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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Synthesis of new fluorescent derivatives of 1,7,10,16-tetraoxa-4,13-diazacyclooctadecane (Kryptofix K22) 2003
Estimation of the quantitation limit in chromatographic analysis 2003
Preparation of X-ray opaque dental composite materials and evaluation of their radiopacity 2003
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors. Inhibition of tumor-associated isozyme IX by halogenosulfanilamide and halogenophenylaminobenzolamide derivatives 2003
The influence of chemical composition and current density upon the specific consumption of Fe-Si anodes used in cathodic protection 2003
Friction force microscopy study of the hydrophilicity of TiO2 thin films deposited by radio frequency magnetron sputtering 2003
BSSE-free description of intermolecular force constants in hydrogen fluoride and water dimers 2003
The obtaining and characterization of NaCl nanocrystalline dispersion for "saline"-type therapeutical media. I. Theoretical aspects 2003
Industrial trial production of low energy belite cement 2003
Validation of an HPLC method for the determination of ciprofloxacin in human plasma 2003
The reduction of fluor releases during the superphosphate manufacture process 2003
Residual stress in plasma sprayed zirconia on cylindrical components 2003
The structure, the tautomerism and the fluorescence of some Schiff bases with 1,3-dihydro-2H-benzoimidazole-2-tionic residua 2003
The electrochemical reduction of benzaldehyde and acetophenone on a platinum electrode chemically modified with tetraphenyl porphyrine 2003
Some aspects of the thermo-kinetic non-isothermal study on the thermooxidative degradation of polytetrafluoroethylene containing additives 2003
The determination of some ions from Arges River waters by ion chromatography 2003
Some considerations on the mixing installation optimisation 2003
Typical pollution phenomena induced by the geometry of ashes and slag stack from CET Isalnita 2003
Distribution of polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) and organochlorine pesticides in soils from the East Antarctic coast 2003
Performant polyolefinic composites obtained by reinforcement with chemically coupled glass fiber 2003
Repair of road bridges in Romania using high performance concrete 2003
Electrochemical partial fluorination of phenylacetic acids esters and 1-tetralone 2003
Considerations on the fragmentations of some - 1-substituted azulenes in the mass spectrometer. Part 2 2003
The influence of some parameters on the column copolymerization with bubbling 2003
Solvent recovery in diesel oil solvent refining 2003
NO reduction by CH4 over well-structured Pt nanocrystals supported on gamma-Al2O3 2 2003
Adaptive optical interconnection using double phase conjugation in Rh : BaTiO3 photorefractive crystals 2003
Carrier mobility and series resistance MOSFET modeling 2003
Improvements of some non-conventional technologies for microoptics at IMT-Bucharest 2003
Improving axial compositional uniformity by an adequate choice of the initial dopant repartition 2003
Marking of materials by CO2 laser beam scanning 2003
New 1,4-disubstituted phthalazines: Synthesis, structure and herbicidal evaluation 2003
New technique for Si-based microphotonic components fabrication 2003
Structural characterisation of advanced silicides 2003
The mineralogy and distribution of zeolitic tuffs in the Maramures Basin, Romania 2003
The ion exchangers utilisation of cellulose derivatives type for heavy metals cations retention from efluents with little or medium activity 2002
Nondestructive testing techniques and piezoelectric ultrasonics transducers for wood and built in wooden structures 2002
A better approximation of the solution for the propagation of the quasi-solitons 2002
Analysis of optical amplification on dopant concentration in Er3+: Ti : LiNbO3 waveguides 2002
Determination of the refractive index of human serum by using a removable compact disk grating 2002
Dynamics of a Fermi system in a complex dissipative environment 2002
Electrical conduction parameters measurements on GaAs optoelectronic stuctures 2002
Graphical description of the light propagation in multi-layered tissue 2002
Interferometric study of the laser induced melting stage of an absorbing glass 2002
Laser cleaning in the process of electronic device production 2002
Laser investigations on the role of cholesterol in some liquid crystal biological membrane models 2002
Laser radiation effects on Mycoplasma agalactiae 2002
Modeling by first factorial experiment of drilling with laser beam of F17T regarding the circularity deviation from the hole acquired 2002
Multi-pulse passively Q-switched Nd : YAG laser for material surface cleaning 2002
Particulates in pulsed laser deposition: formation mechanisms and possible approaches to their elimination 2002

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