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New results in pulsed laser deposition of poly-methyl-methacrylate thin films 2003
Emission characteristics of the plasma plume generated during KrF laser ablation of a Cr2O3 target in vacuum 2003
Influence of urethane group on properties of crosslinked polyurethane elastomers 2003
High temperature behaviour of fission product analogues implanted into nuclear ceramics 2003
Multidetermination of thiamine HCl and pyridoxine HCl in their mixture using continuous daubechies and biorthogonal wavelet analysis 2003
Strategies for developing NADH detectors based on Meldola Blue and screen-printed electrodes: a comparative study 2003
Substantial increase of the ordering temperature for {Mn-II/Mo-III(CN)(7)}-based magnets as a function of the 3d ion site geometry: Example of two supramolecular materials with T-c=75 and 106 K 2003
New synthesis routes for obtaining dysprosium manganese perovskites 2003
A Mossbauer investigation of amorphous Sm-Fe-B ribbons under applied field 2003
Chemoselective oxidation of 2-thiomethyl-4,6-dimethyl-pyrimidine and 2-thiobenzyl-4,6-dimethyl-pyrimidine over titania-silica catalysts 2003
Candida antarctica lipase A in the dynamic resolution of novel furylbenzotiazol-based cyanohydrin acetates 2003
Minimizing the entropy production rate of an exothermic reactor with a constant heat-transfer coefficient: The ammonia reaction 2003
On the physical properties of indium oxide thin films deposited by pyrosol in comparison with films deposited by pneumatic spray pyrolysis 2003
Substrate influence on the response of sol-gel derived SnO2 gas-sensors 2003
Immobilization of 1-[N-(m-nitrobenzoyl)-alpha-D,L-asparagyl]-2-benzylbenzimidazole on gellan 2003
Zirconium phosphate binder for periclase refractories 2 2003
Crystal structure and magnetic properties of [{Co(H2O)(2)}(2)Mo(CN)(8)]center dot 4 H2O, a three-dimensional cyanide-bridged bimetallic compound 2003
A Mossbauer study of manganese-doped magnetite 2003
The determination of ascorbic acid from fruits using a landolt type method 2003
The determination of heavy metals from wastewaters of treatement plant Brasov by spectrometric techniques in plasma 2003
Fractals and strange attractors 2003
The synthesis, the characterization and the conformational analysis of Me-, Pr-, i-Pr-calix[4]resorcinarene respectively 2003
The synthesis and the characterization of some new 5-[4 '-(R-1-2 ''-thiocarbonylamino-phenylen)]-3-thione-4-R-2-1,2,4-triazoles and 5-[4 '-(R-1-2 ''-thiocarbonylamino-phenylene)]-2-arylamino-1,3,4 thiadiazole 2003
Methylene - Blue modified polypyrrole film electrode for optoelectronic applications 2003
New ferromagnetic and functionally graded shape memory alloys 2003
Spectroscopic characterisation of crystalline phases development from amorphous precursors 2003
MAS NMR and SEM study of local structure changes induced by heat treatment in La2B4Al2O12 2003
Structural and magnetic investigations of transition metal ions in TeO2 based glasses 2003
Fast ion conduction in silver molybdenum phosphate glasses 2003
Transverse susceptibility of single-domain particle systems 2003
Chain-of-spheres approximation in micromagnetic modelling of magnetic recording media 2003
Magnetic properties of gamma-Fe2O3 nanoparticles 2003
Easy axis distribution in modern nanoparticle storage media: A new methodological approach 2003
Study of the interparticle magnetic interaction effect on magnetic resonance line in ferrofluids 2003
Nanocrystalline Ni-Zn ferrites prepared by sol-gel method 2003
Preparation and magnetic properties of Ni80Fe20 nanowire arrays 2003
Non-linear behaviour of the spin transition compounds during photo-excitation and relaxation 2003
The quantum efficiency of the photo-excitation in a Fe(II) spin-crossover compound 2003
Stress and temperature effect on the FMR response of nearly zero magnetostrictfve amorphous microwires 2003
Effects of in doping investigated by ESR in colossal magnetoresistive manganite La2/3Ca1/3MnO3 2003
Manganese activated (2-x)ZnO center dot xCdO center dot 1.1SiO(2) phosphors obtained by solid state synthesis 2003
Thermoionic vacuum arc - A new method of thin film deposition 2003
Optical and electronic properties of metal doped polymers for integrated optics 2003
Thermal decomposition of a sol-gel precursor for c-axis oriented Al-doped ZnO thin films 2003
Separation of quinoin pesticide from aqueous solution 2003
The behaviour of some copper based dental materials in the system NaCl-oxalic acid-lactic acid 2003
The simulation of the technical and functional characteristics of some biomaterials for dental technique 2003
Experimental and theoretical studies on the lipophilic character of some direct azo dyes 2003
The influence of the raw material nature on the aromatization of C(6) hydrocarbons on Zn/H-ZSM-5 catalysts 2003
A mathematic model for the simulation of the integrated riser-regenerator system from the catalytic cracking installation 2003

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