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Spectroscopic investigations of newly formed betulin-cyclodextrin guest-host type complexes as potential anti skin cancer candidates 2011
The resonance decay function method in the determination of the pre-factor of the Neel relaxation time of single-domain nanoparticles 2011
Photodegradation of organic compounds using TiO(2)-based impregnated photocatalysts 2011
Thermal analysis and theoretical study of alpha-cyclodextrin azomethine [2]-rotaxane formation by semi-empirical method PM3 2011
Effect of Rotaxane Formation on the Photophysical, Morphological, and Adhesion Properties of Poly[2,7-(9,9-dioctylfluorene)-alt-(5,5 '-bithiophene)] Main-Chain Polyrotaxanes 2011
Surface properties of conjugated main-chain polyrotaxanes 2011
Simple colloidal lithography approach to generate inexpensive stamps for polymer nano-patterning 2011
Fe(3)O(4)/SiO(2)/APTMS Nanoparticles with Core-Shell Structure as Potential Materials for Cooper Removal 2011
Photoprotective Effects of Two Natural Products on Ultraviolet B-Induced Oxidative Stress and Apoptosis in SKH-1 Mouse Skin 2011
Thermogravimetric study for polyurethane materials for biomedical applications 2011
Silicon carbide thin films as nuclear ceramics grown by laser ablation 2011
Channel orientation anisotropy in perfluorosulfonic acid/SiO(2) composite proton exchange membranes: Water self-diffusion study using NMR 2011
Identification, Sorting and Characterization of Plastics from WEEE 2011
Optimal Measurements of Surface Water Pollution-Case Study on Southern Part of Romania 2011
Interplay between gold nanoparticle biosynthesis and metabolic activity of cyanobacterium Synechocystis sp PCC 6803 2011
Formation of size and shape tunable gold nanoparticles in solution by bio-assisted synthesis with bovine serum albumin in native and denaturated state 2011
PVA Based Composite Films with Cellulose Fibers Prepared by Acid Hydrolysis 2011
Cellulose Fiber-Reinforced Polylactic Acid 2011
Spectroscopic Analysis of the Interstitial Anions in Some Layered Double Hydroxide Materials 2011
Analyses of oxide films grown on AISI 304L stainless steel and Incoloy 800HT exposed to supercritical water environment 2011
NSGA-II-RJG applied to multi-objective optimization of polymeric nanoparticles synthesis with silicone surfactants 2011
Localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) and surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) studies of 4-aminothiophenol adsorption on gold nanorods 2011
Femtosecond laser modification of multilayered TiAlN/TiN coating 2011
Deviation from van't Hoff dependence in RP-LC induced by tautomeric interconversion observed for four compounds 2011
Exo- and Endohormones XXVI [1] A New Synthesis of (Z)-9-tetradecen-1-yl Acetate, the Main Component of the Sex Pheromone of the Summer Fruit Tortrix Moth Adoxophyes Reticulana (Lepidoptera, Tortricidae) 2011
Simple hemoglobin-gold nanoparticles modified electrode for the amperometric detection of acrylamide 2011
Thinning anodic aluminum oxide films and investigating their optical properties 2011
Pre-/During-/Post-Laser Processes to Enhance the Adhesion and Mechanical Properties of Thermal-Sprayed Coatings with a Reduced Environmental Impact 2011
Dynamic modeling and validation of absorber and desorber columns for post-combustion CO(2) capture 2011
Comparison of Three Digestion Methods for Heavy Metals Determination in Soils and Sediments Materials by ICP-MS Technique 2011
The influence of the technological parameters on the efficiency of the metal melts alloying process by pulverulent material injection 2011
Geopolymer Binders Based on Fly Ash Influences of Some Compositional Characteristics 2011
Testing of Bacterial and Fungal Resistance in the Water Pollution with Cationic Detergents 2011
Testing the Biodegradation of Contaminated Water with Petroleum Products Through Conventional Treatment in Comparison with Treatment Through Biological Sludge Enriched with Activated Charcoal 2011
Research on the Influence of Diesel Oil on the Bacterial Stems of Bacillus Subtilis and Pseudomonas Aeruginosa 2011
Testing the Behaviour of Pure Bacterial Suspension (Bacillus Subtilis, Pseudomonas Aeruginosa and Micrococcus Luteus) in Case of Hydrocarbons Contaminators 2011
Nanorobotic systems for nanomanipulation and nanopositioning 2011
Incurred sample reanalysis: different evaluation approaches on data obtained for spironolactone and its active metabolite canrenone 2011
Enhanced contamination of Si(001) when analyzed by AES with respect to XPS 2011
Electrochemical Characterization of Synthetic Basic Solutions with Ga and Al Content 2011
Preparation and characterisation of PZT films by RF-magnetron sputtering 2011
Experimental and modeling studies of lead (II) sorption onto a polyvinyl-chloride inclusion membrane 2011
Removal of lead(II) from aqueous solutions by a polyvinyl-chloride inclusion membrane without added plasticizer 2011
Structural phase transformations in annealed cubic ZnS nanocrystals 2011
Doping of polyethersulfone nanofiltration membranes: antifouling effect observed at ultralow concentrations of TiO(2) nanoparticles 2011
Investigations of a mechanically failed cable insulation used in indoor conditions 2011
Analysis of Visco-elastic-plastic Behaviour of Short Glass Fiber-reinforced Polyamide 66 Composite (PA66 GF30) 2011
Buckling analysis of the composite plates with delaminations 2011
Biomimetic biosensor based on lipidic layers containing tyrosinase and lutetium bisphthalocyanine for the detection of antioxidants 2011

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