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Compositional studies and thermal analysis in amorphous and nanocrystalline FePtNbB melt spun ribbons 2010
Magnetoelectric properties of multiferroic cobalt ferrite and soft piezoelectric PZT particulate composites 2010
Soft type PZT material used to fabricate a high intensity air siren 2010
Synthesis and characterization of doped Ba(Mg(1/3)Ta(2/3))O(3) ceramics 2010
Compared properties of polyimides containing pendant azobenzene groups 2010
In vitro evaluation of biological liquids adsorption on dental materials 2010
Properties of acrylic bone cements modified with poly(butyl methacrylate) 2010
Nanostructured gold layers. I. Deposition by Vacuum evaporation at small angles of incidence 2010
Nanostructured gold layers. II. Gold deposition onto polystyrene substrate 2010
Effect of stress on damping capacity of a shape memory alloy CuZnAl 2010
Ball milling synthesis and BCC to FCC phase transition under pressure in nanostructured NANOPERM alloys 2010
Mobility and Direct Kinematics of Parallel Manipulators RSS Type-3 Actuators 2010
The Analysis Of The Weaving Wire' Mechanism Using CosmosMotion Under SolidWorks 2010
Kinematic-Dimensional Analysis of Parallel Robot used for Orientation 2010
Rapid Control Prototyping in design process of mechatronic systems 2010
Self-Balanced Conco-Balancer Manipulator with Band Mechanism 2010
The palletization of car batteries produced by SC ROMBAT S.A, Bistrita, Romania, using the serial robot TRTR1 2010
Research Concerning the Ramp and Sinusoidal Command Signals of the Piezoelectric Miniactuators 2010
Kinematics Investigation, Workspace Analysis and Actuators Design for a 2-DOF Redundant Parallel Robot 2010
Modeling of the Control Algorithms in Case of a Self Reconfiguring Mobile Robotic System 2010
Optimum Design of Industrial Robot Grippers 2010
Main Aspects Regarding the Mechanism of the Prosthesis for Human Hand - Synthesis, Analysis, Design and Functional Simulation 2010
Motion Identification of the Human Agent's Arm in case of Grabbing a Cylindrical Object and Transposing these in Control Rules for an Industrial Robot 2010
Modular Robotic System for Moving Inside of Pipelines Part 1 2010
Modular Robotic System for Moving Inside of Pipelines - Part 2 2010
Tungsten oxide and fly ash mixtures for single step wastewater treatment process 2010
Iron Oxide-Based Nanoparticles with Different Mean Sizes Obtained by the Laser Pyrolysis: Structural and Magnetic Properties 2010
Organic Photovoltaic Cells Based on ZnO Thin Film Electrodes 2010
Generalized versus Selected Descriptions of Quantum LC-Circuits 2010
Ultrasounds Applications in Process Equipment 2010
Behaviour of Non-Metallic Gaskets in Small and Medium Pressure Conditions 2010
Elastic Effects of Some Polyolefines 2010
UV-Visible Spectrophotometric Quantitative Analysis of Ternary Mixture Using Multivariate Calibration Methods Optimized by a Genetic Algorithm 2010
Synthesis of Dyes with Compactly-Condensed Quinolic Structure 2010
Research Regarding a New Type of Fine Bubble Generator 2010
Modelling of Fixed Bed Multicomponent Ion Exchange 2010
Enantioanalysis of S-deprenyl using enantioselective, potentiometric membrane electrodes based on C(60) derivatives 2010
Densities and Excess Molar Volumes of the Binary Mixtures of Cyclohexanone with Chloroalkanes at Temperatures between (288.15 and 318.15) K 2010
Synthesis and properties of new polyurethane elastomers: influence of hard segment structure 2010
Modified time of flight camera 3D-images improving method 2010
Electronegativity of the OMO-UMO quantum molecular states as fingerprint descriptors in the study of self-assembling of the aminoacid-magnetite nanoparticles 2010
Structural refinements and ab-initio calculations for Au(3)Zr phase 2010
FT-IR and Raman investigations of MnO-B(2)O(3)-Bi(2)O(3) glasses 2010
Radio proximity Doppler sensor with high K dielectric materials 2010
New experimental insights into self-organization of poly(ferrocenyl-amide-siloxane) 2010
Multispectroscopic investigation of silanised glass particles for dental fillers 2010
Low dose gamma irradiation effect on aluminosilicate compounds 2010
Li(2)O center dot 2SiO(2) glass structure simulation using molecular dynamics simulation 2010
Structural changes in biodegraded lime wood 2010
Matrix assisted pulsed laser evaporation of zinc benzoate for ZnO thin films and non-isothermal decomposition kinetics 2010

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