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The spectral characterization of some new anthocyan-lithium compounds therapeutically active 2004
New quinoline salts of the carboxylic acids with potential biological activity - 2. Salts of acetic, chloroacetic acids and oxalic acid 2004
The use of liquid-vapour equilibrium data for the control of some chemical processes 2004
The use of low pressure pneumatic equipments for the experimental synthesis of automatic systems from laboratory and research installations 2004
Effects superposition in the calculus of pressure gradient for non-Newtonian fluids flow 2004
The separation by flotation of Pb(II) and Bi(II) from aqueous systems, kinetic aspects 2004
The correlation between the driving power and the height of the rotating piston for a new type of compressor 2004
The rational synthesis of complex systems with pre-established nuclearities or dimensionalities 2004
Determination of mercury in pharmaceuticals by graphite furnace atomic absorption spectrometry with chemical modifier 2004
Alkaline-earth doped lanthanum chromites obtained from urea-based precursors 2004
Towards the fabrication and measurement of high sensitivity SiC-UV detectors with oxide ramp termination 2004
Preparation of silane-grafted pellets: silica bound reagents in a very convenient form 2004
The bioactive composites obtainment based on vinylic compounds and proteins 2004
One screw extruder feeding flow rate optimisation 2004
Study concerning the effect of ageing on the properties and structures of some composite materials based on talc-filled polypropylene. II. Electrochemical microscopy 2004
Biodegradable elastomers based on oxiranes and lactones 2004
Sensitivity analysis of styrene radicalic polymerization process 2004
New materials with semi-interpenetrating networks based on polyurethane and bismaleimide/polyaminobismaleimide 2004
Performance assesment of the dispersive mixers in plasticating extrusion 2004
The dehydrochlorination of alpha-chlorosuccinimides, a new synthesis method for high purity maleimides 2004
Instabilities in thin polymer films 2004
The anionic polymerization of epsilon-caprolactame in the presence of mono- and difunctional activators 2004
Kinetic characteristics of destruction process of elastomers protected by quinoneimines 2004
New coordination polymers of Fe(III) 2004
Crosslinked polysucciimidoethers 2004
Formaldehydic resins with DADB in their structure modified with resinic acids, adhesivity agents for adhesive pressure-sensitive compositions 2004
Atomic Force Microscopy on thin layers of polyaniline (PANI) obtained by plasma polymerization technique 2004
Citric esters with a complex structure and polymer processing aids properties 2004
Applications of polymers with thermotropic liquid crystals properties 2004
The determination of the activation energy, by DSC and DPC, for the radicalic polymerization of dodecylmethacrylate 2004
Synthesis of some Bismaleimide monomers and their corresponding polyaminobismaleimides (via prepolymer) for radiative applications 2004
Zircaloy-4 sheaths rupture by a dynamical burst test 2004
Adsorption equilibria in polymer-solvent systems 2004
The morphology of polystyrene/organoclay nanocomposites obtained by dynamic melt intercalation 2004
FTIR measurements of the anchoring properties of the liquid crystal (5CB) on polyaniline substrate in hybrid LC cells using conventional infrared (IR) sources at DA Phi NE-L laboratory 2004
The utilization of Weibull statistics to the interpretation of the low cycle fatigue test on Zircaloy-4 microsamples 2004
Protection of vulcanizates by synergistic systems of antidegradants 2004
Regarding the aging effect on the structures and properties of some composite materials based on polypropylene filled with talc. I. Differential thermal analysis 2004
4-maleimidobenzoic acid, precursor in the polyimide synthesis 2004
Study on the "in vitro" controlled release of active substances from transdermal therapeutical systems 2004
Some preliminary data on the enzymatic hydrolysis of Pinus pinaster kraft pulp 2004
Modeling and analysis of uranium isotope enrichment by chemical exchange 2004
An improved analytical tempetature-rising elution fractionation system for automated analysis of polyethylenes 2004
Determination of trace amounts of palladium(II) by solid-phase spectrophotometry 2004
QSAR for toxicities of polychlorodibenzofurans, polychlorodibenzo-1,4-dioxins, and polychlorobiphenyls 2004
Design optimisation applied to a cantilever type piezoresistive accelerometer 2004
Possible methods of pretreatment in the textile dyeing technology 2004
Ionic organic/inorganic materials. II. New linear and crosslinked poly(ethylene oxide)-based ionomers by quaternization with chloroalkyl-functionalized siloxanes 2004
Production of nanoparticles of methyl methacrylate and butyl methacrylate copolymers by microemulsion polymerization in the presence of malefic acid terminated poly(N-acetylethylenimine) macromonomers as cosurfactant 2004
Synthesis of the supermalloy powders by mechanical alloying 2004

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