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Annealing amorphous GaN - a way to nano-crystalline state 2003
Thermoplasticisation of Wood by Chemical Modification, a Possible Novel Way to High Performance Wood Composites and Alternative Technologies 2003
Effect of precursors and ultrasounds on the properties of some C-60-doped sol-gel silica materials 2003
Solid-state structure and solution behaviour of hypervalent organoantimony halides containing 2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4-moieties 2003
Hypervalent 5-Bi-12 derivatives containing dichalcogenoimidodiphosphinato ligands. Crystal structure and solution behaviour of [2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4]BiCl[(XPR2)(YPR '(2))N] (X, Y = O, S, Se; R, R ' = Me, Ph) 2003
A rational synthetic route leading to 3d-3d '-4f heterospin systems: self-assembly processes involving heterobinuclear 3d-4f complexes and hexacyanometallates 2003
The use of a germene for the synthesis of esters of alpha-germyl-substituted alpha-amino acid and alpha-aminophosphonic acid 2003
Interactive buckling of thin-walled cold-formed members 2003
Seismic performance of cold-formed steel framed houses with wall-stud shear walls 2003
Benzoindolizine derivatives of N-acylphenothiazine. Synthesis and characterization 2003
Modeling and simulation of free radical polymerization of styrene under semibatch reactor conditions 2003
1,3-bis(2,4,6-trinitrophenylaminooxy)propane and its 4-cyano-2,6-dinitrophenyl Congener: Synthesis and properties. 2003
A comparison between the sonochemical and thermal reaction of 5H,5Cl-dibenz[a,d]cycloheptatriene with nitrobenzene 2003
C-60 dimers revisited 2003
Nanoelectrodes on silicon for electrochemical applications 2003
Elimination of oxidative degradation during the per-O-methylation of carbohydrates 2003
Fractal dimensions of lanthanum ferrite samples by adsorption isotherm method 2003
Some aspects about the mathematical modelling results of an SG cast iron with special properties 2003
Turning of hardened 100Cr6 bearing steel with ceramic and PCBN cutting tools 2003
Static analysis of the guiding bearing drill contact by finite element method 2003
Surface profiles of composites with PTFE matrix 2003
Friction-assisted pressing of PM components 2003
Electronic transport in nanosystems 2003
Fabrication of novel magnetic nanostructures by colloidal bimetallic nanocrystals and multilayers 2003
New arylidene-siloxane polyethers: Liquid-crystalline and photosensitive properties 2003
Kinetics of epoxy-amine curing accompanied by the formation of liquid crystalline structure 2003
Thermo-oxidative degradation and radio-processing of ethylene vinyl acetate elastomers 2003
Solvent and salting effects on sample preparation for the determination of fenofibric acid in human plasma by HPLC-DAD 2003
Studies on thermal degradation of acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer (ABS-Br) containing brominated flame retardant 2003
Studies on the electronic transport properties of some organic semiconductors in thin films 2003
Phenylmercury(II) derivatives of tetraorganodichalcogenoimidodiphosphorus acids. Crystal and molecular structure of [PhHg{(OPR2)(SPPh2)N}](2) (R = Me, Ph) 2003
Correlations for the oxygen mass-transfer in mechanical stirred bioreactors. Simulated fermentation liquids 2003
Pharmacodynamic aspects of cationic dyes derivatives of compact condensed systems 2003
The influence of the Cian groups content of silicone stationary phases on the gas chromatographic behaviour of n-alkyl esters of the phosphoric acid 2003
Hydrogen-bonding interaction of an alternating maleic acid-vinyl acetate copolymer with poly(ethylene glycol), polyacrylamide and poly(N-isopropylacrylamide): a comparative study 2003
Enhanced superconducting properties in Li-doped bpscco high-T-c ceramics 2003
Control of the growth mechanism of (119) Bi-2223 superconducting thin films. Two-dimensional nucleation growth and step-flow growth 2003
Bi-2223 freeze-dried ceramic: Specific features, related problems and search for new solutions 2003
The effect of the electron irradiation on the structural and electrical properties of A(II)-B-VI thin polycrystalline films 2003
Near-infrared emission spectra of negative metal ions aggregates 2003
Field effect assisted thermally stimulated currents in CdS thin films deposited on SiO2/Si substrates 2003
X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study on n-type GaAs 2003
The influence of heat treatment on the electrical conductivity of antimony trioxide thin films 2003
Electronic conduction of the Sn1-xCux/3Sb2x/3O2 (x <= 1/2) rutile type structures 2003
Magnetic materials for advanced magnetic recording media 2003
Magnetic characterisation of strongly correlated magnetic particulate systems 2003
First order reversal curves diagram for soft magnetic materials 2003
Magnetic properties of some perminvar ferrites 2003
Magnetism and anisotropy in core-shell nanoparticles 2003
The influence of the sintering conditionis on the transport properties of La0.44Ho0.11Sr0.45MnO3-delta and Nd0.44Ho0.11Sr0.45MnO3-delta compounds 2003

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