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Considerations regarding the compatibility of some rubber structures with leather wastes 2003
The influence of the chemical structure of the acrylic polymer on the properties of the coated materials 2003
New coordination hybrid copolymers of Mn(II) 2003
Functional poly(succinimide-ether)s 2003
A critical study of the ring expansion test on zircaloy cladding tubes 2003
Polyamides with cinnamoyloxyethyl groups in side chains 2003
Jahn-Teller effect in laser crystal LiCaAlF6 : Cr3+ 2003
The influence of pulsating strain rates on the superplastic deformation behaviour of Al-alloy AA5083 investigated by means of cone test 2003
Catalytic prewave of cobalt in the presence of thiophenol 2003
A study of the indene copolymers by IR spectroscopy 2003
Liquid phase oxidation of para-tert-butyl toluene 2003
Characterization of copolymers by thermal degradation 2003
p-nonylphenol/o-cresol/cyclohexanone/formaldehyde resins as modifiers in pressure sensitive compositions 2003
Multicomponent diffusion and reaction in three-dimensional networks 2003
Characterization of the interstitial voids in the structural model of amorphous silicon derived from the diamond-like lattice 2003
Information energy and information temperature for molecular systems 2003
Coordination compounds of Cu(II) with Schiff bases derived from formylmenthone and aromatic amines 2003
Liquid crystal-like behavior of some fatty acids mixtures 2003
The liquid-liquid extraction in structured metal packing columns. II. The study of mass transfer 2003
The gold recovery from chloride solutions by a high selective ion exchange resin IONAC-SR3 2003
The radioactive reduction of the mining waters coming from the uranium mines 2003
The pollution of underground waters in an urban agglomeration 2003
The separation of heterogeneous mixtures: V. The electrostatic sedimentation: Description, processes and device geometries 2003
The determination of some organo-chlorinated pesticides from the Black Sea Water 2003
The hydration of some calcium aluminates obtained from organic precursors 2003
The electrochemistry of the interface phenomena. IV. The origin of the polarographic wave and the phenomenologic significance of the main characterizing elements 2003
The stability/valability prediction of some-drugs 2003
The corrosion of the TC3 60/45 steel in alkaline environment 2003
The mathematic modelling of the copper recovery process from waste waters. III. the kinetics of the catodic reaction 2003
Electrochemical studies on the lactic acid and its salts in the Pt-Pt electrodes system 2003
Preliminary studies of the obtaining of solid metallic cerium from fluoride melts 2003
Novel boron reagents for designed organic syntheses. 1. Direct synthesis of aromatic esters in the presence of boric acid 2003
Stabilization of zirconium dioxide in the ZrO2-CeO2-SrO system 2003
In-vitro behavior of plasma sprayed hydroxyapatite coatings related to their chemical and microstructural characteristics 2003
The thermal behaviour of some Co(II) complex combinations with Schiff bases 2003
Prediction of the isothermal behaviour of solid-gas systems from non-isothermal data - Differential isoconversional procedure 2003
Thermal behaviour of some iron(III) complexes with active therapeutically biguanides 2003
Iron, nickel and zinc malates coordination compounds - Synthesis, characterization and thermal behaviour 2003
Two novel copper coordination compounds with thiosulfate anions as ligands - Solid state and reaction medium thermal decomposition 2003
Copper-iron oxides obtained by thermal decomposition of oxalic coordination compounds 2003
Thermal behavior of the coordination compound [Co(urea)(6)](NO3) 2003
Countercurrent-driven continuous tanning of natural leather 2003
Synthesis of new substituted 3-mercapto-1,2,4-triazoles possessing 5-H-dibenzo[a,d]cycloheptene moieties 2003
Modelling hydrothermal synthesis of ceramic composite nanopowders 2003
Analytical model for electron field emission from capped carbon nanotubes 2003
Charge packet evolution in paper-oil insulation and derived technological considerations 2003
Azulenic Tori 2003
The classical Hausdorf momentum problem applied to the LRP-NMR measurements; Stable reconstruction of the T-2 distribution and magnetic susceptibility difference distribution 2003
Microstructure evaluation and microporosity formation in AlSi7Mg 0.3 alloys 2003
Research on the instabilities in the aluminum electrolysis cell 2003

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