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The influence of the membrane receptors concentration on the dynamic of its potential 2002
Asymmetric alpha-dioximes in chemical analysis - II. The determination of Ni(II) 2002
On the use of electric discharge reactors for the syngas production by steam reforming 2002
Analysis possibilities by GC/MS and Dif MS of mint oils in order to identify and dose the biologic active compounds of the terpadienoides 2002
Coordination polymers of Fe(III) with ligands derived from dinaphthyl-, dinaphthylthio-, and dinaphythyldithiophosphinic acids 2002
Estimation of the kinetic parameters by modelling the cyclic voltammograms for LiCl-KCl-CrCl3-CrCl2 molten salt system 2002
Generalized exponential models for gel and glass effects in free radical polymerization. I - Simulation under batch operating conditions 2002
Kinetic investigation on the dehydration of coprecipitated mixed oxide powders 2002
NMR study of the action of phophorus pentoxide on p-(1,1,3,3-tetramethylbutyl) phenol 2002
Liquid phase oxidation of alkylaromatic hydrocarbons 2002
A new application of layered double hydroxides as solid bases for the sulfoxidation reaction activation 2002
The electronic and structural properties of the MgO(001) surface: Ab initio Hartree-Fock theory studies 2002
Design of topological indices. Part 29 - QSAR and QSPR structural descriptors from the resistance distance matrix 2002
DSC study of water elimination from the coprecipitated ferrite powders 2002
Soft magnetic material from Fe-Co system obtained by powder metallurgy 2002
W-Ni-Cu composite powder by mechanical alloying 2002
Kinetic analysis of TG data XXXVI - Influence of procedural variables upon the apparent kinetic parameters of the thermal deamination 2002
NO reduction by CH4 over well-structured Pt nanocrystals supported on gamma-Al2O3 2002
Tellurium...pi-aryl interactions: a new bonding motif for supramolecular self-assembly and crystal engineering 2002
Sintering behaviour and properties of LiZn ferrite doped with PbO 2002
Kinetic study of thermo-oxidative degradation of trans-polyalkenamers 2002
Investigation of the hydration process in 3CaO center dot Al2O3-CaSO4 center dot 2H(2)O-plasticizer-H2O systems by X-ray diffraction 2002
Vibrational spectroscopy of betulinic acid HIV inhibitor and of its birch bark natural source 2002
Influence of lanthanide oxides on the catalytic activity of nickel 2002
The effect of pinning centers in Zn-doped CuBa2Ca3Cu4O12-y high-temperature superconductors 2002
The study of the structure and optical properties of gellan-PVA, gellan-PVP and gellan-PVI composites 2002
Results obtained in the metrological certification of a commercially available radionuclide calibrator 2002
Electrical conduction of LDPE at moderate fields 2002
Self-organization in simulated arsenic chalcogenide networks 2002
Using of solderable conductive pastes in PCB prototyping 2002
Some aspects regarding the presentation and the utilization of dependency equations of the temperature calorific capacities 2002
Chemo-enzymatic preparation of hydroxymethyl ketones 2002
A density functional theory study of five-, six- and seven-atom germanium clusters: distortions from ideal bipyramidal deltahedra in hypoelectronic structures 2002
[Mn-2(bipym)(H2O)(8)](4+) and [Fe(bipy)(CN)(4)](-) as building blocks in designing novel bipym- and cyanide-bridged heterobimetallic complexes (bipym=2,2 '-bipyrimidine and bipy=2,2 '-bipyridine) 2002
The mechanism of the onset oscillations in the electrochemical systems 2002
The structural chemistry of organotin derivatives of 5-mercapto-3-phenyl-1,3,4-thiadiazoline-2-thione: supramolecular structures involving intermolecular Sn center dot center dot center dot S, N-H center dot center dot center dot S or S center dot center dot center dot S interactions 2002
The catalytic activity of alumina supported Ru nanoparticles for NO/CH4 reaction 2002
Discriminant analysis applied to several German and Romanian mineral waters 2002
Membrane materials. II. Electrodialysis with membranes of chemically modified polyetherketones 2002
Investigation of the morphology-catalytic reactivity relationship for Pt nanoparticles supported on alumina by using the reduction of NO with CH4 as a model reaction 2002
Inclusion complex of steroidal heterocyclic compounds with cyclodextrins in aqueous solution and in the solid state 2002
On the structure, morphology and electrical conductivities of titanium oxide thin films 2002
Steric effects on the sydnones reactivity. New sydnones and pyrazoles 2002
Structural and optical characteristics of bismuth oxide thin films 2002
Diazinium carbalkoxy methylides 2002
Correlation between microstructure and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co/Pt multilayers 2002
Entrapment of protease into silica gel matrix 2002
Aminoketone, oxazole and thiazole synthesis. Part 15. 2-[4-(4-Halobenzenesulphonyl)-phenyl]-5-aryloxazoles 2002
Synthesis of cholesterol derivatives. III - Diphenyl-thioether alcanoates 2002
Isomerization of cyclohexane and hexane over silica-embedded triflate derivatives catalysts 2002

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