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Physical parameter distribution in spin transition systems derived from FORC data 2004
Bulk nanocomposite Re-Tm-M permanent magnets 2004
Atomic ordering and magnetic properties in Nd50Fe40Al10 glassy hard magnets 2004
Dependence of normal and reversed gyroremanent magnetization on AC field strength in particulate media 2004
First order reversal curves diagrams applied for the ferroelectric systems 2004
Nanostructured magnetic materials by magnetoelectrolysis 2004
Electrodeposited Ni-Fe-S films with high resistivity for magnetic recording devices 2004
Thin magnetic amorphous wires for GMI sensor 2004
The Hall effect in Co72Fe2B17Si5Mn4 amorphous ribbons 2004
On micrometric pattern formation in magnetic fluids thin films 2004
MgCu nanocrystalline ceramic with La3+ and Y3+ ionic substitutions used as humidity sensor 2004
Magnetic noise measurement for vacquier type fluxgate sensor with double excitation 2004
Magnetic filter with HGMF matrix for industrial gases depollution 2004
A possibility for local targeting of magnetic carriers 2004
Cooling field effect on exchange bias in NiO/NiFe2O4 bilayers 2004
Magnetoelectric coupling in the multiferroic PbFe2/3W1/3O3-PbTiO3 system 2004
Determination of some organic and inorganic pollutants in wine 2004
The study of electrochemical properties of coordinative compounds of Tl(III) with pyridine carboxilic acids and their amides by cyclic voltammetry 2004
Crystal structure of N-3-pyridinyl-methanesulfonamide and trans-Diiodobis(N-3-pyridinyl-methanesulfonamide)platinum(II) 2004
Effect of Li2CO3 addition on the Bi1.7Pb0.4Sr1.5Ca2.5CU3.6Ox superconducting system 2004
Controlled branching of the copolymer maleic anhydride-dicyclopentadiene by condensation with various glycols 2004
Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds 20. Pyrolysis of o,o '-bis-(bromomethyl)diphenyl 2004
Coordination compounds of a potential polydentate ligand 4 - New compounds with a beta-aminoketone as ligand 2004
The obtaining of antioxidant active principles from vegetal waste materials. I. The study of the extraction process of polyphenolic compounds from Vitis sp. wood 2004
Azopolymers with conformational photo-control 2004
The oxidation of the esters of 2-and 6-mercapto-nicotinic acids by TICI3. The crystalline structure and the spectral characterization of disulphides 2004
Synthesis and characterisation of some indigo type polymers having magnet properties 2004
Synthesis, characterization and conformational transitions in copolymers of 2-(o-chlorophenyl)-4-methylene-1,3-dioxolane with vinyl monomers 2004
Polymers containing phenylquinoxaline rings 2004
Coordination compounds with cholate anion as ligand. I - Coordination compounds of lanthanides (Ln(III) = La-Er) 2004
Synthesis of some new O-alkenyl calix[6]arene and calix[8]arene derivatives 2004
An experimental and theoretical study on the intramolecular annelation of disubstituted carbanion 1,2,4-triazolium ylides to isoindoles 2004
Poly(ester-N-substituted urethane)s with carboxylate groups. Synthesis, characterization and solution properties 2004
The influence of gramicidin S on the thermotropic phase transition of dipalmitoylphosphatidylglycerol DPPG/GS systems: Experiment and computer model 2004
Retention behavior of amiodarone and some related compounds in reversed-phase liquid chromatography 2004
The electrochemical behaviour of ammonium lignosulphonate solutions degraded with S2O82-/Ag+ and Fenton oxidative systems 2004
Synthesis and study of adsorption isotherms of a tris-azo direct dye on cotton fibres 2004
An ecological approach to the reactive dyeing of cellulose fibers 2004
Change in dielectric properties induced by iron addition to gallium-bismuthate glasses 2004
The comparative study of dehydrogenation and oxidehydrogenation of n-butane on a titanium pyrofosfate catalyst 2004
The inhibition of 2-aminophenol oxidation in the presence of mushroom tyrosinase 2004
Measurements of multicomponent diffusion coefficients for lysozyme chloride in water and aqueous Na2SO4 2004
The evaluation of characteristic parameters at the Cr(VI) retention of aqueous solutions by ion exchange in dynamic conditions on strong base anions 2004
The synthesis of polymeric phosphonates by using phase transfer catalysis 2004
Comparative study on hydrolysis of 2-chloroethylphosphonic acid dialkylesters 2004
The residual stress intensity factors for cold-worked cracked holes: a technical note 2004
Structural characterization of polycrystalline Sb2O3 thin films prepared by thermal vacuum evaporation technique 2004
Application of elevated magnetic fields during growth of BiSrCaCuO superconducting whiskers and studies of growth defects for better understanding of the growth mechanism 2004
Modelling of growth effects of pressure changes in an edge-defined film-fed growth system 2004
Advances in up-conversion lasers based on Er3+ and Pr3+ 2004

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