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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Applications of gas chromatography in the polymer chemistry 2002
New fundamental elements in time physics 2002
Direct dyes derivatives of 4,4 '-diaminobenzanilide. I - The synthesis and study of adsorption isotherms on cotton of a direct disazoic dye with asymmetrical structure 2002
Pseudo-keramides and their derivatives. 2 - Cyclohexylidene acetals of N-acetyl-N-metyl glucamine 2002
The modeling of the Wittig reaction mechanism - A MNDO study 2002
Helical chirality of new pyrrolo[1,2-a]([1,10])phenanthrolines 2002
A new copper(II) complex with the N,N '-bis(antipyryl-4-methyl)-piperazine (BAMP) ligand: [Cu(BAMP)](ClO4)(2) 2002
Structural study of Pb(Fe2/3W1/3)O-3-PbTiO3 system 2002
Some peculiarities in ultraviolet absorption spectra for hydrogenated amorphous carbon thin films 2002
On the electronic transport in some new spirocompounds 2002
SANS study of concentration effect in magnetite/oleic acid/benzene ferrofluid 2002
Polysiloxane based emulsions. II. Antifoam oil/water emulsions 2002
Optimization conditions in pulsed source TOF neutron spectrometry 2002
Structural and magnetic disorder in Nd90-xFexAl10 glassy hard magnets 2002
Transdermal therapeutical systems - a new generation of pharmaceutical forms 2002
Residual stress analysis in aerospace MMC materials by neutron diffraction 2002
Siloxane surfactants 2002
Neutron-diffraction measurements for residual stress analysis in automotive steel gears 2002
Functional polymers 2002
Polarised neutron reflectometry study of Co/CoO exchange-biased multilayers 2002
Determination of the residual stress in a centrifuge bowl by neutron diffraction 2002
Temperature dependence of the dynamic scattering function in glycerol studied by quasi-elastic slow neutron scattering 2002
Ortocresol/pimelic ketone/formaldehyde resins. Synthesis and characterization 2002
Additional low-frequency modes in zirconium hydrides 2002
Durability forecast for a rubber membrane 2002
Characterisation of pancreatic lipase substrate specificity in organic reaction media by a kinetic method 2002
Inclusion compound formation with a new columnar cyclodextrin host 2002
Thermoplastic polymer layered silicate nanocomposites. I. Obtaining, properties and applications 2002
The correction of the reaction mixture resulted at the direct synthesis (DS) of phenilchlorosilanes (PCS) 2002
Preparation and characterization of alumina supported silicalite membranes by sol-gel hydrothermal method 2002
Polyamide 6/aerosil nanocomposite obtained in situ via anionic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactam 2002
The variation of temperature along the screw's channel depth at the polymeric materials extrusion 2002
Polyamides with cinnamoyl-isophtalic groups 2002
Multiphase equilibria calculation by direct minimization of Gibbs free energy with a global optimization method 2002
Styrene-butadiene block copolymers extended with dioctylphtalate - 2. The effect of the polybutadiene block microstructure from the star-like styrene polybutadiene block copolymers 2002
Direct observation of crystal-amorphous interphase in lamellar semicrystalline poly(ethylene terephthalate) 2002
Hydrophilicity of TiO2 thin films obtained by radio frequency magnetron sputtering deposition 2002
Polimeric networks based on polyurethanes and on modified epoxi resins 2002
Retention of gallium ions from acidic solutions by pyridine strong-base anion exchangers 2002
Some aspects concerning the reactivity of the maleimide double bond 2002
LPCVD-silicon oxynitride films: low-temperature annealing effects 2002
Floors of polyurethane type 2002
The direct synthesis (DS) of phenylchlorosilanes (FCS) - Auxiliary substances and promoters 2002
Spectral properties of phthalocyanines oriented in stretched polymer films 2002
The phthalocyanines applications in photodynamic therapy investigated by time-resolved and steady-state photothermal methods 2002
The role of the thermo-transport and heat loss in the axial macrosegregation 2002
Aspects regarding the heat transfer in furnaces for rolling mills 2002
Surface compositional changes in GaAs subjected to argon plasma treatment 2002
Anionic polymerization of lactams in microdispersion. I. Kinetic aspects of the process of caprolactam polymerization 2002
Acrylo-styrene latexes. II. Influence of anionic and non-ionic emulsifier types on the product properties 2002

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