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Chelate polymers. III. New polyazomethines of 5,5 '-methylene-bissalicylaldehyde with siloxane diamines and their divalent metal complexes 2003
Reactions of some phosphorus compounds with cellulose dissolved in aqueous alkaline solution 2003
Viscometric behavior of quaternized polysulfones 2003
Study of interactions in carbon nanotubes systems by using Raman and SERS spectroscopy 2003
Thermal behaviour of polystyrene, polysulfone and their substituted derivatives 2003
Chromatographic behaviour and lipophilicity of Pd(II) and Pt(II) complexes of py-2-carbaldehyde tiosemicarbazone with potential biological activity 2003
Experimental and theoretical study of chromatographic mobilities of a series of arylamides of ortho hydroxy-arylcarboxylic acids by RP-TLC and computational methods 2003
Kinetic approach of structural differences on stabilisation activity of phenol antioxidants 2003
The characterization of some quinones and their derivatives by spectroelectrochemistry and chemiluminescence in aprotic environment 2003
Identification and quantitative measurement by H-1-NMR spectroscopy of several compounds present in Romanian wines 2003
The arbuzov reaction used in the synthesis of phosphonates-based resins 2003
Mannich-Werner mono-bases of 4-chromanones, possible plant growing regulators 2003
Energetics and pi-electronic structure of polyhex nanotubes 2003
Application of the ion-pair mechanism for the determination of acyclovir in plasma samples by liquid chromatography with fluorescence detection 2003
New sulphonamides with acridinic nucleus 2003
Compared properties of related aromatic poly(1,3,4-oxadiazole-amide)s 2003
Spectroscopic study of As2S3 glasses doped with Dy, Sm and Mn 2003
Structure and properties of As25Te35Si40 glass 2003
Study of a rotarc plasma reactor stability by means of electric discharge frequency analysis 2003
The use of generalized Delta M plots in the magnetic characterization of particulate media 2003
Temperature dependent integral generalized Delta-M plots and interactions in cobalt nanoparticle systems 2003
Transverse susceptibility for single-domain particle with cubic anisotropy 2003
Prismatic faces of KDP crystal, kinetic and mechanism of growth from solutions 2003
Conduction electron spin resonance of Pt-nanoparticle in porous Al2O3 membranes 2003
Identification of the generalised Preisach model parameters for systems with magnetostatic interactions 2003
A Preisach-Neel model with thermal variable variance: Sensibility to the parameters 2003
Bar-configuration in hall measurements with GaAs 2003
An efficient route towards aromatic ketones without solvent and support under electromagnetic microwave activation 2003
HPLC determination of guajazulene in the pharmaceutical product Romazulan 2003
N-phenacyl-N '-benzyl-4,4 '-bipyridinium bromides and their ylides 2003
(p-tolyl)dichlorophosphine and di(p-tolyl)chlorophosphine - Sources of new organophosphorus(III) and (V) compounds 2003
Synthesis of novel phenanthroline derivatives by 3+2 dipolar cycloadition reaction 2003
Incorporation of siloxanes in hydrolytically degradable structures - I. Poly(anhydride)s synthesis 2003
Transmission of an explosion between linked vessels 2003
Aggregation in non-ionic water-based ferrofluids by small-angle neutron scattering 2003
Some mechanisms of SiO2 micro-tubes formation in plasma jet 2003
Supramolecular solid-state architectures constructed from 4,4 '-bipyridine-N,N '-dioxide and dicyanamido tectons. Synthesis and crystal structures of [M(bpno)(2){N(CN)(2)}(2)(H2O)(2)] (M=Co, Mn) and [Cu(bpno){N(CN)(2)}(2)(H2O)] 2003
Determination of effective anisotropy in nanocrystalline soft ribbons regarding magnetostrictive contributions 2003
On the magnetic behaviour of GdCo2-xCux compounds 2003
Detection of pesticides using an amperometric biosensor based on ferophthalocyanine chemically modified carbon paste electrode and immobilized bienzymatic system 2003
Investigation on preparation and physical properties of nanocrystalline Si/SiO(2) superlattices for Si-based light-emitting devices 2003
Chemically modified electrodes with polyanyline for pH measurements in aqueous solutions 2003
The optimization of wine quality control. 1 - Correlations between wines and juices acidity and the climate conditions 2003
Liquid crystals. 6. The experimental study of liquid crystal phase transition of some mesogeneous thermotropes by light transmission method 2003
Functional poly(bismaleinimide-ether)s 2003
The characterization of mechanical mixing bioreactors efficiency 2003
Contributions to the heat transfer study using analogue-digital systems 2003
The interaction study of some new porphyrinic complexes of Zn(II) and Cu(II) with the imidazole 2003
The separation of copper from dilute aqueous solutions by coloidal adsoption - Flotation 2003
The decrease of corrosion in crevice-type devices using inhibitors in chemical cleaning solutions 2003

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