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A reactor for the direct synthesis of phenilchlorsilanes 2002
The monitoring of the air quality in the neighbourhood of a large industrial area. Case study - Isalnita-Dolj industrial platform 2002
The mathematical moulding of the copper recovery process from waste waters using a volumic electrode. II. The calculus of the height of the cathode bed 2002
The conductometric determination of the silica concentration front water to infinite diltion 2002
Studies regarding the interference of Fe(III) and Cu(II) ions in the determination of Se(IV) by the fluorimetric method with 2,3-diaminenaphtalone 2002
The methanol conversion to hydrocarbons on SAPO molecular sieve. II. The catalytic performances of the SAPO molecular sieves in the methanol conversion 2002
Synthesis and reactivity of Mannich bases communication 10 - N-alkylation of pyrazoles with Mannich bases derived from ortho-hydroxyacetophenones 2002
A radical route in the biomimetic oxidation of a tertiary amine 2002
Nanocapsules of biodegradable polymers: preparation and characterization by direct high resolution electron microscopy 2002
Cyclohexanone/P-aminophenol/formaldehyde resins as hardener of epoxy resins 2002
Copper and iron substituted hydrotalcites: properties and catalyst precursors for methylamines synthesis 2002
The particle concentration effect on magnetic resonance linewidth for magnetic liquids with chain aggregates 2002
Galactosylated N-vinylpyrrolidone-maleic acid copolymers: Synthesis, characterization, and interaction with lectins 2002
On the mobility of sodium ions and of confined liquid crystals in molecular sieves of faujasite type 2002
Sorption of some textile dyes by oak wood sawdust 2002
A non-isothermal kinetic study upon the Pb(II) sorption on chemically-modified celluloses 2002
Biologically active oxazolones and their chemical immobilization on xanthan 2002
Determination of para-aminobenzoic acid, a degradation product of procaine hydrochloride, by zero-crossing first-derivative spectrometry 2002
Derivative spectrophotometry in the determination of phenyl-beta-naphthylamine used as an antioxidant in rubber mixtures 2002
Detection of organophosphorus insecticides with immobilized acetylcholinesterase - comparative study of two enzyme sensors 2002
Biosensors designed for environmental and food quality control based on screen-printed graphite electrodes with different configurations 2002
Catalytic determination of Pb(II) in the presence of Cu(II) 2002
Kinetic determination of aromatic amines at millimolar level 2002
Thin films of langasite (La(3)Ga(5)SiO(14)) prepared by pulsed laser deposition 2002
Analytical treatment of the three-dimensional model of stimulated Brillouin scattering with axial symmetric pump wave 2002
Structural properties of a-SiOx layers deposited by reactive sputtering technique 2002
Electrochemistry of a carotenoid self-assembled monolayer 2002
Rapid thermal annealing procedure for densification of sol-gel indium tin oxide thin films 2002
The evolution of the heavy metals concentration in the Danube riverbed sediments from the Bazias - Penile de Fier I ecosystem (1996-1999) 2002
Research concerning the evaluation of the ageing of some soft weed supports of old paintings with preparation layer. III - The thermogravimetric analysis 2002
Study regarding the electrochemical behaviour of titanium and of the Ti-6Al-4V dental alley in biological electrolyte 2002
Intermediary and/or advanced Maillard products exhibit prooxidant activity on Trp: In vitro study on alpha-lactalbumin 2002
Electrochemical deposition of novel nanostructured magnetic thin films for advanced applications 2002
Structural study of anodic films formed on aluminum in nitric acid electrolyte 2002
Different ways to insert carotenoids into liposomes affect structure and dynamics of the bilayer differently 2002
The performance of Yld96 and BBC2000 yield functions in forming limit prediction 2002
Calixarene derivatives as carriers in liquid membrane transport 2002
Complete characterisation of lanolin steryl esters by sub-ambient pressure gas chromatography-mass spectrometry in the electron impact and chemical ionisation modes 2002
Associative pullulan gels and their interaction with biological active substances 2002
Studies on the photostoragechemiluminescence of aromatic ketones with reactive oxygen species - Prospects for analytical applications 2002
A structural-thermodynamic study of triphenylsilylcellulose 2002
Pulsed-laser deposition of NiMnSb thin films at moderate temperatures 2002
Cross-linking polymeric octamolybdate chains with paramagnetic manganese(II) centres 2002
The interplay of hydrogen bonding and pi-pi stacking interactions in sustaining supramolecular solid-state architectures. The case of the heterometallic system [Ni-2(fsal-33)(H2O)(4)][Cr(bipy)(C2O4)(2)]2 center dot H2O 2002
Nonconventional methods for obtaining hexaferrite. VI - Strontium hexaferrite 2002
On the thermal dehydration of coprecipitated ferrite powders 2002
Logarithmic law of the desorption kinetics in the system O-2/ZnO 2002
A new method for the preparation of copper sulfate ultrafine particles 2002
Spectrometric determination of 5-acetamido-1,3,4-thiazole-2-sulfonamide and 5-amino-1,3,4-thiazole-2-sulfonamide in aqueous solutions 2002
New copper(I) and cobalt(II) binuclear complexes with mercaptobenzothiazole, and mannich base ligands: A spectroscopic characterization 2002

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