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Optical and structural studies on Ba(Mg(1/3)Ta(2/3))O(3) thin films obtained by radiofrequency assisted pulsed plasma deposition 2010
Transition metal ion-modified polyurethanes: Spectroscopic and thermal studies on polyesterurethane/chromium metallopolymers 2010
Model-based Derivation of the Safety Operating Limits of a Semi-batch Reactor for the Catalytic Acetoacetylation of Pyrrole Using a Generalized Sensitivity Criterion 2010
Optimal Control of the Carbon Isotopes Cryogenic Separation Process 2010
Electrochemical Determination of Diclofenac Sodium in Aqueous Solution on Cu-Doped Zeolite-Expanded Graphite-Epoxy Electrode 2010
New Poly(arylene ether sulfone)s Containing Phenolphthalein and Fluorene Moieties in the Main Chain 2010
Study of Aromatic Polyimides Containing Cyano Groups 2010
Good Practice in Umbilical Cord Blood Collection in Order to Identify Suitable Units Before Cryopreservation 2010
Preparation by Citrate Combustion and Characterization of Complex Oxides Ca(2-x)La(x)MnMoO(6) 2010
New unsymmetrical complex diesters of adipic acid considered as tribological fluids 2010
Application of Cosserat Theory to the Modelling of Reinforced Carbon Nananotube Beams 2010
Structural investigation in the TiB(2)-(Na(2)O center dot B(2)O(3)center dot Al(2)O(3)) system 2010
Ability of Fungal Strains to Degrade PVA Based Materials 2010
Adsorption studies of some inorganic and organic salts on new zwitterionic ion exchangers with carboxybetaine moieties 2010
Enzymatic hydrolysis of Asclepias syriaca fibers in the presence of ionic liquids 2010
Enantioanalysis of (-)Butaclamol Using Vancomycin and Teicoplanin as Chiral Selectors 2010
Influence of Metal Ions on Oscillatory Behavior of Zinc Anode in Nitric Acid-Potassium Dichromate Media 2010
Nanocoatings Based on Tin-Dioxide 2010
Sintering and Behaviour of Tin Dioxide-Based Electrodes 2010
Valorization of Waste Produced in the Processes of Plating Technologies within a Vitreous Matrix 2010
Ideal Cavitation Erosion Process and Characteristic Erosion Curves 2010
Preliminary Results concerning Chemical Galactofuranosylation of Tocopherol (Vitamin E) And Thiamine (Vitamin B1) 2010
Microwave Assisted Reactions of Imidazole Derivatives of Potential Practical Applications 2010
Kinetic Study on Competitive Alkylation of an Arene Mixture Coming from the Petrochemical Industry 2010
Comparing Some Models for Predicting the Density of Liquid Mixtures 2010
Study on the Seasonal Variation of Nitrogen Nutrients Content from Ialomita River Hydrographic Basin 2010
Finite Element Model Analysis of Coxofemoral Joint Using Composite Materials 2010
Rheokinetic Investigations on CFRAI Matrix 2010
Poly(N-vinylcaprolactam)-b-poly(ethylene glycol)-b-poly (N-vinylcaprolactam) Triblock Copolymers Synthesis by ATRP and thermal gelation properties of the aqueous solutions 2010
Platinum Nanoparticles Synthesis by Sonoelectrochemical Methods 2010
Polymeric Membranes for the Separation of the Proteins in Liquids for Alimentary Use 2010
Influence of Crosslinkers on Properties of New Polyurethane Elastomers 2010
Modelling the Thermal Interaction Between Soil and Different Geometries of Polyethylene Heat Exchangers 2010
Aspects Concerning the Perlite Recovery in Addition with Polymeric Additives for Constructions Materials 2010
Structural and optical characterization of Al-doped ZnO films prepared by thermal oxidation of evaporated Zn/Al multilayered films 2010
Magnetic properties of iron-palladium solid solutions and compounds 2010
Preparation and characterization of Ag doped TiO(2) incorporated in natural zeolite 2010
Zinc oxide thin films prepared by spray pyrolysis 2010
Influence of heat treatment atmosphere on the superparamagnetic iron oxide - hydroxyapatite composites 2010
Morphological and microstructural characterization of some petroleum cokes as potential anode materials in lithium ion batteries 2010
Solution-based synthesis of semiconductive oxide 1-D nanostructures 2010
Contributions Regarding Plastic Materials Ultrasonic Welding used in Automotive Industry 2010
Dielectric resonator antennas of ZST advanced cerramics 2010
Hydrocarbon Oxygenation by Metal Nitrite Adducts: Theoretical Comparison with Ferryl-Based Oxygenation Agents 2010
Detecting Operational Inactivation of Horseradish Peroxidase using an Isoconversional Method 2010
Carbon dioxide activation: Hydration by carbonic anhydrase and related systems - What makes a good catalyst? 2010
Collagen/hydroxyapatite composite obtained by electric field orientation 2010
Efficient relaxation of strained-SiGe layers induced by thermal oxidation 2010
Advanced polymeric composites with hybrid reinforcement 2010

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