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Physical and Electrochemical Properties of 2-hydroxy-ethyl-trimethyl Ammonium Chloride Based Ionic Liquids as Potential Electrolytes for Metals Electrodeposition 2011
Obtaining and Structural Characterization of the Electrodeposited Metallic Copper from Ionic Liquids 2011
Solid-state synthesis and spark plasma sintering of SrZrO(3) ceramics 2011
Preparation and characterization of new hybrid nanostructured thin films for biosensors design 2011
Azeotropic Distillation Starting from Fresh Vegetable Materials, an Interesting Alternative to Simple Extraction from Vegetable Dried Sources 2011
Natural Antioxidants, Free-radical-scavengers and Minerals, in Fresh Juices and Vegetables 2011
Study of polyethylene nanolayers by evanescent light microscopy 2011
Optical properties of lead sulfide films obtained by chemical bath deposition from static and ultrasonic baths 2011
Monochlorotriazinyl-beta-cyclodextrin grafting onto polyester fabrics and films 2011
Synthesis and characterization of cerium doped yttrium-gadolinium aluminate phosphors by wet-chemical synthesis route 2011
Double-Diffusive Natural Convection Flows with Thermosolutal Symmetry in Porous Media in the Presence of the Soret-Dufour Effects 2011
Polymer-assisted crystallization of low-dimensional lead sulfide particles 2011
Wettability of some dental materials 2011
Mechanical alloying effects on the thermal behaviour of a Fe-Mn-Si-Cr-Ni shape memory alloy under powder form 2011
Electrochemical Deposition of Nickel for Micro-mechanical Systems 2011
Morphological features and thermal and mechanical response in segmented polyurethane elastomers based on mixtures of isocyanates 2011
Sensitivity to the Physical and Chemical Structure of Hard-Segment-Reinforced Polyurethane Elastomers with Variable Percentage of Hydrogen Bonding 2011
Influence of the type of chain extender and urethane group content on the mechanical properties of polyurethane elastomers with flexible hard segments 2011
Photocatalytic activity of undoped and Ag-doped TiO(2)-supported zeolite for humic acid degradation and mineralization 2011
New complexes of lanthanide Ln(III), (Ln = La, Sm, Gd, Er) with Schiff bases derived from 2-furaldehyde and phenylenediamines 2011
Quantitative Structure Inter-Activity Relationship (QSInAR). Cytotoxicity Study of Some Hemisynthetic and Isolated Natural Steroids and Precursors on Human Fibrosarcoma Cells HT1080 2011
Alert-QSAR. Implications for Electrophilic Theory of Chemical Carcinogenesis 2011
Structural properties of the tungsten-lead-borate glasses before and after laser irradiation 2011
The experimental and theoretical investigations on the structure of the gadolinium-lead-tellurate glasses 2011
FTIR and UV-VIS spectroscopy investigations on the structure of the europium-lead-tellurate glasses 2011
FTIR, Raman, and UV-Vis spectroscopic and DFT investigations of the structure of iron-lead-tellurate glasses 2011
Effects of samarium (III) oxide content on structural investigations of the samarium-vanadate-tellurate glasses and glass ceramics 2011
Electrochemical investigation of a glassy carbon electrode modified with carbon nanotubes decorated with (poly)crystalline gold 2011
Mechanisms of Ceftazidime and Ciprofloxacin Transport through Porins in Multidrug-Resistance Developed by Extended-Spectrum Beta-Lactamase E.coli Strains 2011
Retention study of some cation-type compounds using bile acid sodium salts as ion pairing agents in liquid chromatography 2011
Visualization of red-ox proteins on the gold surface using enzymatic polypyrrole formation 2011
In vitro evaluation of the mixed xanthan/lignin hydrogels as vanillin carriers 2011
Semi-interpenetrating polymer networks containing polysaccharides. II. Xanthan/lignin networks: a spectral and thermal characterization 2011
Photocatalytically-assisted electrochemical degradation of p-aminophenol in aqueous solutions using zeolite-supported TiO(2) catalyst 2011
4-(Azulen-1-yl) Six-Membered Heteroaromatics Substituted with Thiophen-2-yl or Furan-2-yl Moieties in 2 and 6 Positions 2011
Reductive coupling of (azulen-1-yl)carbonyl compounds by low-valent titanium; pinacol/pinacolone rearrangement versus pinacol and alkene generation 2011
Synthesis and physico-chemical properties of highly conjugated azo-aromatic systems. 4-(azulen-1-yl)-pyridines with mono- and bis azo-aromatic moieties at C3-position of azulene 2011
Structural study of xK(2)O center dot(100-x)[P(2)O(5)center dot CaO] glass system 2011
Synthesis of ZnO thin films by 40 ps @ 532 nm laser pulses 2011
Modification of AlN thin films morphology and structure by temporally shaping of fs laser pulses used for deposition 2011
Assessment of different sorbents efficiency for solid phase extraction of aquatic humic acids 2011
The Influence of Silanes on Microleakage in Class V Compomer-filled Cavities 2011
The Effect of Surface Treatment on Human Enamel - a SEM/EDAX Study 2011
Thermal stability of silver sulfathiazole-epoxy resin network 2011
Modification of the surface properties of a polyimide film during irradiation with polychromic light 2011
Sensitive detection of endocrine disrupters using ionic liquid - Single walled carbon nanotubes modified screen-printed based biosensors 2011
Fluorescence Enhancement of Rhodamine B in the Presence of Photonic Crystal Heterostructures 2011
On the correlation between thermal analysis results and corrosion behaviour of some metallic religious artefacts 2011

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