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Structure and properties of high-temperature annealed CVD diamond 2003
Aspects of polyesterurethane interaction with metallic ions. III. Thermal behavior of polyurethane interaction products with iron and chromium ions 2003
The inclusion of some polluting ashes in chemically stable glasses 2003
The behavior of SA12EO non-ionic surfactant under electric field 2003
PVT properties for pure fluids from statistical thermodynamics-based equations of state 2003
The structure, color and fluorescence of some 11-thia-4b,5,10,12-tetraaza-benzo[5,6]pentaleno[1,2-b]naphtalene dyes 2003
Aspects concerning the correlation between the rheological behaviour and the structure of some non-Newtonian mixtures 2003
Liquid-vapor equilibrium. XI. The boiling curve for the vinyl acetate-benzene-maleic anhydride ternary system 2003
The duration of formation of the gas-bubbles emitted by porous diffusers 2003
Metal directed self-assembled systems 2003
The anticorrosive resistance of industrial titanium alloys, thermally treated in alkaline environment at high temperatures 2003
Electrochemical investigation of dissolved K3MoCl6 in molten alkali halide electrolytes 2003
Isothermal vapor-liquid equilibria in the binary 1,4-dioxane+ethylene glycol system. II - Correlation data 2003
The behavior of fatty acids mixtures in electrical fields 2003
Photocrosslinking of poly-1,2-butadiene in the presence of benzophenone and aromatic diazide 2003
Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds. 16 - Pyrolysis of 1a,2,7,7a-tetrahydro-1 beta-(hydroxymethyl)-2,7-methano-1H-cyclopropa[b]naphthalene 2003
Processing of metal matrix composites through powder metallurgy 2003
Processing of a composite material like AlSi/SiC(p) through powder metallurgy 2003
On the electronic transport properties of polycrystalline ZnSe films 2003
On the dielectric properties of dc magnetron TiO2 thin films 2003
Dehydration of beta-cyclodextrin - An IR v(OH) band profile analysis 2003
Thermal behavior and cured products of bis(4-maleimidodiphenyl)methane, bis(isomaleimidodiphenyl)methane and 4,4 '-diaminodiphenyl methane mixtures 2003
Influence of properties and morphology of elastomeric phase on the behavior of ternary reactive blends of polyamide 6/rigid polymer/elastomer 2003
Residence time effect on fullerene yield in butadiene-based laser pyrolysis flame 2003
Immobilization of biologically active species on PA-6 foils treated by a dielectric barrier discharge 2003
Thermokinetic study on the inactivation reactions of 1-methylphthalazinium ylids 2003
Phytochemical and pharmacological studies on Orthosiphon stamineus Benth. (Lamiaceae) hydroalcoholic extracts 2003
Study of the surface layer of aerosil-8CB composites by TG/DTA/DSC measurements 2003
The reaction of nickel(II) xanthates with tetraphenyldiphosphinoethane (dppe) revisited. Formation and crystal structures of Ni3S2(S2COR)(2)(dppe) (R = Me, Et; dppe = Ph2PCH2CH2PPh2) at room temperature and of Ni(S2CO)(dppe) at 150 K 2003
Synthesis and characterisation of two new lanthanide sandwich-type heteropolyoxometalates 2003
Effects of channel structures and acid properties of large-pore zeolites in the liquid-phase tert-butylation of phenol 2003
Membrane in tandem with a helical sorbent trap as continuous sampling technique of the polyvinyl chloride thermo-oxidative degradation products for their on-line gas chromatographic monitoring 2003
Diastereoselective heterogeneous catalytic hydrogenation of 2-methyl nicotinic acid using pyroglutamate chiral auxiliary 2003
Alkoxo-bridged binuclear copper(II) complexes as nodes in constructing extended structures 2003
Ion-exchange resins. II. Acrylamide crosslinked copolymers as precursors for some ion exchangers 2003
Poly(bisphenol A)cyanurate network modified with poly(butylene glycol adipate). Thermal and mechanical properties 2003
Anisotropic swelling of EPDM rubber discs by absorption of toluene 2003
The determination of vitamin E from pharmaceutical raw materials by high performance liquid chromatography 2003
Radiokinetic study on the growth of some crystals containing Tl-204(+) ions in macromolecular gels 2003
The thermal decomposition of phenylbenzoyldiazomethane in alcoholic solution 2003
The study of the system UO22+-ANDS in solution 2003
The determination of the oxidative stress intensity induced by professional exposal to electromagnetical radiations by chemiluminescence determinations 2003
Influence of chain extender on the unperturbed dimensions of poly(ester-urethane)s 2003
Influence of impurities on the growth kinetic of KDP 2003
On some mixed oxides in the system CaO-CdO-Bi2O3-Nb2O5, cation distribution in a distorted Aurivillius structure 2003
Direct synthesis of multi-walled and single-walled carbon nanotubes by spray-pyrolysis 2003
Nanostructured carbon thin films deposition using Thermionic Vacuum Arc (TVA) technology 2003
Different properties of SiO(2) nanostructures with different working gases 2003
Fe2O3-SiO2 nanocomposites obtained by different sol-gel routes 2003
Isolated nanocrystals of indium in KCl crystals 2003

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