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A Simple and Inexpensive Capillary Holder for Thin-Layer Chromatography 2011
Residual-QSAR. Implications for genotoxic carcinogenesis 2011
Carbon Dioxide Pollution when Burning Solid, Liquid and Gas Fuels 2011
Factors for Combustion Slacking 2011
Factors Influencing the Self - ignition and Combustion Process of Carbon Black 2011
Catalytic wet hydrogen peroxide oxidation of para-chlorophenol over Al/Fe pillared clays (AlFePILCs) prepared from different host clays 2011
The influence of rapid heat treatment in still air on the photocatalytic activity of titania photocatalysts for phenol and monuron degradation 2011
The determination of the linear alkylbenzene sulfonate isomers in water samples by gas-chromatography/mass spectrometry 2011
5 nm structures produced by direct laser writing 2011
Dual role of the six-coordinated lead and copper ions in structure of the copper-lead-tellurate glasses 2011
Microwave properties of Ba(Zn(1/3)Ta(2/3))O(3) dielectric resonators 2011
OES monitoring of sequential deposition of C/W layers by PECVD/magnetron sputtering techniques 2011
Silver-induced conformational changes of polypeptides: a CD study 2011
Orthogonal pi-Bridges in [2.2]Paracyclophanes 2011
Optical Properties of Some New Azo Photoisomerizable Bismaleimide Derivatives 2011
Carbon-13 CP/MAS solid state NMR and X-ray diffraction spectroscopy studies on lime wood decayed by Chaetomium globosum 2011
Optical properties of some bismaleimide derivatives 2011
Derivation of optimal operating policies under safety and technological constraints for the acetoacetylation of pyrrole in a semi- 2011
Contributions to syntheses of pyrrolo[2,1-a]phthalazines 2011
Maleic Anhydride Copolymers with Ability to Bind Metal Ions. 1. Polydentate Amine Derivatives for Cr (III) Ions' Removal 2011
The role of hydrocarbon concentration on the synthesis of large area few to multi-layer graphene structures 2011
Kinetics of degradation under non-isothermal conditions of a thermooxidative stabilized polyurethane 2011
Fluid-Phase Equilibria in the Binary System Trifluoromethane 1-Phenyltetradecane 2011
Miscibility and Morphological Properties of Quaternized Polysulfone Blends with Polystyrene and Poly(4-vinylpyridine) 2011
Chromatographic analysis of local anesthetics in biological samples 2011
Disazo Dyes, Derivatives of 4, 4-diaminostilbene-2,2-disulfonic Acid 2011
The effects of thermal treatment on the physical properties of Sr(2)FeMo(1-x)M(x)O(6) perovskite with M = W, Ta and x <= 0.3 2011
Structural studies on iron-tellurite glasses prepared by sol-gel method 2011
Friedel-Crafts alkylations on nanoscopic inorganic fluorides 2011
Electrical and optical properties of some polyazomethine thin films prepared by a spin-coating method 2011
Investigation of Single-Molecule Kinetics Mediated by Weak Hydrogen Bonds within a Biological Nanopore 2011
Complexes of some 3d-metals with a Schiff base derived from 5-acetamido-1,3,4-thiadiazole-2-sulphonamide and their biological activity 2011
Photochemical synthesis of copper sulphide/titanium oxide photocatalyst 2011
Magnetic Torque Evaluation for Magnetized Nanoparticles 2011
Adsorption of Branched-Linear Polyethyleneimine-Ethylene Oxide Conjugate on Hydrophilic Silica Investigated by Ellipsometry and Monte Carlo Simulations 2011
Integral-FEM Simulation and Independent Component Analysis for Multiple Defect Separation from Pulse Eddy Currents Signals 2011
Characterization of the water-soluble comb-linear interpolyelectrolyte nanoaggregates by Monte Carlo simulations and fluorescence probe techniques 2011
Optimal Solutions for Uniform Heating of a Non-Ferrous Bar by Electromagnetic Induction, Using Numerical Modeling 2011
Hybrid Commutation Converter in HVDC Systems 2011
Piezoelectric devices for power harvesting on mechanical displacements 2011
Comparative Analysis of Mitochondrial DNA by using Nucleotide Genomic Signals 2011
Synthesis of Crystalline Hydroxyapatite Prepared from Aqueous Solutions 2011
The Numerical Calculation of HV Fuses Pre-Arcing Time in the case of Transversal Adiabatic Process 2011
Influence of thermal treatment on beryllium/carbon formation and fuel retention 2011
Study of the Magnetic Anisotropy of the Grain Oriented (GO) and Non-Oriented (NO) Silicon Iron Materials 2011
Mineral oil lifetime estimation using activation energy 2011
Identification of pollution sources in the Romanian Somes River using graphical analysis of concentration profiles 2011
Rapid and Precise Discrimination of Wines by Means of an Electronic Nose Based on Gas-chromatography 2011
Synthesis and Characterization of New 5-Aryl-2-[para-(4-chlorophenylsulfony)phenyl]-4-methyloxazoles 2011

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