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Differential pulse techniques on modified conventional-size and microelectrodes. Electroactivity of poly [4,4 '-bis(butylsulfanyl)-2,2 '-bithiophene] coating towards dopamine and ascorbic acid oxidation 2003
Eutectic mixture of two bismaleimides: Thermal and electrical properties 2003
Polyamides with pendant cinnamoyloxyethyl units 2003
Synthesis, crystal structure, and spectral properties of a cobalt(II) complex with N-salicylidene-p-toluidine 2003
The voltammetric determination of some metallic ions - Cu(II), Pb(II), Zn(II), Cd(II) - Using polythiophene modified electrodes 2003
Liquid crystals. 7. The mesogeneous behaviour in the series of some steryl-carboxylates 2003
Corrosion behaviour of steel with low carbon content in ethylene glycol-formic acid-water media 2003
Study concerning the waterproof qualities of some solid materials by determinations of the superficial tension 2003
Quantitative analysis of additives in lubricants 2003
Process for re-refining waste lubricating oils 2003
The selective pertraction of carboxylic acids obtained by citric fermentation process. The separation of succinic and malic acids 2003
The business plan: A necessity for any businessman? 2003
The coupling of 1H-3-phenyl-6-methyl-pyrazolo-[3,2-c]-s-triazole with the phenyl diazonium chloride 2003
The inhibition effect of some thiosemicarbazides derivatives on carbon steel corrosion in H(2)SO(4)1N solution 2003
Some aspects of steels corrosion in electrolites solutions 2003
Copper reduction in borate glasses 2003
A computerized program for finding the symmetries of the molecular normal modes of vibration 2003
Thin barium layer formation and its influence on tungsten electrode ARC attachement modes in HID lamps 2003
3-substituted azulene-1-azo(4 '-methylbenzenes). Preparation and study of spectral characteristics 2003
Synthesis of dimethyldiphenylsiloxane copolymers having Si-functional groups on the chains 2003
Modeling of thermal regime in free radical polymerization associated with gel and glass effects 2003
Organolead(IV) derivatives of oxophosphorus ligands. X-ray structures of monomeric R2Pb[(OPPh2)(2)N](2) (R = Me, Ph) and tetrameric [Me3Pb(O2PPh2)](4) 2003
Cyclodextrins in polymer synthesis: Crosslinking water-soluble unsaturated polyester resins using a cyclodextrin/styrene complex in aqueous medium 2003
Volumetric and thermodynamic properties for pure refrigerants and refrigerant mixtures from cubic equations of state 2003
On the charge transport in some new carbanion disubstituted ylides in thin films 2003
Modification of polymer blend properties by argon plasma/electron beam treatment: surface properties 2003
Prussian Blue and enzyme bulk-modified screen-printed electrodes for hydrogen peroxide and glucose determination with improved storage and operational stability 2003
Organic-inorganic polymer hybrids and porous materials obtained on their basis 2003
Unsymmetrically-substituted 2,4,6-trimercaptotriazine: supramolecular self-assembly through C=S center dot center dot center dot H-N hydrogen bonds in the crystal structures of C3N3S3H2Na center dot 3H(2)O and C3N3S3H2Cu(PPh3)(2) 2003
Comparative study of the sol-gel processes starting with different substituted Si-alkoxides 2003
A novel cyano-bridged pentanuclear complex: [{Mn-3(MAC)(3)(H2O)2}Fe(CN)6}2]center dot 6H(2)O center dot 2CH(3)OH - synthesis, crystal structure and, magnetic properties (MAC=pentaaza macrocyclic ligand) 2003
New tetranuclear copper(II) complexes obtained by using compartmental and exo-dentate ligands 2003
Temporal analysis of products: basic principles, applications, and theory 2003
Surface particularities in pulsed laser ablation/deposition of the ferromagnetic alloy NiMnSb 2003
Protease inhibitors: Synthesis of bacterial collagenase and matrix metalloproteinase inhibitors incorporating arylsulfonylureido and 5-dibenzo-suberenyl/suberyl moieties 2003
Synthesis and properties of new polyurethane ionomers. I. Photosensitive cationomers with triazene units 2003
Effect of calixarenes on thermal stability of polyethylenes 2003
Chemiluminescence investigation of thermo-oxidative degradation of polyethylenes stabilized with fullerenes 2003
The evaluation by chemiluminescence of some modifications caused by oxidative stress induced by exposure to magnetic field on the human blood 2003
Lactamoacetanilides 2003
New compounds of the 1,4-dihydropyridines class with a potential action of calcium channel blockers 2003
Determination of the flavonoid content of a hydro-alcholic extract of Matricaria chamomilla by high pressure liquid chromatography 2003
The influence of the PbS films composition on photosensitivity 2003
Hydroxypiperidinoacetanilides 2003
The study on the influence of the alumina content on the distribution of vanadium impurities in cryolit-alumina mixtures 2003
Benzotriazolium ylides: Experimental and theoretical study on the tautomeric equilibrium of monosubstituted benzotriazolium ylides 2003
The determination of mercaptoacetic acid by using a flow injection system analysis with chemiluminometric detection 2003
Comparative study for serum selenium establishment by serum selenium fluorimetric determination and by glutathione peroxidase kinetic determination 2003
The study of the alumina content influence on the iron impurities distribution in cryolite-alumina mixtures 2003
Preconcentration and separation by thin layer chromatography of some toxic cations from the Somes River water 2003

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