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Recent Progress in Synthesis, Vibrational Characterization and Applications Trend of Conjugated Polymers/Carbon Nanotubes Composites 2011
Calculation of the quantum efficiency for the absorption on confinement levels in quantum dots 2011
The Behavior of Poly(dimethylsiloxane-co-diphenylsiloxane)s in Good and Theta Solvents 2011
Densities and Viscosities for Binary Mixtures of 1-Butyl-3-Methylimidazolium Tetrafluoroborate Ionic Liquid with Molecular Solvents 2011
New aromatic polyesteramides: synthesis and properties 2011
Biodegradable copolymers with succinimide and lactic acid units 2011
Devlopment of palladium/ceramic membranes for hydrogen separation 2011
Temperature-dependent refractive index of potassium acid phthalate (KAP) in the visible and near-infrared 2011
Chemical Stabilization of Oils Rich in Long-Chain Polyunsaturated Fatty Acids During Storage 2011
Oxazoline-functional polymer particles graft with azo-dye 2011
New thermally stable and organosoluble heterocyclic poly(naphthaleneimide)s 2011
Copolymerization of 2-Hydroxyethyl Methacrylate with a Comonomer with Spiroacetal Moiety 2011
Poly(siloxane-urethane) Crosslinked Structures Obtained by Sol-Gel Technique 2011
Synthesis and Anti-HIV Activity of beta-Cyclodextrin-C6-Sulfate/3-Azido-3 '-Deoxythymidine Inclusion Complex 2011
Synthesis and Characterization of Iron(III) Complex Derived from Benzilmonoxime 2011
Compatibility studies of aceclofenac with retard tablet excipients by means of thermal and FT-IR spectroscopic methods 2011
Spectroscopic and structural study of the ambazone hydrochloride 2011
Synthesis of Bilayer Composite Nanomembranes with Conductivity Asymmetry 2011
Thermal Memory Degradation in a Cu-Zn-Al Shape Memory Alloy During Thermal Cycling with Free Air Cooling 2011
Pre-equilibrium kinetics. Modeling and simulation 2011
Synthesis of a new oxazoline macromonomer for dispersion polymerization 2011
System for air (222)Rn activity concentration measurements based on ion-pulse ionization chamber detector 2011
Investigations on the presence and distribution of radon in the Cacica salt mine, Romania 2011
Sorption of thallous ion from acidic aqueous solutions onto ETS-10 titanosilicate 2011
2D spatially controlled polymer micro patterning for cellular behavior studies 2011
Study of liquid deposition during laser printing of liquids 2011
Thin films of polymer blends deposited by matrix-assisted pulsed laser evaporation: Effects of blending ratios 2011
Parametric studies on iron-carbon composite nanoparticles synthesized by laser pyrolysis for increased passivation and high iron content 2011
About graphene ribbons development in laser synthesized nanocarbon 2011
Deposition of antibacterial of poly(1,3-bis-(p-carboxyphenoxy propane)-co-(sebacic anhydride)) 20:80/gentamicin sulfate composite coatings by MAPLE 2011
MAPLE deposition of Mn(III) metalloporphyrin thin films: Structural, topographical and electrochemical investigations 2011
Thin films of arylenevinylene oligomers prepared by MAPLE for applications in non-linear optics 2011
Characterization of polymer thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2011
Mg-Al layered double hydroxides (LDHs) and their derived mixed oxides grown by laser techniques 2011
High temperature growth of InN on various substrates by plasma-assisted pulsed laser deposition 2011
Characteristics of ZrC/ZrN and ZrC/TiN multilayers grown by pulsed laser deposition 2011
Nanocomposite oxide thin films grown by pulsed energy beam deposition 2011
Structural characterization of AlN films synthesized by pulsed laser deposition 2011
Pure and Nb-doped TiO(1.5) films grown by pulsed-laser deposition for transparent p-n homojunctions 2011
Combination of RF-plasma jet and Laser-induced plasma for breakdown spectroscopy analysis of complex materials 2011
Recent developments in the formation and structure of tin-iron oxides by laser pyrolysis 2011
Effect of the long chain extender on the properties of linear and castor oil cross-linked PEG-based polyurethane elastomers 2011
Mechanochemical synthesis and characterization of xIn(2)O(3)center dot(1-x)alpha-Fe(2)O(3) nanostructure system 2011
Glasses as engineering materials: A review 2011
Synergistic antibacterial activity of chitosan-silver nanocomposites on Staphylococcus aureus 2011
Laser Field Dependence of Intersubband Transition in Inverse V-Shaped Quantum Wells 2011
Strategies for optimizing the opening of the outlet air circuit's nozzle to improve the efficiency of the PEMFC generator 2011
Pneumatic and thermal design procedure and analysis of earth-to-air heat exchangers of registry type 2011
Shaping distinct magnetic interactions in molecular compounds 2011
Growth, structural and electrical properties of polar ZnO thin films on MgO (100) substrates 2011

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