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Real-Time Monitoring of the Pulsed Laser Ablation of Metals Using Ablation Plasma Spectroscopy 2012
Mossbauer study of novel iron(II) complexes with oximes in low spin and high spin states 2012
On molecular dynamics of the diamond D-5 seeds 2012
Low density polyethylene composites containing cellulose pulp fibers 2012
Influence of growth temperature and deposition duration on the structure, surface morphology and optical properties of InN/YSZ (100) 2012
Asymptotic stress field for the interface between teeth and different restorative materials 2012
Antioxidant potential and authenticity of some commercial fruit juices studied by EPR and IRMS 2012
A combined statistical and microscopic analysis of TiO2 nanotubes synthesized under different electrochemical anodizing conditions 2012
Synthesis of 2D micro-assemblies using the interface of immiscible liquids: boundary control of self-assembled structures 2012
Intelligent carbon fibre composite based on 3D-interlock woven reinforcement 2012
Novel drug-delivery systems for patients with chronic rhinosinusitis 2012
Endohedral Beryllium Atoms in Germanium Clusters with Eight and Fewer Vertices: How Small Can a Cluster Be and Still Encapsulate a Central Atom? 2012
Assessment of Changes Due to Accelerated Weathering of Low-Density Polyethylene/Feather Composites 2012
Interactions between Protein Coated Particles and Polymer Surfaces Studied with the Rotating Particles Probe 2012
Effect of impellers configuration on the gas dispersion in high-viscosity fluid using narrow annular gap unit. Part 1: Experimental approach 2012
Robust control of a catalytic 2 ethyl-hexenal hydrogenation reactor 2012
Effects of stochastic fluctuations at molecule-electrode contacts in transition voltage spectroscopy 2012
Representative longitudinal optical phonon modes in polar semiconductor quantum dots 2012
AC magnetic properties of the soft magnetic composites based on Supermalloy nanocrystalline powder prepared by mechanical alloying 2012
Synthesis, solid-state photophysical properties and electropolymerization of novel diazulenyl ethenes 2012
Comparison of carbon screen-printed and disk electrodes in the detection of antioxidants using CoPc derivatives 2012
Differential pulse voltammetric analysis of lead in vegetables using a surface amino-functionalized exfoliated graphite nanoplatelet chemically modified electrode 2012
Structural changes of methemoglobin after adsorption on bioactive glass, as a function of surface functionalization and salt concentration 2012
Chemoselective cross-linking of alginate with thiol-terminated peptides for tissue engineering applications 2012
Amperometric biosensor based on diamond paste for the enantioanalysis of L-lysine 2012
Surface properties of aromatic polymer film during thermal treatment 2012
Hierarchically structured polymer blends based on silsesquioxane hybrid nanocomposites with quaternary ammonium units for antimicrobial coatings 2012
Tartarate precursors to CoxZn1-xGa2O4 spinel oxides 2012
Diorganobismuth(III) compounds with the pendant arm 2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4 ligand - Isothiocyanate, trifluoracetate and nitrate 2012
Effect of alpha-cyclodextrin on the optical and surface-morphological properties of pyrene-triazole azomethine oligomers 2012
Interpretation of Stochastic Events in Single-Molecule Measurements of Conductance and Transition Voltage Spectroscopy 2012
[W(bipy)(CN)(6)](-): A Suitable Metalloligand in the Design of Heterotrimetallic Complexes. The First Cu(II)Ln(III)W(V) Trinuclear Complexes 2012
Poly(ether imide)s containing cyano substituents and thin films made from them 2012
Synthesis of poly(N-isopropylacrylamide) under atmospheric pressure plasma conditions 2012
Some metal compounds in the phase of crosslinked ionic polymeruprecursors for new sorbents and catalysts 2012
Pareto Approach in Designing Optimal Semicontinuous Water Networks 2012
Mathematical modeling of the influence of main carburizing thermochemical treatment parameters on the surface hardness of parts made of MSRR 6009 steel 2012
Assesing Fe3O4 nanoparticle size by DLS, XRD and AFM 2012
Comparative evaluation of the influence of two resin-based restorative materials on the behaviour of progenitor-like cells 2012
Effects of temperature and humidity on DNA-based biopolymers 2012
Grimsvotn Volcano: atmospheric volcanic ash cloud investigations, modelling-forecast and experimental environmental approach upon the Romanian area 2012
Influence of intermolecular interactions and size effect on LITH-FORC diagram in 1D spin crossover compounds 2012
The adsorption/desorption of ethanol on CsxH3-xPW12O40 by TG/DTG-DTA analysis 2012
Analysis of low velocity impact behaviour of aramid-linen fibre reinforced composites using Taguchi method 2012
Effects of severe plastic deformation on microstructure and mechanical properties of phosphorous sintered steel parts 2012
Heat treatment effect on structure and atomic composition in the outermost surface layer of La2O3-TiO2-SiO2 system 2012
Dc-tunability properties of substituted PZT ceramics investigated with multipolar models 2012
Deposition of tin containing carbon amorphous composite films by thermionic vacuum arc technique 2012
Complex CuNiFe films obtained by TVA method 2012
Analysis of grain size in MgO-Co multilayers using TEM investigations 2012

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