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Spectral and structural studies of GdCOB and YCOB crystals 2004
Single crystal and transparent ceramic Nd-doped oxide laser materials: a comparative spectroscopic investigation 2004
Polyolefin/lignosulfonate blends, 9 - Functionalized polyolefin/lignin blends 2004
Electronic spectroscopy of N-ylids 2004
Raman, IR, and surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy of papaverine - An automated setup for in situ synthesis of the silver substrate and recording of the SER spectra 2004
Polyelectrolyte complexes. VII. Complex nanoparticles based on poly(sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate) tailored by the titrant addition rate 2004
Characterization of interfacial effects in organic macrocycles Langmuir and Langmuir-Blodgett layers studied by surface potential and FT-IR spectroscopy examination 2004
Transformation of 5-hydroxymethylene-5H-6,7-dihydrodibenzo[a,c]cyclohepten-6-one over Ru-containing BEA zeolites 2004
Organic nanostructured host-guest materials containing three dyes 2004
The effect of PVC and/or PET on thermal degradation of polymer mixtures containing brominated ABS 2004
C-70 dimers - Energetics and topology 2004
Accelerated gamma-emission from isomeric nuclei 2004
alpha-Fe2O3-In2O3 mixed oxide nanoparticles synthesized under hydrothermal supercritical conditions 2004
The electrodeposition of semiconductor nanowires with thermoelectric properties using "template" method 2004
Extraction of thermodynamic data from ternary diffusion coefficients of lysozyme chloride in water and aqueous Na4SO4 2004
The study of the antioxidant effect of some camosic acid derivatives 2004
The determination of vitamin D from pharmaceutical products by HPLC 2004
The obtaining and characterization of nanocrystalline NaCl dispersions for "saline" type therapeutical environments. II. The in situ analysis of saline rooms aerosols 2004
Humidity sensors based on PbS nanostructured films 2004
The characterization of active coals obtained from unconventional raw materials 2004
The disperse analysis of analcitic volcanic tuff and fractions characterization. II. Fractions characterization 2004
Cyanoethylation of ethanol on Mg-Al hydrotalcites promoted by Y3+ and La3+ 2004
Nano-sized barium zirconate powders obtained by the sol-gel method 2004
Determination of the activation energy of the overall Bray-Liebhafsky reaction at high temperatures 2004
Comparative studies on the anodic behaviour of the 18Cr/10Ni stainless steel in 0.5 M H2SO4 solution in the presence of some inorganic anions 2004
Raman spectroscopic study of Cu-doped 2B(2)O(3).TeO2 glasses 2004
Thermoelastic investigations for fatigue life assessment 2004
Calorimetric determination of the acidic character of amorphous and crystalline aluminosilicates 2004
Sol-gel SiO2-ZrO2 coatings for optical applications 2004
Hybrid inorganic-organic sol-gel coatings in the SiO2-TiO2 system 2004
Cyanide reaction with ninhydrin: Elucidation of reaction and interference mechanisms 2004
Synthesis and un-isotherm kinetic study of some ferrocene acids 2004
HPLC monitored synthesis of R2NCH2 substituted benzene derivatives used as (C,N)-ligands for organometallic compounds 2004
Advanced oxidation processes for decolorization Of aqueous solution containing Acid Red G azo dye 2004
Physico-chemical properties of Chitosan films 2004
Transmission electron microscopy investigation of pulsed-laser deposited hydroxylapatite thin films prepared by tripod and focused ion beam techniques 2004
Boron nitride theoretical hardness compared to carbon polymorphs 2004
The determination of total selenium from selenised yeast samples 2004
The Electrodeposition of manganese from aqueous solutions of MnSO4V. Galvanostatic electrolysis and pH control conditions 2004
Electrochemical behaviour of some titanium based biomaterials in physiological fluids 2004
The study of the electrochemical behaviour of 316L stainless steel bioimplants in physiological serum 2004
Degradation of 4-chlorophenol by advanced electrochemical oxidation methods 2004
Technologies for eutectic freeze crystallization 2004
The synthesis and the spectral characterization of some derivated substituted benzamides of 7-metoxi-9-amino-1,2,3,4-tetrahydroacridine 2004
The structural characterization of some dyes derivated from the monosulphuric ester of 2-(4-amino-benzensulfonyl)-ethanol 2004
Solid-liquid heat transfer with phase transformation solid-liquid interface 2004
Gas transport by porous media in the presence of a pressure gradient 2004
Structure peculiarity of azulene compounds with doublebond at C-1 reflected by the NMR spectra 2004
Steady-state and time-resolved fluorescence of luminol in different solvent mixtures 2004

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