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Spatiotemporal patterns on a disk electrode: Effects of cell geometry and electrolyte properties 2002
Reactions of bis(thiophosphoryl)disulfanes and bis(thiophosphinyl)disulfanes with metal species: an alternative, convenient route to metal complex and organometallic dithiophosphates and dithiophosphinates 2002
Nanocomposites: a state-of-the-art review 2002
Very low frequency dielectric relaxation deduced from time domain measurements 2002
The study of dipolar and space charges in semicrystalline polymers 2002
Secondary amines from dehydroabietic acid as antioxidant additives 2002
Analysis of medicinal plants by HPLC: Recent approaches 2002
Separation and identification of some nitroxidic derivatives of nicotinic acid and iso-nicotinic acid by HPTLC coupled with electronic paramagnetic resonance (EPR) 2002
Separation of uranium(VI) from Fe(II), Ni(II), Co(II) and Cu(II) by electrophoresis using diethyldithiophosphoric acid 2002
Vapour liquid equilibrium in asymmetric mixtures of n-alkanes with ethane 2002
Morphotropic phase boundary in Pb(Fe(2/3)W(1/3))O(2)-PbTiO(3) system 2002
Influence of microstructure on physical properties of PT porous ceramics 2002
Structural and piezoelectric properties of rare earth doped PbTiO3 ceramics 2002
How and why the characterization of magnetic materials can give directions in the methodological development in high field-high frequency EPR 2002
Infrared analysis of phase transitions in liquid crystal acrylate monomers bearing urethanic groups and cholesteryl as mesogen 2002
Synthesis of barium silicates by glow discharge electron gun 2002
Evaluation of sharp indentation testing of thin films and ribbons on hard substrates 2002
Accurate photopyroelectric measurements of thermal diffusivity of (semi)liquids 2002
An application of the front photopyroelectric technique for measuring the thermal effusivity of some foods 2002
Anisotropic behaviour of thin EPDM rubber discs towards absorption of toluene 2002
Azulene-1-azopyridines. Synthesis and N-alkylation at pyridine moiety 2002
Synthesis of some new substituted flavanones and related 4-chromanones by a novel synthetic method 2002
Coordination compounds of copper(II) with new 1,4-benzothiazino-[2,3-b]phenothiazine derivatives 2002
Simultaneous spectrophotometric analysis of codeine phosphate, acetylsalicylic acid, and caffeine in tablets by inverse least-squares and principal component regression techniques 2002
A thermogravimetric study on the Ag(I) sorption of celluloses modified with AZO and thiourea groups 2002
Nanocomposite materials for As(V) removal by magnetically intensified adsorption 2002
Characteristic extraction and transport properties of crown ethers and cryptand [2.2.2] for amino acid methylesters 2002
Bioaccumulation of Zn-65(2+) ions by some hydrophytic plants 2002
Microemulsion photopolymerization of methacrylates stabilized with sodium dodecyl sulfate and poly(N-acetylethylenimine) macromonomers 2002
An effective high-voltage termination for SiC planar pn junctions for use in high-voltage devices and UV detectors 2002
Static and dynamic behaviour of SiC JFET/Si MOSFET cascade configuration for high-performance power switches 2002
Preparation methods of quaternary polymer-supported phosphonium salts used as phase-transfer catalysts 2002
The catalytic effect of some metals in the polyethylene thermooxidation 2002
The antioxidant effect of some carbon materials in polypropylene 2002
FT-IR spectroscopy studies on the phase transitions of some allyl compounds with cholesteryl mesogen bearing urethanic groups 2002
Conductive polymers and fillers composites. 3. The behaviour within the electrical field of the ABS copper fibber composites 2002
The synthesis of styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers with phosphonic groups by linkages of N-beta-amionethyl-aminomethyl type 2002
Polyamide 6/zinc powder - based composites obtained by rotational moulding via the anionic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam 2002
Researches concerning the polyamidic composites meant for preparation by injection. I. Polymer mixture of polyamide 6-polystyrene obtained by hydrolitic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam 2002
The thermal endurance of polyamide/polypropylene composite systems 2002
The influence of the heating rate on the thermal behaviour of some aromatic copolyethers containig an octometilenic spacer 2002
Poly(vinyl chloride)-poly(epsilon-caprolactone) mixtures. I. Viscosimetric measurements 2002
The study of the optical properties of some composite based on gellan and electroactive synthetic polymers 2002
Effects of gamma irradiation on mechanical behaviour of some poly(ester-urethane)s 2002
Study regarding the thermal and photochemical behaviour of a polyurethane having an aromatic structure 2002
Functional netlike copolymers with maleinimidic structure 2002
Concentrated solutions of vinilyc polyalcohol. II. The rheologic behaviour in solvent mixtures 2002
The thermal stabilzation effects induced in polypropylene by antioxidants having phenolic functions 2002
The modification induced by thermal oxidation of used waxes in hot melt compounds 2002
Some interpenetrating polymer networks based on polyurethane and polyurethane acrylate 2002

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