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Effect of segmented poly(ester-siloxane)urethanes compositional parameters on differential scanning calorimetry and dynamic-mechanical measurements 2002
Photosensitive crown ether-siloxane copolymers bearing azobenzene chromophores 2002
Synthesis and characterisation of thermomesogenic polysiloxanes with 2,5-dihydropyrrolo[3,4-c]pyrrole-1,4-dione units in the main chain 2002
Kinetic analysis of horseradish peroxidase "wiring" in redox polyelectrolyte-peroxidase multilayer assemblies 2002
Ionic organic/inorganic materials. I. Novel cationic siloxane copolymers containing quaternary ammonium salt groups in the backbone 2002
Stationary phases for thin-layer chromatography 2002
Robust fuzzy principal component analysis (FPCA). A comparative study concerning interaction of carbon-hydrogen bonds with molybdenum-oxo bonds 2002
Free convection in spherical annular sectors filled with a porous medium 2002
Hydrophobicity, protolytic equilibrium and chromatographic behaviour of some monoazoic dyes 2002
Synthesis and characterization of the microporous titanosilicates ETS-4 and ETS-10 2002
Helical sorbent for fast sorption and desorption in solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatographic analysis 2002
Supramolecular self-assembly through tellurium center dot center dot center dot halogen secondary bonds: A hexagonal grid of Te2Cl2 and Te6Cl6 rings in the solid state structure of 1,1,3-trichloro-2,4,5,6-tetrahydro-1H-1 lambda(4)-benzo[b]tellurophene 2002
Interference-free biosensor based on screen-printing technology and sol-gel immobilization for determination of acetaldehyde in wine 2002
Sonolysis of chlorobenzene in Fenton-type aqueous systems 2002
Differential pulse cathodic stripping voltammetric determination of selenium in pharmaceutical products 2002
Determination of the 5-fluorouracil and N1(2 '-furanidyl)uracil in the presence of tegafur by zero-crossing first derivative spectrometry 2002
Determination of thermodynamic and stochastic potentials in nonequilibrium systems from macroscopic measurement 2002
On the compatibility of polysaccharide/maleic copolymer blends. II. Thermal behavior of pullulan-containing blends 2002
Mechanical properties of conducting H-type polysiloxane-polypyrrole graft copolymers and polytetrahydrofuran-polypyrrole block copolymers 2002
Liquid crystalline vinylcyclopropane derivatives bearing cholesteryl side groups: synthesis, characterization and polymerization 2002
Cr(VI)-containing wastewater treatment by means of ion exchange on weak- and strong-base anion exchangers 2002
An organometallic radical route to bis(phosphido)- and hydrido-phosphido-bridged metal-metal-bonded complexes of cyclopentadienylchromium via desulfurization of thiophosphinito ligands 2002
A straightforward synthetic route towards tetranuclear copper(II) complexes: reactions between binuclear complexes and exo-bidentate or exo-bis(bidentate) ligands 2002
Preparation of GaAs thin films from acid aqueous solution 2002
Determination of the scattering coefficient for N-GaAs from magnetoresistance and hall mobilities 2002
A modified Hanning wavelet 2002
Modelling the spectral noise of single and double pass er(3+)-doped Ti : LiNbO3 M-mode straight waveguide amplifiers 2002
Statistical model for lidar signal validation 2002
The use of the sol-gel method for developing analytical devices based on immobilized enzymes 2002
Photodegradation of Basic Blue 45 dye on undoped and doped TiO2 films 2002
The oxidation of phenol by hydrogen peroxide 2002
Corosive processesin potassium chloride aerated and deaerated solutions 2002
Flavonoids. I. Structures and properties 2002
Glycopyranosyl phenyl sulfone, valuable intermediates in the synthesis of C-glycosydes. 5 - One intermediate, two glucopyranosyl phenyl sulfone 2002
Glucosylsulfones. Valuable syntons in obtaining C,O-glycosides 2002

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