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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Radiolytic decomposition of water in the presence of some solid catalysts 2002
Fundamentals in ferroelectric transition of TGS 2002
Pulsed laser deposition of PMN thin films 2002
Properties of ZrO2 thin films prepared by laser ablation 2002
The complexation of some amino acids by isomers of dicyclohexano-18-crown-6 and 18-crown-6 in methanol 2002
Liquid back-mixing and mass transfer effects in trickle-bed reactors filled with porous catalyst particles 2002
Interpenetrating polymer networks based on polyurethane and polysiloxane 2002
Comet assay coupled to repair enzymes for the detection of oxidative damage to DNA induced by low doses of gamma-radiation: Use of YOYO-1, low-background slides, and optimized electrophoresis conditions 2002
Relaxation of photodarkening in amorphous As-Se films doped with metals 2002
Spectroscopic and magnetic investigation of one uranium(IV)-polyoxotungstate complex 2002
Micromagnetic analysis of the transverse susceptibility of particulate systems 2002
The use of the generalised Delta M plots in the characterisation of the Preisach distribution of magnetic recording media 2002
Simulation of magnetization curves with Preisach-Neel models 2002
Aspects concerning the dimensioning of the inductive transducers with magnetic fluids 2002
Crystallization processes and resulting phase structure of Sm-Fe-B melt-spun ribbons 2002
Magnetic and structural studies in Nd50Fe40Al10 glassy hard magnets 2002
Study of the microstructure and of the permeability spectra of Ni-Zn-Cu ferrites 2002
Saturation magnetostriction measurement in nearly zero magneto strictive Co-rich glass-covered amorphous wires 2002
FMR investigation of the amorphous CoFeSiB glass-covered wires in the presence of mechanical tension 2002
Magnetic properties of Co-Ni-Mg-N thin films 2002
Exchange biasing in NiO/NiFe2O4 bilayers 2002
Relaxation and interaction effects on transverse susceptibility measurements of nanoparticle systems 2002
Magnetic properties and electronic structures of GdxCe1-xCo4B compounds 2002
Influence of Si substitution on the structure and magnetic properties of YFe11-xSixTi (x <= 2) 2002
Electronic structures and magnetic properties of YFe1-xVx compounds 2002
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy and magnetism of GdNi3Al16 2002
Magnetic properties of Ni3Fe intermetallic compound obtained by mechanical alloying 2002
Modelling of the temperature changes by adequate changes of the pulling rate in the case of sheets and filaments grown from the melt in a vacuum by EFG method 2002
The effect of the electron irradiation on the electrical properties of thin polycrystalline CdSe and CdS layers 2002
Influence of temperature oscillations on the interface velocity during Bridgman crystal growth 2002
The axial and radial segregation due to the thermo-convection, the decrease of the melt in the ampoule and the effect of the precrystallization-zone in the semiconductor crystals grown in a Bridgman-Stockbarger system in a low gravity environment 2002
Factors affecting the isotherm shape of semi-transparent BaF2 crystals grown by Bridgman method 2002
Synergistic effects on thermal stability of ethylene-propylene elastomers stabilized with hindered phenols and secondary amines 2002
Second virial coefficient of oligo- and polyacrylonitrile 2002
Methane reaction with NO over alumina-supported Ru nanoparticles 2002
Measurement of normal stress distribution on work punches during one-sided die compaction 2002
Cyclic tests on bolted steel and composite double-sided beam-to-column joints 2002
Sensitive detection of organophosphorus pesticides using a needle type amperometric acetylcholinesterase-based bioelectrode. Thiocholine electrochemistry and immobilised enzyme inhibition 2002
A new possibility in Eddy-Current separation 2002
Polythiophene derivative conducting polymer modified electrodes and microelectrodes for determination of ascorbic acid. Effect of possible interferents 2002
A new mu(4)-oxo tetranuclear magnesium compound: Coordination effects of the azolato ligands 2002
Coordination polymers of the 4,4 '-biphenyl-bis(4-phenylthiosemicarbazide) with some transitional metals 2002
New poly(siloxaneimide)s by polycondensation 2002
A new dynamical semicontinuously process for L-aspartic acid synthesis using coryneform bacteria 2002
Medium pressure controlled hydriding of zirconium alloys by plasma-metal reaction 2002
Biosorption-flotation as an unconventional method for Cd(II) and Pb(II) separation from aqueous systems - Influencing parameters 2002
Advanced characterization of hysteretic materials by object-oriented software 2002
Magnetic properties of Y3Co11-xMxB4 compounds with M = Al or Cu 2002
Phase stability analysis with cubic equations of state by using a global optimization method 2002
Ring-chain tautomerism and other versatile behaviour of 1,4-diimino- and 1,2-phenylene derivatives of some C-substituted serinols 2002

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