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Plume reflection in pulsed laser deposition 2002
Pulsed electron beam sources for material ablation 2002
Quantum macroscopic coherent phenomena in biocommunication 2002
Quasi-optical dynamical surface resistance characterization of HTS laser ablated films 2002
Stoichiometry issues in pulsed laser deposition of the ferromagnetic_alloy NiMnSb 2002
Switching effect in dense media 2002
The evaluation of some low power medical lasers 2002
Thermal diffusion analysis in coated optical components for high power lasers 2002
Studies on the dosage of some naphtoquinonic compounds by cyclic voltammetry on platinum electrolytes 2002
The correlation of the selfignition tendency of superior coals with pyritic sulfur content 2002
The liquid-liquid extraction on the packing SMV 250 Y. I. Hydrodynamic study 2002
The necessary power and the consumed energy during the mixing processes in large volume vessels 2002
Prototropic tautomerism in unsymmetrically substituted 2,6-dihydroxypyridines 2002
Calcium phosphate thin film processing by pulsed laser deposition and in situ assisted ultraviolet pulsed laser deposition 2002
Poly(azomethine-ester-siloxane)s: Synthesis and thermal behaviour 2002
Hypervalent selenium compounds containing N -> Se intramolecular interactions: synthesis, characterization and X-ray structures of [2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4]SeS(S)PR2 (R=Ph, (OPr)-Pr-i) 2002
Low activation brazing materials and techniques for SiCf/SiC composites 2002
Electronic passive components training activity-demand for performance electronic package development 2002
Brazing of SiC and SiCf/SiC composites performed with 84Si-16Ti eutectic alloy: microstructure and strength 2002
Structure of bulk and thin films of poly-methyl-methacrylate (PMMA) polymer prepared by pulsed laser deposition 2002
On the structural and optical properties of antimony trisulfide thin films 2002
Optical reconfigurable neuron by using the transverse pockels effect 2002
Structural features and mechanism of reversible photoinduced transformations in amorphous chalcogenides 2002
The effect of rare-earth impurity on the photodarkening relaxation in as-evaporated amorphous As2Se3 : Pr and As2Se3 : Dy films 2002
EPR and magnetic susceptibility investigation of MnO-Bi2O3 glasses 2002
Different sol-gel routes for the BSCCO synthesis 2002
LiCoO2 powders prepared by the sol-gel method 2002
Radiation processing of EPDM/PP blends 2002
Thermal stability of additivated isotactic polypropylene 2002
Macrocyclic compounds obtained by pyrogalol condensing with acetaldehyde, benzaldehyde or 3-phenyl-propionaldehyde 2002
Structure, properties and modelling of As25Te35Si40 glass 2002
Vitroceramic oxidic systems as coatings on pure titanium (biomedical substrates) 2002
Hardening of metallic surfaces by diffusion processes (with and without reaction) 2002
Theoretical and experimental aspects in the depositing process of solder and adhesive pastes in surface mount technology 2002
Thermal reactions of aromatic hydrocarbonsin the pyrolysis of ethane and propane 2002
N-substituted derivatives of epsilon-caprolactam and their thermal and chemical behavior 2002
Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of 5H-10,11-dihydro-dibenzo[a,d]-cyclohepten-5-ol and 5-hydroxymethyl-5H-dibenzo[a,d]-cycloheptene 2002
1,1 '-Biazulene derivatives. Syntheses and reactions 2002
Electron transfer vs. heterolytic reactions. Behaviour of N-benzyl aziridine towards (aqua) Cu-x(II) and batho(2)Cu(II) ions 2002
SnO2 nanoparticles in the pores of non-structured SiO2 and Si-MCM-41: Comparison of their properties in gas sensing 2002
Laser surface alloying of steel with tungsten and cobalt 2002
Vitroceramic coatings on metallic supports with biomedical applications 2002
Physico-chemical study of high speed steel structural components 2002
The effect of particle reinforcement upon the precipitation of secondary phases in composites with aluminum matrix 2002
Magnetomechanical damping in magnetized nickel 2002
N,N-disubstituted thioamides as new reagents for direct spectrometric determination of Hg(II) 2002
Automated recognition of ergogenic aids using Soft Independent Modeling of Class Analogy (SIMCA) 2002
The role of reference materials and equipment qualification in method validation 2002
Trees as bioindicators of environmental pollution 2002
Some aspects concerning hybrid composite materials based on thermoplastic elastomers and "in situ" generated silica by sol-gel process 2002

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