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Vanadium oxide catalysts supported on titania and zirconia II. Selective oxidation of ethane to acetic acid and ethylene 2004
Vanadium oxide catalysts supported on zirconia and titania I. Preparation and characterization 2004
Mechanistic study of a place-exchange reaction of au nanoparticles with spin-labeled disulfides 2004
FLD theoretical model using a new anisotropic yield criterion 2004
Surface modification of polytetrafluoroethylene for adhesive bonding 2004
Synthesis of carbon molecular sieves by benzene pyrolysis over microporous carbon materials 2004
An anisotropic yield criterion for sheet metals 2004
Simulation of the hydroforming process using a new orthotropic yield criterion 2004
Photobase-generating new polyurethanes with oxime-urethane groups in the main chain 2004
Effects of cobalt substitutions in spring magnets 2004
Platinum supported on doped alumina catalysts for propulsion applications. Xerogels versus aerogels 2004
Optimized synthesis of the elusive epsilon-Fe2O3 phase via sol-gel chemistry 2004
Influence of gold on the reduction behaviour of Au-V2O5/CeO2 catalytic systems: TPR and kinetic parameters of reduction 2004
Styrene oxidation with H2O2 over Ti-containing molecular sieves with MFI, BEA and MCM-41 topologies 2004
Effect of p-toluene sulphonic acid doping on the properties of plasma polymerized aniline thin films 2004
Effect of dopant on the intrinsic properties of some multifunctional aromatic compounds films for target applications 2004
Cellulose acetate deacetylation in benzene/acetic acid/water systems 2004
Polyimides containing 4,4 '-bipyridinium units 2004
Molecular van der Waals space and topological indices from the distance matrix 2004
QSAR study using topological indices for inhibition of carbonic anhydrase II by sulfanilamides and Schiff bases 2004
The closed cluster model and the charged coordination defects in chalcogenide glasses 2004
Manganese and copper doped CdS nanowire arrays preparation 2004
Antireflection optical coatings for the spectral range 400-700nm, 400-900nm and 800-1600nm 2004
The determination of the saturation power for erbium doped fiber amplifier 2004
Accelerator/averager circuit controls the response time of thermopiles 2004
The analysis of the interaction metal-support in Ni catalysts by extended X-ray absorption fine structure and X-ray diffraction using synchrotron radiation 2004
Enhancing of methotrexate activity during optical beam irradiation in photodynamic therapy of cancer and non-cancer diseases 2004
Preparation of Cd2GaNbO6 perovskite oxide: A possible substrate for high T-C superconductors 2004
Characterization of ZnAl2O(4) nanocrystals prepared by coprecipitation and microemulsion techniques 2004
Pulsed laser deposition of LiNbO3 thin films from Li-rich targets 2004
Methods for preparation of BaTiO3 thin films 2004
Method to manufacture the thermoluminescent detector chips using LiF crystal 2004
The estimation of the antioxidant effect of plants extracts by chemiluminescence 2004
Corrosion and passivation behaviour of the 18Cr-10Ni stainless steel in 1N solutions of formic, acetic, oxalic and citric acid 2004
The utilization of some functionalized polymers containing captive dyes for the separation of Cu(II) and Zn(II) ions from aqueous solutions 2004
Temperature sensors based on nanostructured PbS films 2004
Rotational energy levels and symmetry selection rules for H2S asymmetric rigid top 2004
Poly(ethylene oxide)-block-polystyrene copolymers obtained by radical polymerization involving chain-transfer processes 2004
Oxidation of natural and thermal denatured bovine serum albumin hydrazyl free radicals in the presence of cyclodextrins 2004
The concentration influence on the reactivity of natural and denatured bovine serum albumin in the absence and in the presence of cyclodextrins 2004
Self-sustained supercritical water oxidation process for organic pollutant removal. part I - Heat integration and energetic sufficiency through supercritical steam turbine 2004
Self-sustained supercritical water oxidation process for organic pollutant removal. part II - Energetic sufficiency through closed thermodynamic cycles 2004
Molecular mixing of incompatible polymers through formation of and coalescence from their common crystalline cyclodextrin inclusion compounds 2004
Design of a high-sensitivity negative ion source time-of-flight mass analyzer assembly created by cylindrical electrodes with a common axis 2004
Investigation of particle agglomeration in un-polarized magnetic fluids by means of magnetic resonance measurements 2004
Synthesis and characterisation of rare earth oxysulphide phosphors. I. Studies on the preparation of Gd2O2S : Tb phosphor by the flux method 2004
Distortion of laser welded titanium plates 2004
LDPE protected by secondary amines of dehydroabietic methyl ester derivatives 2004
Electronic and magnetic properties of highly ordered Sr2FeMoO6 2004
High-temperature annealing behavior of ion-implanted spinel single crystals 2004

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