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Magnetocaloric effect in La(1.2)R(0.2)Ca(1.6)Mn(2)O(7) compounds 2011
Influence of diisocyanate structure on the properties of some polyetherurethanes based on renewable resources 2011
Synthesis and properties of the porous titania coatings formed on titanium by plasma electrolytic oxidation for biomedical application 2011
Residual stress in thin films PECVD depositions: a review 2011
Structural and morphological characterization of nanosized TiO(2) particles prepared by sol-gel method 2011
Ferromagnetic resonance of NiFe/Cu multilayered nanowires 2011
Different microscopic characterization techniques on hydroxyapatite powder 2011
Fluorescence properties of quantum dots used in the study of microorganisms 2011
A control perspective on process intensification in dividing-wall columns 2011
Scale-up of Aerobic Stirred Bioreactors Using the Mixing Time Criteria 1. Simulated Broths 2011
Optimal Operating Strategies of a Submerged Membrane Bioreactor for Wastewater Treatment 2011
Evaluation of Critical Operating Conditions for a Semi-batch Reactor by Complementary Use of Sensitivity and Divergence Criteria 2011
Biodegradation of Poly(vinyl alcohol) and Bacterial Cellulose Composites by Aspergillus niger 2011
Reversed-phase High-performance Liquid Chromatographic Analysis of Biodiesel Obtained from Sunflower Oil 2011
Kinetic Research Regarding the Nutrient Retention in the Soil Using the Neural Networks 2011
(99)Mo/(99m)Tc Gel Generator Based on the (99)Mo-Zr Gel Technology with (99)Mo Obtained by Irradiation at Nuclear Reactor 2011
Oxotetrabromomolybdenum(V) Complex Compounds with s-Triazine Derivatives 2011
New Coordinative Compounds of Mn(II) and Cu(II) Using as Ligand N-hydroxy-succinimide 2011
Determination of Biogenic Amines from Several Romanian wines 2011
New Heterocyclic Compounds from 1,2,4-triazole and 1,3,4-thiadiazole Class Having Diphenylsulfone and 2-fluorophenyl Fragments 2011
Operating Alternatives for the (semi)batch Reactor used for D-glucose Enzymatic Oxidation with Free-enzymes 2011
Influence of Glycerol on the Liquid Fossil Fuel Characteristics 2011
The Influence of the Carbon Source on Torularhodin Pigment Biosynthesis 2011
Empirical Models Applied for Kinetics Extraction of beta-carotene from Rosa canina 2011
Incorporation of Tobramycin Biomimetic in Hydroxyapatite Coating on CoCrMo Alloy and its Antimicrobial Acitivity 2011
Numerical study of the influence of different types of magnetic fields on the interface shape in directional solidification of multi-crystalline silicon ingots 2011
Change in the Depth of Scratch on the Polyethylene Gas Pipe after Squeezing with the Squeeze - off Tool 2011
Systems Based on Dendrimers and Antitumoral Drug Synthesized by Non-covalent Method The influence of dendrimers generation 2011
Composition Versus Physico-mechanical Properties of Some Dental Experimental Polymers 2011
Evaluation of the Water Sorption Capacity of Some Polymeric Materials by Dynamic Vapour Sorption 2011
Influence of Conformational Parameters on Physical Properties of Polyimides Containing Methylene Bridges 2011
The Influence of Pressure on Acid Polyurethane Structure 2011
Gamma Radiation Effects on the Stability of Epoxy Resin Modified with Titania Nanoparticles 2011
Molecular Modelling for Calculation of Mechanical Properties of SWCNTs/Epoxy Composites: Effect of SWCNTs Diameter 2011
Studies Regarding the Performance of Pressure Sensitive Adhesives Based on Carbocatenary Elastomers I. Peel strength 2011
Improving the Performance of Exterior Emulsion Paint by the Variation of the Chemical Nature of Polymer Latex 2011
New Phosphorus-containing Copoly(ester-amide-imide) Synthesis and characterization 2011
Hard or Soft Inclusion Particles Added to the Close Vicinity of a Crack 2011
Mechanical Properties Study of Composite Materials in Beech Beams Strengthening Case 2011
Kinetic Study of a New Flame-Retardant Polymer Composition 2011
Mechanical Properties of a New Composite Sleeve for Pipeline Repair 2011
Nonlinear Dynamics of Steel/Plastic Gears of Servomechanism Structures 2011
Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of new linear conjugated arylamine copolymers 2011
Porous calcium alginate-gelatin interpenetrated matrix and its biomineralization potential 2011
Silica/polyimide-polydimethylsiloxane hybrid films. Thermal and electrical properties 2011
In situ electrochemical preparation and characterization of PEDOT-Prussian blue composite materials 2011
Blurred Constitutive Laws and Bipotential Convex Covers 2011
On the deformation of orthotropic Cosserat elastic cylinders 2011
Guided wave propagation in an isotropic solid subject to a bias 2011

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