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Titlul Articolului Anul Aparitiei

Micro- and bimodal micro-mesoporous manganophosphates with various morphology and oxidative activity 2004
Oxidation of cyclohexane and cyclohexene on sol-gel prepared birnessites 2004
Epoxidation of cyclohexene on silicalite embedded BiOx clusters 2004
Hydrogenation of prostaglandin unsaturated ketones over Ru-containing *Bea zeolites 2004
Study of ETS-10 crystallization in the presence of TAABr salts 2004
Synthesis of microporous titanosilicates ETS-10 and AM-2 using Ti-2(SO4)(3) 2004
Thin carbon layers on nanostructured silicon properties and applications 2004
Silicon micromachined sensors for gas detection 2004
Structural, electrical, and photoelectrical properties of CdxPb1-xS thin films prepared by chemical bath deposition 2004
Synthesis and characterization of novel polyurethane cationomers with dipeptide sequences and alkylammonium groups 2004
Preparation, characterization, and metal-sorption studies of a mordant yellow 10-loaded wool, a new stable chelating material based on bleached wool 2004
A novel route to trans-epoxidation of terpinen-4-ol 2004
Synthesis and stereochemistry of some new 1,3-oxathiane derivatives 2004
Synthesis of new 1-(2-benzimidazolyl)-2-propen-1-ones 2004
Spin-labelled Au nanoparticles 2004
Magnetizable colloids on strongly polar carriers - preparation and manifold characterization 2004
Linear temperature programming rheometers for the cure of rubbers. Effect of the various parameters 2004
Investigations on polyvinyl chloride - Carbon black blends 2004
Synthesis and strereochemistry of some new 1,3-dioxane derivatives obtained from 2-acetyl and 2,6-diacetylpyridine. 2004
A convenient route to 1,4-dihydro-3-cyano-10-methyl-pyrido[3,2-g]-quinoline derivatives as key-intermediates for the synthesis of novel MDR reversal agents 2004
Generation of oxygen-, sulfur, carbon-, nitrogen- and phosphorus-centred short-lived radicals via one-electron oxidation with stable hydrazyl radical 2004
A procedure for virtual fragmentation of molecules into functional groups 2004
Hetero di- and trinuclear Cu-Gd complexes with trifluoroacetate bridges: synthesis, structural and magnetic studies 2004
Syntheses and chemistry of hypervalent cyclo-R4Sb4, cyclo-(RSbE)(n) [R=2-(Me2NCH2)C6H4, E = O, S] and precursors 2004
Tin(IV) halide complexes of AsPh3: The structures of trans-SnCl4(AsPh3)(2) and SnBr4(AsPh3)center dot AsPh3 2004
Automated fabric defect inspection for quality assurance systems 2004
Magnetic and XPS studies on TbNi5-xAlx system 2004
Magnetic properties of GdxY1-xCo3NiB compounds 2004
Microstructure and humidity sensitive properties of MgFe2O4 ferrite with Ni and Mn substitutions 2004
Li and Ba ferrite nanoparticles prepared by self combustion 2004
Experiments on behaviour of power silicon PN junctions under reverse bias voltage at high temperature 2004
Contributions to development of IGBT on SiC technologies 2004
Poly (vinyl-alcohol) films for microphotonics 2004
Micro fluidic biochip for bio-medical application 2004
Alternative methods of parameters extraction based on the pseudo-MOS technique 2004
A synergetic approach of solar cells 2004
Decomposition of organic hydroperoxides on cation exchangers XV. The kinetics of the decomposition process of p-isopropylcumene hydroperoxide on a catalyst of montmorillonite type 2004
Assessment of the heavy metals in the food from Eastern Romania area, 2002-2003 2004
Magnesium, manganese and copper influence on PGF(2 alpha) analogues-induced luteolysis in rats 2004
Assessment of some heavy metals in hair and urine of children from lassy area, risk in cancer disease 2004
Thermal behaviour of complexes of antipyrine derivatives II 2004
Thermal behaviour of lanthanide complexes of 1,3-propanediaminetetramethylenephosphonic acid 2004
Fractal approach in the kinetics of solid-gas reactions 2004
O-1-[6-(methylselanyl)hexanoyl]glycerol as an anchor for self-assembly of biological compounds at the gold surface 2004
Adsorption kinetics of some carotenoids at the oil/water interface 2004
Microwave synthesis and characterization of Co-ferrite nanoparticles 2004
Packing models of yttrium doped alpha-Al2O3: Study of porosity 2 2004
An improvement of the anisotropy and formability predictions of aluminum alloy sheets 2004
Bioapplication oriented polymers. Micro- and nanoparticles for drug delivery systems 2004
Bragg reflector based on periodic structures for silicon MOEMS applications 2004

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