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[Mn(MAC){mu(1,5)-N(CN)(2)}](PF6): a new one-dimensional coordination polymer with mu(1,5)-dicyanamido bridges (MAC = pentaaza macrocyclic ligand) - synthesis, crystal structure and magnetic properties 2003
Structural and magnetic properties of nanocrystalline Zn0.65Ni0.35Fe2O4 powder obtained from heteropolynuclear complex combination 2003
Compatibility of polysaccharide/maleic copolymer blends. IV. Thermal behavior of hydroxypropyl cellulose-containing blends 2003
FI-on line photochemical reaction for direct chemiluminescence determination of photodegradated chloramphenicol 2003
Role of surface order on the total electric conduction in NLC samples 2003
Formation of semiconductor clusters in zeolites 2003
Optically active 1-(benzofuran-2-yl)ethanols and ethane-1,2-diols by enantiotopic selective bioreductions 2003
Optical storage in pentaalkinylbenzene derivatives. Strong gain effect by recrystallization processes 2003
TiO2(Fe3+) nanostructured thin films with antibacterial properties 2003
Preparation and properties of lipase immobilized on MCM-36 support 2003
Low friction coatings prepared by high performance type spray gun 2003
Electrical and optical properties of some new synthesized ylides in thin films 2003
NASICON membrane used as Na+-selective potentiometric sensor in steady state and transient hydrodynamic conditions 2003
Enhanced properties of tin(IV) oxide based materials by field-activated sintering 2003
Thermo-oxidative degradation of some elastomers with a high content of 3,4 isoprene units 2003
On the compatibility of the IPP/PA6/EPDM blends with and without functionalized IPPI. Thermo-oxidative behaviour 2003
Fracture criteria for pre-stressed and pre-polarized piezoelectric crystals 2003
Leapfrog and related operations on toroidal fullerenes 2003
Design and fabrication of on-fiber diffractive elements for fiber-waveguide coupling by means of e-beam lithography 2003
Shaping X-rays by diffractive coded nano-optics 2003
Controlling the fluorescence lifetime of dyes in nanostructured geometries 2003
Surface layer in composites containing 4-n-octyl-4 '-cyanobiphenyl. FTIR spectroscopic characterization 2003
Raman study on B2O3-CaO glasses 2003
Synthesis, structural analysis and reactivity of 1,3-oxathiane derivatives 2003
Azulene-1-azopyridine 1 '-oxides 2003
The crystallographic study of the coordinative compounds of TiCl3 with nicotinamide and isonicotinamide 2003
A comparative study concerning the utilization of the sol-gel method and of other methods in the synthesis of some oxide compounds 2003
The electrochemical reduction of acetone on a modified zinc electrode with some porphyrine derivatives 2003
A radiochemical method for the investigation of the corrosion process in aggressive media 2003
The stability of the passive films on titanium based biomaterials, in physiological serum and in Ringer's solutions 2003
Mixed anhydrides of polyamino-polycarboxylic acids and amino acids as fire retardants and biostimulating agents 2003
Electrochemical investigation of molecular growth of the {Mo57V6} polyoxometalate cluster 2003
Transparent and conducting indium tin oxide thin films grown by pulsed laser deposition at low temperatures 2003
Structure properties relationships in electrodeposited Ni-W thin films with columnar nanocrystallites 2003
Simulation of the thermal field distribution in solids under short laser pulses irradiation 2003
Corrosion resistance of TiN coated 316L stainless steel in artificial physiological solution 2003
An electrochemical model for interpreting the counterion effect of cationic surfactants in interaction with charged polymers. I - Adsorption isotherm. Counterion effect upon the adsorption process 2003
Coordination compounds of 3d metal ions (M = Mn, Fe, Co, Ni and Cu) with tetradentate diimine pyrrole Schiff bases 2003
Chlorinated phenothiazine derivatives as mediators for NADH oxidation. II - Comparative study of octachloro-phenothiazinyl and heptachloro-hydroxy-phenothiazine modified graphite electrodes 2003
Polycationic biocides with pendant quaternary groups. I - Effect of the structure of phosphonium salts grafted on "gel"-type styrene-divinylbenzene copolymers on removal of bacteria from water 2003
Rheometers with square root of time-temperature programming for the cure of rubbers 2003
Layer matrices and distance property descriptors 2003
QSAR-modeling of polychlorinated aromatic compounds 2003
Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide)/poly[(N-acetylimino)ethylene] thermosensitive block and graft copolymers 2003
Thermal behavior and molecular simulation of liquid crystalline polymers containing a pentamethylenic spacer 2003
About a simulation method of the magnetodielectrical materials properties at high frequency magnetic fields 2003
Iterative evaluation of the complex constants of piezoceramic resonators in the thickness mode 2003
Carbon nanotube zoom lenses 2003
Evaluation of protein regulatory kinetics schemes in perturbed cell growth environments by using sensitivity methods 2003
Computational study of maleamic acid cyclodehydration 2003

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