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On the mechanisms of iron microspheres formation in argon plasma jet 2003
Thermal degradation of semi-interpenetrating polymer networks based on polyurethane and epoxy maleate of bisphenol A 2003
Thermodynamic characterisation of some doped lanthanum chromites used as interconnects in SOFC 2003
Hydrothermal synthesis of ceramic nanomaterials for functional applications 2003
Effect of the RF power and deposition temperature on the electrical and vibrational properties of carbon nitride films 2003
Maximum conversion in presence of inert gas 2003
Influence of inert gas on isoconversion curves and equilibrium conversion 2003
The synthesis, the characterization and the application of some gamma-hydroxipropenylsulphonic reactive dyes 2003
Studies concerning some conductive supramolecular structures electrochemically obtained in benzoquinone aprotic solutions 2003
Behavior simulation of the lipoid systems composed of some fatty acids 2003
Sugars accumulation dynamics in grapes 2003
The separation of heteregenous mixtures. VI. The electrostatic separation: the mathematical modelling of the process 2003
Heating pumps functioning on the basis of the methanol/propanol acetilization reaction 2003
The corrosion behavior of carbon steel/acryl film/electrolyt system 2003
Carrier rings of the rotating drum aggregates. III. Aspects concerning the assembling and the functioning behavior 2003
Chemical methods of avoiding the swelling phenomenon in argilles 2003
The slag and ash dumps from CET Isalnita and their impact on the atmosphere. Qualitative aspects 2003
The pollution of forester and cultivated soils with heavy metals 2003
Specific chromogeneous substrates for alpha-amylase (I) 2003
The oxidation reaction of para-izopropyltoluene to para-izopropyl benzoic acid in liquid phase 2003
The electrochemistry of the interface phenomena. V. The origins and the shape of the differential capacitance curve of the interface region 2003
The utilization of some inorganic ion exchangers in thin layer chromatography. I. The separation of some complexes on zirconium silicate (IV) 2003
The toxicological effect of the fluoride 2-etilhexanoic acid 2003
The lead recovery from galene-quartz and cerusite-quartz or calcite with 8-hidroxyquinoline mixtures 2003
Catalytic hydrogen waves in the presence of various thiols 2003
Complete characterization of styrene-butadiene block copolymers using gel permeation chromatography with two detectors 2003
Compared properties of heterocyclic polyethers and poly(ether-ketone)s 2003
From sand to silicones 2003
Rheology of fermentation broths. 1 - Rheological behaviors and influencing factors 2003
Storage of waste with more than 50 wt% Fe2O3 and Cr2O3 in glass composites 2003
The influence of biogenic micro-silica-rich rocks on the properties of blended cements 2003
On the non-linear I-V characteristics of dc magnetron sputtered TiO2 thin films 2003
Electrochemical behaviour and redox reactivity of some 4-R-1,2,4-triazolin-3,5-diones 2003
Computational study of the non-heme iron active site in superoxide reductase and its reaction with superoxide 2003
Magnetic behaviour of iron oxide nanoparticles dispersed in a silica matrix 2003
Synthesis and study of new polyamides with side oxadiazole rings 2003
The correlation between 1(P-2(3/2))/I(P-2(1/2)) branching and CH3 rotation in photolysis of single quantum state-selected CH3I (JK=11) 2003
Mono- and bifunctional MFI, BEA and MCM-41 titanium-molecular sieves. Part 1. Synthesis and characterization 2003
On a possible mechanism of the methane steam reforming in a gliding arc reactor 2003
Structure and reactivity of cycloimmonium ylides. Theoretical study in triazolium ylides by AM1, PM3 and DFT procedure methods 2003
Nanoscale powders of different iron oxide phases prepared by continuous laser irradiation of iron pentacarbonyl-containing gas precursors 2003
Experiments for inorganic-organic hybrid sol-gel films for micro- and nano-photonics 2003
Polyelectrolyte complexes. V. Solid-state properties of some polycation/azo dye complexes controlled by the dye structure 2003
Synthesis, crystal structures and magnetic properties of new oxalato- and phenolato-bridged binuclear copper(II) complexes with Schiff-base ligands 2003
Thermogravimetric analysis of liquid crystal-polymer blends 2003
Phase transfer catalysis in the polycondensation processes. XXV. The relationship between structure and supramolecular ordering of some aromatic polyethers containing flexible spacer 2003
Poly[(N-acetylimino)ethylene] macromonomers with maleic moieties in the dispersion copolymerization with styrene 2003
Strategies in improving the accuracy of reactivity ratios estimation 2003
Theory of atomic clusters - Metallic clusters deposited on surfaces 2003
Concentration distributions of radionuclides in sediments along the Romanian sector of the Danube River and the Black Sea coast 2003

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