions on Corn Cobs Biomaterials 2010
Studies Regarding the Determination of Antioxidant Properties of New Plant Extracts for Cosmetic Purposes 2010
Measurement of Teflon Membrane Characteristics Used in Electret Microphones 2010
Proximate Composition and Some Physico-chemical Properties of Abutilon theophrasti (velvetleaf) Seed Oil 2010
Fragmentation of Azulen-1-yl Diazenes and bis-diazenes in Mass Spectrometer 2010
Heterocyclic [6.7.6] Compounds Synthesis using 2-(4-methylphenoxymethyl)benzoic Acid. Synthesis of 2-methyl-O-acyl-oximino-dibenz[b,e]oxepins 2010
Pharmacokinetics and comparative bioavailability of two fenofibrate capsule formulations in healthy volunteers 2010
Comparative Study of the Painting Materials of a Series of Orthodox Icons on Wooden and Glass Support from Transylvania 2010
Discharge Characteristics and Non-Spectral Interferences on the Emission of Ca Species in a Medium Power Radiofrequency Capacitively Coupled Plasma Source 2010
The Effect of Temperature and Fe(3+) Concentration on the Formation of gamma-Fe(2)O(3) Nanoparticles Embedded in Silica Matrix 2010
Counting Polynomials in Tori T(4,4) S[c,n] 2010
Shell-Polynomials and Cluj-Tehran Index in Tori T(4,4) S[5,n] 2010

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