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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Improved understanding and optimization of SiC nearly solar blind UV photodiodes 2002
Novel buried field rings edge termination for 4H-SiC high-voltage devices 2002
Thermal capacity effect on transient free convection adjacent to a vertical surface in a porous medium 2002
Effect of hydroxyapatite on the corrosion susceptibility of titanium in bioliquid 2002
Cyclic voltammetric study of the trinuclear complexes [Fe3O(CH3COO)(6)(H2O)(3)]NO3 and [Fe3O(+H3NCH2COO-)(6)(H2O3]NO3)(7) 2002
Thermokinetic particularities of the acid hydrolysis of amyl and iso-amyl acetates 2002
Intergranular AC electrical conductivity of metal oxide surfaces in the presence of water. A theoretical model 2002
Photolysis of colloidal CdS-methylviologen system 2002
Supercritical fluid extraction of basil essential oil. Influence of the process parameters and chemical characterization of extracts 2002
The use of high pressures in order to accelerate thermo-oxidative aging of LDPE 2002
Foundations for a theory of the chemical field. III - The integrated electronegativity 2002
Study of iron determination at trace levels 2002
Electrosynthesis and properties of some substituted polyanilines in phosphate buffer 2002
5,6,7,8-tetrahydro-1(2H)phthalazinone derivatives with potential pharmacological activity. Part I 2002
Synthesis and characterization of new cholesteryl dimesogenes 2002
Synthesis of new substituted thiosemicarbazides and their cyclization to triazole- and thiadiazole derivatives 2002
New high-performance polyester-imide for electrotechnical use. 1 - Preparation and characterization of some more soluble ester-imide oligomers 2002
Heterogeneous cationic polymerization of 1,3-dioxolane and 1,3-dioxepane using grafted BF3 on silica 2002
Rheological and thermal properties of epoxy resins obtained from epichlorohydrin and m- or p-aminophenol, cured with triethylenetetraamine 2002
Role of the polymer degradation processes in environmental pollution and waste treatment 2002
2-Mercaptobenzimidazole used as antioxidant in polymeric materials. Estimation by derivative spectrophotometry 2002
Penomenological considerations rely on the double mixed electric layer model at the electrode-electrolyte interface 2002
Spectral behavior of an azopyrazolonic derivative of hydroxysulfanilic acid and its use as a new metal indicator for Ti(IV) 2002
Spectrophotometric study on the binary system rhodium(III)-1,2,3-cyclohexanetrionedioxime. Spectrophotometric determination of rhodium(III). 2002
Mediator role of some organic substances in the charge transfer on metal-electrolyte interface 2002
The determination of benzocaine by redox potentiometric titration 2002
The study of the effect of the vegetal matrix grading in the supercritical extraction of the essential oils 2002
A new topolgic index of Randic type 2002
Comparative molecular field analysis (CoMFA) of anionic azo dye-fiber affinities I: Gas-phase molecular orbital descriptors 2002
MTD-PLS: A PLS-based variant of the MTD method. 2. Mapping ligand-receptor interactions. Enzymatic acetic acid esters hydrolysis 2002
Synthesis and microbiological action of new dipenicillins and dicephalosporins derived from asparagic acid 2002
Polymeric materials containing bile acids 2002
Dielectric studies in homogeneous and heterogeneous polyurethane/polycyanurate interpenetrating polymer networks 2002
Effects of low dose (3)H contamination on bone marrow cells of rat 2002
Dielectric behavior of some ferrofluids in low-frequency fields 2002
The influence of the temperature on the corrosion behavoiur of Ti gr 2 and ti gr 12 alloys in a salt repository 2002
Ferronematics with soft particle anchoring in magnetic and laser fields 2002
The mathematic simulation of the ignition process of a solid fuel lacking the essential ingredient 2002
11-oxo-6,11-dihydrodibenzi[b,e]tiepin-5,5-dioxide compounds 2002
Growth of nanoscale carbon structures and their corresponding hydrogen uptake properties 2002
Contributions regarding the electrochemical of some azodyes 2002
The influence of ion implantation on the properties of titanium nitride layer deposited by magnetron sputtering 2002
Study of phenol-like compounds antioxidative behavior on low-density lipoprotein gold modified electrode 2002
The characterization of the films on titanium and on the ternary alloy Ti-Ni-Mo 2002
The synthesis of new derivatives of 1,4-dihydropyridines class with a potential biological activity 2002
Substituted fitosterols with 5-nytrobenzo[B]tiophensulphone at C-3 2002
The synthesis of some derivatives of the 2[fluoro-poly(hexafluoropropilenoxy)]-tetrafluoropropionic acids 2002
The sulphur dioxide absorption process in structural bases. Interfase equilibrium in d-n-buthylamine and methyldiethanol amine aqueous solutions 2002
Researches concerning the electrochemical realization and the characterization of some overmolecular structures in hydroquinone aprotic solutions 2002
The liquid-phase oxidation of para-isopropyltoluene to hydroperoxides 2002

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