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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Functional micro- and nanoparticles based on poly[(N-acylimino)ethylene] 2004
Intercalation compounds of Mg-Al layered double hydroxides with dichlophenac: different methods of preparation and physico-chemical characterization 2004
Kinetics of photoizomerization of DR1 molecules embedded in solid matrix by a dynamic holography method 2004
Microengraving of a potassium dihydrogen phosphate crystal by laser ablation technique 2004
Micromachined tunable optical microfilters design and experimental processing 2004
Modeling and simulation of combined extrusion for spark plug body parts 2004
Modelling of microstrip lines on micromachined silicon substrates 2004
Optical MEMS components fabrication using micromachning of (111)-oriented silicon wafers 2004
Simulation of plate's deformation using discrete surfaces 2004
Thermal fields in multi-mode laser-metallic thin film interaction 2004
The sinergy chemistry economy environment for a long-lasting development 2004
The determination of microelements content in some Romanian wines by atomic absorption spectrometry 2004
Composite membranes for reverse osmosis process 2004
Determination of PAHs and organochlorine pesticides in tomato and green pepper 2004
Complex anions of Pt(IV) in analytical chemistry. Determination of ranitidine 2004
The study of dry desulphurization kinetics of rezidual gases with lime. II. The mathematic modelling and the identification of kinetic parameters. 2004
The stability of low carbon content steel in the system ethylene-glycol at various water concentrations. 2004
A model for the estimation of the state of charge of a lead-acid battery 2004
Influence of CaCO3 additives on the process of hydration and hardening in C(3)A-(C(S)over-barH2)-H 2004
The determination of some redox conditions for the obtaining of a soda-lime-silica glass. 2004
H-1 and C-13 NMR spectra of some drimanic sesquiterpenoids 2004
Influence of the polymer on the release of hydrophilic drugs from microstructured carriers 2004
A quantum molecular study on the coordination way in the square-planar complexes of Ni(II), Pd(II) and Pt(II) with a heterocyclic (N, S) ligand 2004
Synthetic materials used in orthopedy 2004
Dental polymeric restoratives 2004
Electrochemical partial fluorination of ethyl cinnamates and cinnamonitrile 2004
Electrochemical partial fluorination of alpha,beta-unsaturated ketones 2004
Derivatives of spiro-fused cyclopropane-dibenzocycloheptatriene and -dibenzocyclooctatriene. Synthesis and properties 2004
Green chemistry - Correlation between cause and effect: A guest editorial 2004
Magnetorheological suspension based on mineral oil, iron and graphite micro-particles 2004
Ion-selective membranes involved in pattern-forming processes 2004
On-line assay of the S-enantiomers of enalapril, ramipril and pentopril using a sequential injection analysis/amperometric biosensor system 2004
Polymerization in magnetic field. XVI. Kinetic aspects regarding methyl methacrylate polymerization in high magnetic field 2004
Determination of cobalt in pharmaceutical products 2004
Chemistry at the apical position of square-pyramidal copper(II) complexes: synthesis, crystal structures, and magnetic properties of mononuclear Cu(II), and heteronuclear Cu(II)-Hg(II) and Cu(II)-Co(II) complexes containing [Cu(AA)(BB)](+) moieties (AA = acetylacetonate, salicylaldehydate; BB=1,10-phenanthroline, Me(2)bipy=4,4 '-dimethyl-2,2 '-bipyridine) 2004
Extraction of kinetic information from single-molecule experiments 2004
Surface-enhanced Raman scattering and density functional theoretical study of anthranil adsorbed on colloidal silver particles 2004
Microscopic study regarding the microstructure evolution of the 8006 alloy in the plastic deformation process 2004
Biocatalytic enantioselective preparation of phenothiazine-based cyanohydrin acetates: kinetic and dynamic kinetic resolution 2004
Characterization by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy of polyethylene adipate/cholesteryl palmitate blends 2004
Tribo-ecological coatings prepared by ECR sputtering 2004
Low friction silver-DLC coatings prepared by thermionic vacuum arc method 2004
Giant magneto-resistive granular layers deposited by TVA method 2004
Growth of high-quality precipitate free thin films suitable for electronic devices: A new concept for substrates 2004
New dithieno[3,2-b : 2 ',3 '-d]thiophene oligomers as promising materials for organic field-effect transistor applications 2004
Organic FET devices: structure-property relationship in evaporated films of three fluorenone derivatives 2004
Deposition of hydroxyapatite thin films by Nd : YAG laser ablation: a microstructural study 2004
On the electronic transport and optical properties of some poly(azomethine urethane) in thin films 2004
Sorption studies of Ag-I, Cd-II and Pb-II ions on sulphydryl hemp fibers 2004
Physico-chemical characterization of some diquaternary salts of 4,4 '-bipyridine 2004

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