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Ultrasound assisted metathesis of monocyclic olefins with tungsten-based catalysts 2002
Catalyst activity and selectivity in ROMP of dicyclopentadiene induced by some tungsten systems 2002
High-throughput analytical strategy with combined planar and column liquid chromatography for improvement of the poppy (Papaver somniferum L.) with a high alkaloid content 2002
Transfer of the efficiency calibration of Germanium gamma-ray detectors using the GESPECOR software 2002
Standardization of Sr-89 2002
Standardization of Eu-152 2002
Standardization and decay data of Np-237 2002
Deep underground gamma spectrometric measurement of Al-26 in meteorite samples 2002
Precise measurement of the activity of Re-186, Re-188 radiopharmaceuticals 2002
Analytical calculations of counting losses in internal gas proportional counting 2002
Emission probabilities of the KX-rays following the decay of (237)Np in equilibrium with (233)Pa 2002
Microstructure and electrochemical behaviour of some SnO2-based inert electrodes in aluminium electrolysis 2002
Electrons distribution function for an Argon magnetron discharge with an Aluminium target 2002
Modeling of an argon do magnetron discharge by a fluid 2002
Atomic clusters - Chemical bond in condensed matter 2002
Cluster growth and structures of Lennard-Jones molecules near the critical point 2002
Properties of some glass-ceramics in molten and solid state 2002
The electrodeposition of chromium from molten alkali chlorides. The effect of the direct voltammetry on the quality of an initial deposit of metallic chromium 2002
Some criteria for deciding upon the support effect 2002
Spectrophotometric determination of trace iron(III) in natural water after its preconcentration with a chelating resin 2002
Thermal studies in CuO-Cu2O-SnO2 system at two oxygen pressures, as observed by DTA/TG experiments 2002
Differential non-linear isoconversional procedure for evaluating the activation energy of non-isothermal reactions 2002
Pyroelectric properties of alanine doped TGS single crystalline thick films under constant electric stress 2002
Shape analysis of DSC ice melting endotherms - Towards an estimation of the instrumental profile 2002
Field effect controlled photoresistors based on chemically deposited PbS films 2002
Heats of protonation of amines, diazacrown ethers and cryptands in methanol 2002
The degradation mechanism using TG-MS technique of some aromatic polyethers containing flexible spacers 2002
Modelling of the thin organic film/carbon steel interface 2002
Effect of structure on the thermal stability of curable polyester urethane urea acrylates 2002
Catalytic oxidation of Co and C6H6 on alumina-supported Cu-Cr and Co-Cr oxide catalysts in the presence of ozone 2002
The effect of hydration/dehydration on the AC electrical conductivity of H4PVMo11O40 and some of its cesium salts used as catalysts 2002
New stabilizers for poly(vinyl chloride) based on 2 '-hydroxybenzalacetophenone 2002
First in situ Raman study of vanadium oxide based SO2 oxidation supported molten salt catalysts 2002
Bioorganic synthesis of some (5-benzothiazol-2-yl-furan-2-yl)-methanols in cell catalysis using Saccharomyces cerevisiae 2002
Synthesis and stereochemistry of some new 1,3-dioxane derivatives obtained from 1,3-benzenedicarboxaldehyde 2002
Structural properties of sputtered ZnO : Au films 2002
A density functional theory study of distortions from octahedral symmetry in hypoelectronic six-vertex polyhedral clusters of the group 13 elements boron, indium, and thallium 2002
Incorporation of the siloxanes in hydrolytically degradable organic structures. II. Segmented siloxaneimide poly(anhydride)s 2002
Iron micro-spheres generation in argon plasma jet 2002
Integration of Si biocomplex building blocks into porous Si for self-organization of multifunctional structures 2002
Investigation on preparation and physical properties of LPCVD SiXOyNZ thin films and nanocrystalline Si/SixOYNZ superlattices for Si-based light emitting devices 2002
Measurement systems based on metal/dielectric nanostructures for electrochemical analyses 2002
Thermal and pharmacological characterization of some new bis-xanthine derivatives 2002
Polyurethane-epoxy maleate of bisphenol A semi-interpenetrating polymer networks 2002
Supramolecular synthesis through dihydrogen bonds: Self-assembly of controlled architectures from NaBH4 center dot poly(2-hydroxyethyl)cyclen building blocks 2002
Cyclodextrins in polymer synthesis: Photoinitiated free-radical polymerization of N-isopropylacrylamide in water initiated by a methylated beta-cyclodextrin/2-hydroxy-2-methyl-1-phenylpropan-1-one host/guest complex 2002
Electron transfer Modeling in condensed phase by molecular dynamics simulation: Application to methylene blue-guanine complex in water 2002
Catalytic properties of La(0.8)A(0.2)MnO(3) (A = Sr, Ba, K, Cs) and LaMn0.8B0.2O3 (B = Ni, Zn, Cu) perovskites 1. Oxidation of hydrogen and propene 2002
Dynamic scaling method and interface growth 2002
Spectral study and molecular modeling of the inclusion complexes of beta-cyclodextrin with some phenoxathiin derivatives 2002

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