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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Laser hardening of aluminum bronzes 2002
Hardening of copper surfaces by beryllium diffusion 2002
Hybrid polymer inorganic materials prepared from ternary microemulsions 2002
Migration modelling as a tool for quality assurance of food packaging 2002
Analysis of trickle bed and packed bubble column bioreactors for combined carbon oxidation and nitrification 2002
Field electron emission from carbon nanotubes grown by plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition 2002
Cd-ion selective membrane electrode based microprobe for trace elements detection 2002
Heavy metals distribution in some lichens, mosses, and trees in the vicinity of lignite power plants from West Macedonia, Greece 2002
Trace elements distribution in soil in areas of lignite power plants of Western Macedonia 2002
Ceramics of the chalcolithic Vadastra Culture 2002
Experimental researches regarding the thermal behavior of the machine-tools main spindle with ceramics bearings 2002
Experimental investigations and thermodynamic evaluation of the Sn-Cu-O system 2002
Evaluation of ultrasonically determined elasticity porosity relations on cubic zirconium oxide ceramic 2002
MoSi2-Al2O3 cermet type 2002
Nanostructured and multilayered Al2O3 thin films obtained by sol-gel method 2002
The direct bonding of metals to ceramics for the manufactured microwave packages 2002
Complex molds shaping and designing 2002
Metastable phase diagrams-theoretical methods for estimation of meta-stable phase at a given temperature 2002
Basaltic scorias from Romania - Complex building material use for concrete, glazing tiles, ceramic glazes, glass ceramics, mineral wool 2002
Crystallisation of some glasses in CaO-MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 system 2002
Studies concerning the influence of some parameters in preparation of zeolite membranes 2002
Surface phenomena in aqueous inorganic systems with plasticizer content 2002
Generalized indicator to define the particle size uniformity of powdery mixes 2002
Influence of the particle size uniformity degree on the Portland cement properties 2002
Rheological comparative studies on the Portland cement admixed at grinding 2002
Resources of raw materials for ceramics, binder and glass from the north-east part of Romania 2002
Geological and technological characteristics of clay deposits from the west of Romania use in traditional ceramics 2002
Study concerning the grinding of the glazes for porcelain obtained by fast firing 2002
Stabilisation of zirconium dioxide in the ZrO2-CeO2-SrOsystem 2002
Solid state reaction kinetic in refractory systems with fusion cast grains 2002
Experimental study regarding the synthesis of the cordierite in ceramic bodies in the MgO-Al2O3-SiO2 system 2002
Stabilized alumina silica zirconia refractories within the system Al2O3-(Cr2O3)-SiO2-ZrO2(MO) 2002
Zirconium phosphate binder for periclase refractories 2002
Hydroxyapatite synthesis 2002
Composite bioceramics 2002
Soft-chemistry methods for synthesis of gadolinium based perovskite oxides 2002
Tests "in vitro" on fluorapatite-alumina biocomposites 2002
In vitro behavior of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings related to their chemical and microstructural characteristics 2002
Electrical behaviour of the sintered SnO2-based ceramics 2002
Concerning about synthesis and sintering of CaTiO3 in presence of mineralisers 2002
The complexation reagents in synthesis by wet procedure of Cu and Zn mixed ferrites 2002
Effect of the Sb2O3 addition on the Bi(2)O(3)polymorphism 2002
Obtaining of BaTiO3 ceramics via a sol-gel colloidal process 2002
Effect of crystallization ambient on orientation selection in sol-gel derived Pb(Zr,Ti)O-3 thin films on Pt electrode layers 2002
A novel synthesis method of pure and doped lanthanum ferrites 2002
Composite spinel - Zirconium 2002
Integration and utilization of some volcanic rocks for technical ceramic 2002
Mullite-zirconium composites reinforced with ceramic fibres resistant to 1450 degrees C; obtaining and properties 2002
Influence of sintering conditions on ZTA composites characteristics 2002
The influence of copper concentration on magnetic properties of some nanocrystalline LiXCu1-2XFe2+XO4 ferrites 2002

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