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Evaluation of viability of retinal photoreceptor cells by using their endogenous electrical field 2002
The effects of low level microwaves on the fluidity of photoreceptor cell membrane 2002
Validation of a LC-fluorescence method for determination of free captopril in human plasma, using a pre-column derivatization reaction with monobromobimane 2002
Syntheses, structures, and surface aromaticity of the new carbaalane [(AlH)(6)(AlNMe3)(2)(CCH2R)(6)] (R = Ph, CH2SiMe3) and a stepwise functionalization of the inner and outer sphere of the cluster 2002
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering study of silver deposition on thin Alq(3) layers 2002
Liquid-like and solid-like motions in proteins 2002
Experimental and theoretical study of the photochemical and thermal decomposition of maleic and dichloromaleic anhydrides 2002
Complex compounds of nickel, palladium and platinum involved in electron transfer processes 2002
Optimization of a liquid-liquid extraction method for HPLC-DAD determination of penicillin-V in human plasma 2002
Kinetics of decolorization and mineralization of reactive azo dyes in aqueous solution by the UV/H2O2 oxidation 2002
Protein tyrosine phosphatase inhibitors 2002
The pressure evolution during the deflagration of a fuel-air gaseous mixture in a closed vessel 2002
Prussian Blue onto platinum and optically transparent indium-tin oxide electrodes 2002
The synthesis and reactivity of Mannich bases. The nuclear bromination and the transamination with piperazines of some 3-dialkylamino-1-1(2-hidroxyphenyl)-1-propanones 2002
The naturalization and the modification of the natural color of flowers. I. Naphto-furan-quinolinedionic dyers 2002
The obtaining of mesophase pitches 2002
Complexes with amides. Part 2. Synthesis, spectroscopic, magnetic and biological characterization of Ni(II) and Cu(II) complexes with polyfunctional amides 2002
Comparative study of diluted silica sol and sodium silicate gelation 2002
The study of the liquid-liquid interfacial polycondensation of the cyclohexylphosphonic dichloride with bisphenol A. 2. Influence of the organic phase 2002
Design of topological indices. Part 27. Szeged matrix for vertex- and edge-weighted molecular graphs as a source of structural descriptors for QSAR models 2002
A linear eddy current array transducer for rapid high-performance inspection 2002
Aromatic polysulfones for flame retardancy 2002
Free-radical copolymerization of methyl methacrylate with styrene in the presence of 2-mercaptoethanol II. Influence of methyl methacrylate/styrene ratio 2002
Equilibrium studies for the sorption of metal ions onto hemp 2002
Synthesis, characterization, and thermal studies of new tetranuclear oxovanadium(IV)-copper(II) complexes containing oxalate and sulfide as bridging ligands 2002
Structure of artificial cytoskeleton containing liposomes in aqueous solution studied by static and dynamic light scattering 2002
Membrane and trap system for continuous monitoring of volatile organic compounds using a portable gas chromatograph with thermal conductivity detector 2002
A Mossbauer study of the Verwey transition in cobalt-doped magnetite 2002
Enhanced optical performances of strain-compensated 1.3-mu m GaInNAs/GaNAs/GaAs quantum-well structures 2002
Investigation of semi-insulating oxygen-doped GaAs 2002
Temperature control of filament growth 2002
The dopant distribution computed in the modified Chang-Brown model using quasi-steady state approximation 2002
Thermal stabilization effect of some 3,5-di-t-butyl-4-hydroxy derivatives of ethane and ethene 2002
Carbon nanotube films grown by laser-assisted chemical vapor deposition 2002
Surface modification by self-assembled polycation/azo dye multilayers 2002
A rheological model based on primary laboratory data of lubricants with polymers additives 2002
Functional polymers based on acrylamide crosslinked copolymers 2002
EPR and magnetic susceptibility investigation of Fe ions in B2O3-SrF2 glass matrix 2002
Eddy-current separator with inclined magnetic disc 2002
Synthesis and stereochemistry of some new 1,3-dioxane derivatives of 1,4-diacetylbenzene 2002
Prevention of collodial material accumulation in short circulation of paper machine 2002
A quantomechanical explanation for the electronic transitions of the square-planar [MLCl2] complexes 2002
The stereoselective complexation of aromatic prochiral compounds. V. The synthesis of the optically pure 1-[2,5-dimethylphenol]ethylamine-tricarbonyl-chronium complex 2002
Differential mass spectrometry. 3. The differential analysis of 2-,3- and 4-nitrobenzophenones mass spectra 2002
Bicyclic unsaturated anhydrides bearing halogens and their derivatives 2002
The role of the metallic ion of variable valency in the Briggs-Rauscher reaction 2002
The study of the radicalic species formed at the radiolysis of the solid polycristalline benzene-2,1-diazochinone-4 sultonic acid 2002
The chemical modification of wood. V. The carboxyethylation reaction 2002
The interpretation of thermoanalitic determinations of superior coals in agreement with the mineralogical structure of the inorganic mass and the mineralogy of the loamy deposits accompanying them 2002
Polyamid composites used for the injection or extrusion preparation - Recommendations for the preparation of composite materials based on polyamid 6 2002

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