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Cu(II) recovery from aqueous systems by flotation 2004
A new catalyst to remove color from cellulose fibers dyeing with reactive dyes using hydrogen peroxide 2004
Space charge and field evolution in cellulose materials - A review of the PEA method for technological purposes 2004
Affinity methods to immobilize acetylcholinesterases for manufacturing biosensors 2004
Development and characterization of cobalt hexacyanoferrate modified carbon electrodes for electrochemical enzyme Biosensors 2004
Rheometers in scanning mode for cure of rubbers with low enthalpy: effect of heating rate and rubber-die contact 2004
Photoinduced reactivity of titanium dioxide 2004
Representations of the icosahedral group with application to quasicrystals 2004
Dielectric spectroscopy measurements of relaxor ferroelectric PLZT 9/65/35 thin films obtained by RF assisted PLD 2004
The magnetoresistance of (Tb1-x Sm-x)(0.6)Sr0.4MnO3+gamma manganites 2004
Hydrogen uptake by carbon nanofibers catalyzed by palladium 2004
Direct dyes derived from 4,4 '-diaminobenzanilide synthesis, characterization and toxicity evaluation of a disazo symmetric direct dye 2004
Oblique view cone beam tomography for inspection of flat-shape objects 2004
Review of the analysis of medicinal plants by TLC: Modern approaches 2004
Structure-retention correlation of some oxicam drugs in reversed-phase liquid chromatography 2004
A flow transducer for cold water using ferrofluids 2004
Non-destructive method for impact resisting alumina composites characterisation 2004
Microanalysis of Pb(Zr, Ti, W, Li)O-3 piezoeceramic 2004
Antimony doped Bi2O3 thin films 2004
Calculations of R(T) and I(V) characteristics of the n-doped BaTiO3 ceramics with PTCR properties 2004
Characterization of the substituted lanthanum manganites 2004
Phase formation study of La-modified lead magnesium niobate 2004
Influence of hydrothermal method on the aluminum titanate synthesis 2004
Influence of preparation parameters and storage conditions on rheological behaviour of faience casting slips used in tableware industry 2004
Experiments with decorative glazes 2004
Feldspar porcelain with high mechanical strength 2004
Synthesis and characterisation of cordierite-mullite composites 2004
Development of zirconia composite ceramics and study on their corrosion resistance up to 1600 degrees C 2004
Basalt based glass ceramics. Kinetic studies of the crystallization processes 2004
Ferromagnetic biocomposites with improved bioactivity 2004
Sintered hydroxyapatite with additives 2004
Standard strength of cements predicted via computer modeling 2004
Defining properties of fly ashes for their usage in silicate binder industry 2004
ESCA, MIP and mechanical characterization of some Portland cement - Methyl-cellulose composites 2004
Predicting the 28-day compressive strength of cement in terms of compressive strength on temperature-cured specimens 2004
Preparation of alumina and cordierite based porous ceramic materials 2004
Development of ZrO2/ZTA/TiC composites 2004
Byzantine ceramic from XI-XIITH centuries at Piatra-Frecatei archaeological site (Tulcea County) 2004
Microstructural characterization of silicalite crystals obtained by sol-gel hydrothermal method 2004
SiO2-ZrO2 sol-gel nanostructured thin films with optical properties 2004
Profiled metal-ceramic micropackages for power microwave diodes 2004
Ceramic backing materials used in one-side welding methods 2004
Influence of forming conditions on alumina composite characteristics reinforced with non-oxide particles 2004
High thermal shock resistant aluminium titanate type ceramics 2004
Contamination of crop vegetation with trace elements from a fertilizer plant: An INAA study 2004
Distribution of some major and trace elements in Danube Delta lacustrine sediments and soil 2004
A 3D finite element model of a knee for joint contact stress analysis during sport activities 2004
Re-evaluation of dynamical models of buildings using identification techniques 2004
Rapid determination of gold in Romanian auriferous alluvial sands, concentrates and rocks by 14 MeV NAA 2004
Substituted triazines as grafting antioxidants 2004

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