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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Carbonic anhydrase activators: Design of high affinity isozymes I, II, and IV activators, incorporating tri-/tetrasubstituted-pyridinium-azole moieties 2002
Solution and solid state structural investigations of organotin(IV) compounds containing asymmetric imidodiphosphinato ligands. X-ray structures of R '' Sn-2[(OPMe2)(OPPh2)N](2) (R = Me, Bu-n, Ph) 2002
Phenylantimony(III) derivatives of tetraphenyldichalcogenoimidodiphosphinic acids. Crystal and molecular structure of PhSb[(XPPh2)(SPPh2)N](2) (X = O, S) 2002
Hydrogenolysis of 1,1a,6,10b-tetrahydro-1,6-methanodibenzo[a,e]cyclopropa[c] cycloheptene over Ru-zeolites 2002
Aromatic-aliphatic acrylic monomers and polymers: Synthesis and characterization 2002
Optical and thermal characterization of AlN thin films deposited by pulsed laser deposition 2002
Mechanical properties improvement of pulsed laser-deposited hydroxyapatite thin films by high energy ion-beam implantation 2002
Laser-induced explosive boiling during nanosecond laser ablation of silicon 2002
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy investigations of ultrathin layers grown by ultraviolet-assisted oxidation of SiGe 2002
Synthesis and characterization of liquid crystalline alkylammonium polyacrylates 2002
Passive dispersion in dendritic structures 2002
Syntheses of new carbonyl derivatives from alpha-halohetaryl ketones 2002
Zinc organic compounds of some oximes coordinated with nickel(II), palladium(II) and copper(II) ions 2002
Studies on the composition of volatile oils in the conifer species from the mountain area (Pinus silvestris L) 2002
Theoretical considerations on hydrogen-aluminium brasscooling water corrosion system 2002
The gaz-chromatographic behaviour of n-alkyl esters of the aroylphosphonic acids on silicone stationry phases 2002
The separation of the sulfanilic acid of the aminobenzoic acids using ions exchange resins 2002
The analysis of the minor elements from the mineral waters Borsec and Biborteni 2002
The synthesis and the characterization of the uranil complex of tridentates ligand Keggin 2002
The study on the reactions of with aromatic mono- and diisocyanates 2002
Researches regarding charging current pulses through structured electrochemical systems 2002
The determination of liposoluble vitamins from complex by matrix high performance liquid chromtography - UV detection 2002
The properties of izoconversion curves K-x-constant 2002
Degradation products of ion-exchange resin during the bituminization process of spent resins 2002
Studies on N,N '-[2,2 '-bis-thienylmethylidene]tolylene 2002
Conformational studies of oligosaccharides and glycopeptides: Complementarity of NMR, X-ray crystallography, and molecular modelling 2002
1,5-dihydroxyanthraquinones and an anthrone from roots of Rumex crispus 2002
Aluminiumorganic compounds of coordinated salicylaldoxime and their adducts with nitrogen Lewis bases 2002
RE3+ emission in garnets: multisites, energy transfer and quantum efficiency 2002
Electronic properties of the Fe/GaAs(001) interface 2002
Asymmetric magnetization reversal on exchange biased CoO/Co bilayers 2002
Decontamination of radioactive liquid wastes by hydrophytic vegetal organisms 2002
Some aspects of radioactive contamination after Chernobyl accident in Romania 2002
Schiff bis bases: analytical reagents. II. Spectrophotometric determination of manganese from pharmaceutical forms 2002
Behaviour of cationic polyelectrolytes upon binding of electrolytes: effects of polycation structure, counterions and nature of the solvent 2002
Decomposition of Ca : Cu=1 : 1 nitrate powder: thermal analysis and structural studies 2002
Poly(siloxaneimide)s 2. Polycondensation of some imidic diacid chlorides with aminoalkylsiloxanes 2002
Optical and structural investigation of ZnO thin films prepared by chemical vapor deposition (CVD) 2002
Synthesis of conducting polysiloxane-polypyrrole graft copolymers 2002
The termodynamic characterization of some cholesteryl derivates of benzothiazolyl 2002
Studies regarding the depollution of used waters with phenols and heavy metals 2002
The behaviour of the ascorbic acid in acetous acid-sodium acetate buffered solution on a platinum disk electrode 2002
Nitrobenzophenones and derivates. 2. Differences and similitudes of the mass spectra of nitrobenzophenones 2002
Electrochemical characterisation of electrodeposited organic coatings 2002
Interdependent chemical-electrochemical steps in retrometabolism-based drug and safer chemical design 2002
Comparative EIS study of a paste electrode containing zinc powder in neutral and near neutral solutions 2002
Traces of Cu, Mn and Zn in aquatic animals, water and sediments from the Cris river basin West Romania. Part II: Distribution study 2002
Traces of Cu, Mn and Zn in aquatic animals and sediments from the Cris river basin West Romania. Part I: Statistical evaluation of data obtained by atomic emission spectrometry with radiofrequency capacitively coupled plasma source and flame atomic absorption spectrometry 2002
Binding of molecular dioxygen to the cobalt(II) complexes in nonaqueous solution 2002
Preparation of BaTi4O9 from oxalates 2002

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