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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Crosslinked copolymers based on N-(p-Carboxyphenyl)maleimide 2002
Application oriented tribotesting of thin layers 2002
Multilayer TiAlN coatings with composition gradient 2002
3D numerical simulation and experimental investigations of melt flow in an Si Czochralski melt under the influence of a cusp-magnetic field 2002
Damper with magnetorheological suspension 2002
Enrichment of C-13 by chemical exchange between CO2 and amine carbamate in nonaqueous solvents 2002
Highly selective and sensitive reaction of cyanide with 2,2-dihydroxy-1,3-indanedione 2002
Mechanochemical synthesis of poly(butadiene-b-acrylic acid) 2002
The dynamic susceptibility of a quasi-one-dimensional Mn porphyrin-based hybrid magnet: Cole-Cole analysis 2002
Molecular ordering in the nematic state evaluated by optical absorption anisotropy measurements and MO-SCF-PPP calculations 2002
Advanced electroceramic materials for electrotechnical applications 2002
Defect structure of CaF2 crystals 2002
Carbon vibration modes in C-60 fullerenes 2002
Competing phenomena in laser effects on the growth of yeast cell colonies 2002
Properties of titanium based hard coatings deposited by the cathodic arc method II. Mechanical, anticorrosive and wear resistance characteristics 2002
Properties of titanium based hard coatings deposited by the cathodic arc method I. Microchemical and microstructural characteristics 2002
Hydroacridines: Part 23. H-1 and C-13 NMR spectra of sym-octahydroacridine, its 9-(3-pyridyl) and 9-(4-pyridyl) derivatives and the corresponding N(10)-oxides. An experimental approach to the diamagnetic anisotropy of the pyridine nucleus 2002
Poly(di-1H,1H,2H,2H-perfluoroalkylitaconate) films: surface organisation phenomena, surface energy determinations and force of adhesion measurements 2002
The direct synthesis of phenylchlorosilanes 2002
The spectrophotometric study of the binary system Ni(II) with N-[2-tenylmethylidene]-1-amine-2 hidroxypropane 2002
The avoidance of antiaromatic transition state in the nucleophilic aromatic substitution 2002
New Ni(II) chelate complexes synthesized with 1-methyl-2-carbethoxy-glyoxalimino-(l)-bromophenylhydrazones-(2). The IR and electronic spectra 2002
Exo and endohormones. XX Synthesis of racemic 2-ethyl-1,6-dioxaspiro[4,4]nonane, the aggregation pheromone of Pityogenes chalcographus (Coleoptera, Scolytidae) 2002
Photoinitiated grafting of functionalized silica with polybutadiene oligomers. Kinetic aspects 2002
Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of 2,5-diphenyl-4-methyloxazole 2002
Bleachabilty of alkaline and neutral medium deinked waste paper stocks 2002
Removal of nonylphenol ethoxylates by electrochemically-generated coagulants 2002
Rational synthesis and X-ray structure of [Mn-4(II)(H2O)(2)((AsW9O34)-W-V)(2)](10-) from [(As4W40O140)-W-III](28-), MnO4- and Mn2+ 2002
Vapor-liquid equilibria in the binary systems n-decane + (-)-menthone and n-decane + (+)-fenchone at temperatures between 344.45 and 390.75 K 2002
Screen-printed biosensors for the control of wine quality based on lactate and acetaldehyde determination 2002
Yeast cells sucrose biosensor based on a potentiometric oxygen electrode 2002
Analytical characterization of volatile active principles from the leaves of the Alboroseum Backer plant 2002
Flocculation of montmorillonite by some hydrophobically modified polycations containing quaternary ammonium salt groups in the backbone 2002
Syntheses of bismaleimides with ester units and their polymerization with diamines 2002
Screen-printed electrode based on AChE for the detection of pesticides in presence of organic solvents 2002
Separation of N-alkyl phenothiazine sulfones by HPTLC using an optimum mobile phase 2002
On the nuclear oxide fuel densification, swelling and thermal re-sintering 2002
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy and theoretical studies on 1,4-dihydrazinophthalazine sulfate 2002
Fast and highly selective determination of cyanide with 2,2-dihydroxy-1,3-indanedione 2002
Systematic characterisation of long-chain aliphatic esters of wool wax by gas chromatography-electron impact ionisation mass spectrometry 2002
Substrate influence on the X-ray diffraction patterns of amorphous chalcogenide thin films deposited on silicon wafers 2002
Comparative behavior of silica-embedded tert-butyldimethylsilyltrifluoro-methanesulfonate and lanthanum triflate catalysts 2002
Optical improved structure of polycrystalline silicon-based thin-film solar cell 2002
Polymer recycling: potential application of radiation technology 2002
Influence of hot water conditioning on the corrosion behavior of carbon steel 2002
The solution copolymerization of acrylates with styrene 2002
Spectrophotometric determination of norfloxacin by reaction with carbon disulphide in micellar medium 2002
Study on the influence of dispersion upon the water desorption of volcanic tuff by means of TGA 2002
Free radical polymerization associated with gel and glass effects - Experiment and modeling 2002
Bioaccumulation in hydrophytae plants of some microelements from alkaline sludge resulting in uranium ores processing 2002

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