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Microwave Synthesis, Basic Spectral and Biological Evaluation of Some Copper (II) Mesoporphyrinic Complexes 2010
Predicted binding rate of new cephalosporin antibiotics by a 3D-QSAR method: a new approach 2010
A density functional investigation of hydrogen peroxide activation by high-valent heme centers: implications for the catalase catalytic cycle 2010
The preparation of chalcogenide electroluminescent coatings 2010
Investigation of microstructural properties of nitrogen doped ZnO thin films formed by magnetron sputtering on silicon substrate 2010
Porous Au-TiO(2) aerogels nanoarchitectures for photodegradation processes 2010
Stress and texture in titanium nitride thin films by X-ray diffraction techniques 2010
The study of the silicon oxide thickness on crystalline Si by X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and spectroscopic ellipsometry 2010
Magnetic and magnetocaloric properties of some ferrimagnetic compounds 2010
Magnetic behaviour of iron-platinum alloys 2010
The effect of complementary units on the stability of higher fullerenes C(84) 2010
Experimental research for the mass flow control of the metal vaporized and ionized with microwave used in electric propulsion 2010
Corrosion studies of carbon steel X60 by electrochemical methods 2010
Structural and electrochemical characterization of TiO(2)/Pt hybrid catalyst system for direct bio-ethanol fuel cell 2010
Microstructural characterization of hydroxyapatite-alendronate nanocomposites 2010
The mixing effect of glycine with sodium chloride from activity coefficients investigations at T = (303.15 and 313.15) K 2010
Protein attachment on aluminosilicates surface studied by XPS and FTIR spectroscopy 2010
Solar energy power systems as renewable energy technique of the future 2010
Earthquake forecast in Vrancea zone, Romania 2010
Determination of field profiles in buffer superconducting multilayer optical planar waveguides 2010
DFT Plus PCM Calculation for Pairing Specificity of Watson-Crick-Type Bases in Aqueous Solutions 2010
Calorimetric study of the interactions between surfactants and dextran modified with deoxycholic acid 2010
TG-FTIR study on thermal degradation in air of some new diazoaminoderivatives 2010
Boron-Containing Compounds as Preventive and Chemotherapeutic Agents for Cancer 2010
New Molecular Rectangles and Coordination Polymers Constructed from Binuclear Phenoxo-Bridged [Cu(2)] and [Zn(2)] Tectons 2010
Synthesis of Podands with Cyanurate or Isocyanurate Cores and Terminal Triple Bonds 2010
Intergranular Strain Evolution in a Zircaloy-4 Alloy with Basketweave Morphology 2010
Iron-enriched natural zeolite modified carbon paste electrode for H(2)O(2) detection 2010
Modification of peptide by surface-wave plasma processing 2010
Study of nanocomposite iron/porous silicon material 2010
Approach to hydrophilic interaction chromatography column selection: Application to neurotransmitters analysis 2010
Structure-Function Relationships of Estrogenic Triphenylethylenes Related to Endoxifen and 4-Hydroxytamoxifen 2010
Optimization of Total Networks of Water-Using and Treatment Units by Genetic Algorithms 2010
Effect of nonionic surfactants on structure, texture, and morphology of titania-doped YSZ 2010
Is the bleaching of phenosafranine by hydrogen peroxide oxidation catalyzed by silica-supported 5,10,15,20-tetrakis-(sulfonatophenyl)porphine-Mn(III) really biomimetic? 2010
Mossbauer, Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, and Magnetic Susceptibility Studies on Members of a New Family of Cyano-Bridged 3d-4f Complexes. Demonstration of Anisotropic Exchange in a Fe-Gd Complex 2010
Ozonation of oxalic acid catalyzed by ion-exchanged montmorillonite in moderately acidic media 2010
(Masked)serinols: Molecules, Biomolecules, Building-Blocks, Supramolecules. Part (I): Syntheses Based on Serinols' Reactivity with Carbonyl Electrophiles 2010
Analytical characterization of some nuclear reactions induced in thin samples axially moving in front of disk-shaped isotropically emitting sources 2010
Low and high dose measurement by Agfa personal monitoring film and FD-III-B badge dosimeter system 2010
On the evaluation of energy behavior of radiation fields generated by exoergic reactions in axi-symmetric emitters 2010
Magnetoelectric ceramic composites with double-resonant permittivity and permeability in GHz range: A route towards isotropic metamaterials 2010
The influence of collagen support and ionic species on the morphology of collagen/hydroxyapatite composite materials 2010
Ascorbic Acid Determination by an Amperometric Ascorbate Oxidase-based Biosensor 2010
Quantification of Physico-chemical Changes during Apricot Ripening through Non-destructive Methods 2010
Structural, Electrical and Magnetic Characterization of the Double Perovskites Sr(2)Cr((1+x))W((1-x))O(6) 2010
Compounds of Mn(II), Co(II) and Ni(II) with Ligand Derived from Morfolin-4 Carboditioic Acid-2(3,5 Diiod, 4 Methyl 2 Hydroxiphenyl) 2-Oxoethylesther 2010
Combined Procedure for Nitrophenols Removal 2010
New Azo Compounds Derived from 1H-5-amino-4-ethoxycarbonyl-3-methyl-pyrazole and 3-mono- or 1,3-disubstituted pyrazol-5-ones 2010
Synthesis and Characterization of Some New Salicylamide Derivatives with Potential Biological Activity 2010

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