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Robust nonlinear model predictive control of batch processes 2003
Combustion method - New synthetic route of obtaining advanced ceramics I. Simple oxides with spinelic structure obtained from urea precursors 2003
An electrochemical model for interpreting the counterion effect of cationic surfactants in interaction with charged polymers. II - Method of determining the adsorption free energies of the cationic surfactant counterions 2003
Study of the stability systems with a periodical behaviour of limit cycle type. I. Experimental studies 2003
Study of the stability systems with a periodical behaviour limit cycle type. II. Reaction and mathematical models 2003
Synthesis and structural assignments of new long-chain alkyldioxy-bis-diphenylamines and phenothiazines 2003
Interaction of some triarylhydrazines with cyclodextrins. Evaluation of partition coefficients using thin layer chromatography 2003
Liquid crystalline polymers 14. Synthesis and thermal behaviour of some polyethers containing azo-mesogens 2003
Collagen-based reagents 2003
Surface effects on magnetic Freedericksz transition in ferronematics with soft particle anchoring 2003
Comparison between numerical simulation and experimental measurement of solute segregation during directional solidification 2003
Nonconventional synthesis and characterization of ultrahigh-molar-mass polyacrylamides 2003
Modeling of gas solubility data for HFCs-lubricant oil binary systems by means of the SRK equation of state 2003
Selective catalytic reduction of NO with NH3 over mesoporous V2O5-TiO2-SiO2 catalysts 2003
Model parameter extraction for nonlinear Fowler-Nordheim field emission data 2003
Sequential tunneling model of field emission through dielectric deposits on nanotips 2003
Synthesis of mixed alkylphosphites and alkylphosphates 2003
Planar chromatographic and electrophoretic study of thermally induced conformational modifications of protein structure 2003
Electrochemical behavior of cobalt oxide films deposited at conductive diamond electrodes 2003
Spectrophotometric study of luminol in dimethyl sulfoxide-potassium hydroxide 2003
Organometallic oxides of main group and transition elements downsizing inorganic solids to small molecular fragments 2003
Sonolysis of chlorobenzene in the presence of transition metal salts 2003
Thermal and kinetic characteristics in non-isothermal conditions of some aromatic copolyethers containing an octomethylenic spacer 2003
New thallium(III) chloride complexes with pyridine carboxylic acids: From molecular compounds to supramolecular associations 2003
Hydrazyl, nitronyl-, and imino-nitroxides: Synthesis, properties and reaction with nitric oxide and nitrogen dioxide 2003
Wittig and Wittig-Horner reactions under phase transfer catalysis conditions 2003
Synergism in mixed monolayers of alkylpolyglucoside and alkylsorbitan surfactants at liquid/liquid interface 2003
The determination of the contamination level with lead and cadmium in sweet food samples by atomic absorption spectrometry with electrothermal atomization 2003
The catalytic selective reduction of nitrogen oxides on a Ru-MCM-41 type catalyst 2003
Complexes with mixed (OO) and (ONO) donor groups - I. Synthesis and characterization of Ni(II), Pt(II), Cu(II), VO(IV) new complexes with 1-phenyl-3-methyl-4-azo-(2-carboxy-phenyl)-pyrazol-5-one and alylacetoacetate as ligands 2003
Separation by ionic flotation of Pb(II) from aqueous systems 2003
Liquid crystals. 8. The experimental study on the liquid crystal phase transition of some thermotrope mesogenes mixtures by light scattering method 2003
The spectroelctrochemical properties of the quinonic anion radicals in aprotic environment 2003
The electrochemical reduction of dinitrogen to ammonia on Fe(II) hydroxides 2003
Rheologic characteristics of some pimelic ketone/p-nonilphenol/o-cresol formaldehydic resins 2003
Study concerning the functioning of mixing reactors with tube-mounted propeller 2003
The influence of the mediator redox system on the polarization curves in the mediated electrooxidation of phenol with Co3+/2+ 2003
The experimental determination of the electrical conductivity for a sodium diaborate glass 2003
The use of insoluble papaverin decamolibdodivanadophosphate as an electron exchanger 2003
Polymers with amide groups in the main and side chains 2003
Modeling of free radical polymerization of styrene using a binary mixture of initiators and isothermal steps of temperature 2003
Saturated amine oxides: Part 5. Hydroacridines: Part 24. C-13 NMR chemical shifts of N-epimeric saturated six-membered azaheterocyclic amine oxides 2003
O-methyloximes of testosterone and of 17 alpha-methyltestosterone: TLC and QSPR study of R-F values 2003
A spin probe study of mesoporous silica formation via a neutral templating route 2003
Synthesis of new chelating ion exchange resin with hydroxamic and amidoxime groups and study of its metal binding property 2003
Magnetic-field-induced order in assemblies of superparamagnetic carrier particles 2003
Bi influence on growth and physical properties of chemical deposited PbS films 2003
A new method for fast preparation of highly surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) active silver colloids at room temperature by reduction of silver nitrate with hydroxylamine hydrochloride 2003
Influences of changes in multitopic tris(pyrazolyl)methane ligand topology on silver(I) supramolecular structures 2003
B-11, Na-23, Al-27, and F-19 NMR study of solid and molten Na(3)AIF(6)-Na2B4O7 2003

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