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Experimental study on the flying ashes from CET Isalnita dumps 2003
The improved Ghinzburg-Landau theory of liquid-liquid crystals phase transitions 2003
The calorimetric study of Sacharomices cerevisiae growth 2003
Some aspects regarding the established dimension of grinding media used in rotary mills 2003
The radiolysis mechanism of diphenylamine (DFA) 2003
The synthesis of some ammonium salts of benzoic acids with etanolamine, possible plant growth stimulators 2003
The spectrometric determination of the ascorbic acid from pharmaceutical products after stabilization in thiourea 2003
Corrosion processes in KCl solutions at different pH values 2003
Structural and magnetic investigations of manganese ions in 2B(2)O(3)center dot As2O3 glass matrix 2003
Local structure and metal-metal interaction in some phosphate glasses 2003
Calcium influence on dissolution rates of potassium phosphate glasses 2003
A new method for determination of the effective anisotropy constant of the particles within ferrofluids 2003
Structural relaxation in Fe70Cr10.5P11.5Mn1.5C6.5 amorphous alloy 2003
Spin dynamics investigated by magnetic resonance in colossal magnetoresistive materials 2003
Modeling the multi-crystalline silicon ingot solidification process in a vertical square furnace 2003
Identification of nonlinearties in anelastic polycrystalline materials using Volterra-Fourier transform 2003
Computer simulation of magnetization curves in magnetic thin films 2003
Application of microtechnology in biotechnology. Microarray analytical systems - An overview 2003
Excess molar enthalpies for the binary systems of benzene or cyclohexane with 1,1-diethoxyethane at 323.15 K or with 2,2-dimethoxybutane at 303.15 K and infinite dilution activity coefficients in 1,1-diethoxyethane 2003
Retention of Cu2+ and Zn2+ on natural zeolites: Assessment of kinetic parameters by numerical simulation 2003
The coupling capacity of diazotized N-substituted aminopyridines - A quantum mechanical approach 2003
Comparative study of aromatic polyamides containing side benzamide groups 2003
Fluidisation with liquids. Hydrodynamic characteristics 2003
Local heat transfer coefficient at spherical particle melting 2003
Adsorption on transition aluminas from in situ capacitance measurements 2003
Vapor phase aldol condensation over fully ion-exchanged montmorillonite-rich catalysts 2003
Cobalt-free over-stoichiometric Laves phase alloys for Ni-MH batteries 2003
Correlation between the chemical bonding and the physical properties of the CNx films obtained by pulsed laser deposition from C targets in low-pressure N-2 2003
Azeotropic and solid-liquid equilibria data for several binary organic systems containing one acetal compound 2003
Local perturbations due to rare-earth (R3+) doping 2003
Helical sorbent microtrap for continuous sampling by a membrane and trap interface for on-line gas chromatographic monitoring of volatile organic compounds 2003
Aluminium corrosion in hydrochloric acid solutions and the effect of some organic inhibitors 2003
Content of metals in the seeds of Xanthium spinosum and Xanthium italicum 2003
Coherent leakage current in mesoscopic MIS-type capacitors 2003
The influence of the solvent on the absorption and emission electronic spectra of some anthracene derivatives in binary and ternary mixtures 2003
Applications of the natural zeolites in the metals elimination from waste waters and in the catalyzing of some chemical reactions. II. The inferior aldehydes condensation catalyzed by natural clinoptilolite modified by metalic cations ionic exchange 2003
The multidimensional analysis of data concerning the water quality of the Brates Lake during 1995-1996 2003
New glycosyl derivatives of 5-substituted-3-mercapto-1,2,4-triazole 2003
Simultaneous kinetic determination of two secondary amines by principal component regression 2003
Conformational analysis of homodinuclear mixed-ligand complexes of Co(II) and Cu(II) with pirazolonic mannich bases and benzimidazolic ligands 2003
New phenothiazine derivatives with potential pharmacological properties and chelating activity 2003
Electrochemical oxidation of sodium ethyl xanthate in aqueous solutions 2003
Phase-transfer catalysis (PTC) in organophosphorus compounds synthesis 1. Liquid-liquid ptc synthesis of phosphorodichloridothioic acid O-aryl esters. Part B - Study of the influence of the molar ratio of the reactants on the yield and purity of phosphorodichloridothioic acid O-aryl esters 2003
Random anionic. copolymerization of styrene with butadiene using methyl tert-butyl ether/n-butyl lithium as initiator system. Reaction mechanism and kinetic model 2003
NMR study of the inclusion complexes of carboxy-phenoxathiin derivatives with beta-cyclodextrin 2003
A new crown compound with multifunctional capabilities 2003
Simulation and model predictive control of a UOP fluid catalytic cracking unit 2003
Calculation of group contribution of molar glass transition function (Y-g PhCH2Cl) for 2-chloromethylene-1, 4-phenylene units - application to chemical modification reaction of polysulfones 2003
Lifetimes and on-off distributions for single-molecule kinetics. Stochastic approach and extraction of information from experimental data 2003
Phase behavior of water/oil/non ionic surfactants with normal distribution of the poly(ethylene oxide) chain length 2003

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