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Cyclohexenones through addition of ethyl acetoacetate to chalcones derived from 2-acetylthiophene 2004
Tetranuclear Cu(II) cluster encapsulated in one arsenic(V) heteropolyoxotungstate. Spectroscopic and magnetic investigation 2004
Use of some complexes of platinum in the radiolytic decomposition of water 2004
Spectrophotometric multicomponent determination of tetramethrin, propoxur and piperonyl butoxide in insecticide formulation by principal component regression and partial least squares techniques with continuous wavelet transform 2004
Thermodynamic parameters of the reversed-phase liquid chromatography retention for some lipid-soluble vitamins 2004
Electrical current-noise influence on the sub-threshold excitability properties of a biomembrane: Friend or foe? 2004
Applications of neural networks in polymerization reaction engineering 2004
The inhibition action of some aliphatic and aromatic aldehydes on mild steel corrosion in 1 M HCl solution.. Effect of the inhibitor concentration and medium temperature 2004
The influence of the Sm substitution with Gd on the transport properties of some (Gd1-xSmx)(0.6)Sr0.4MnO3+delta manganites 2004
Synthesis of 1,6-disubstituted spiro[4,4]nonanes by palladium mediated transmetallation reactions 2004
New polyamide-esters containing benzonitrile or isopropylidene units in the main chain 2004
Siloxane triblock copolymers containing polyethyleneoxide 2004
Computer programme for the determination of the crystalline network parameters 2004
The effect of a periodic movement on the die of the bottom line of the melt/gas meniscus in the case of silicon filaments grown from the melt in a vacuum by edge-defined film-fed growth method 2004
Effect of thermal treatment on the properties of sol-gel derived Al-doped ZnO thin films 2004
Electrical charge injection/ejection and transport at moderate fields in low-density polyethylene 2004
The influence of water on direct current conductivity of cork 2004
Isothermal and non-isothermal DC measurements to analyze space charge behavior in polyamide 11 2004
Crystallization of silica-rich glasses prepared by sol-gel in the system alumina-silica-zirconia 2004
Interpenetrated polymeric networks based on gellan and poly(vinyl alcohol) 2004
Oligo- and polyacrylonitrile in dilute solution excluded volume effect 2004
Influence of hard segments to specific refractive index increments of segmented poly(ester urethane)s 2004
Synthesis and characterization of some new polyimidothioethers with ester groups in the backbone 2004
Carbon nanostructures produced by CCVD with induction heating 2004
Advanced materials based on epoxy resins - 1. Vinyl ester resins 2004
Diffusion coefficients in solvent-solvent-polymer ternary systems 2004
Organic coatings based on powder dyes. IV. The characterization of powder dyes 2004
Bulk polymerisation of some acrylates and methacrylates by gamma-ray irradiation 2004
Derivatives of izophtaloyl phosphonic acid acting as polymerization photoinitiation 2004
Organic coatings based on powder dyes. V. The characterising of coating films 2004
The biodegradation study of some composite materials with thermoplastic matrixes and lignocellulosic materials 2004
Coordinating compounds immobilized on cellulose supports 2004
Mass spectra of bis(2,4-dimethyl-5-amino-benzo[b] [1,8]-naphthyridines) and bis(benzo[b][1,8]naphthyridones) linked by methylene linear chain 2004
Gas composition in laser pyrolysis of hydrocarbon-based mixtures: Influence on soot morphology 2004
Covalent functionalization of single-walled carbon nanotubes by aniline electrochemical polymerization 2004
Production and characterisation of vapour grown carbon fiber/polypropylene composites 2004
Preformed polymer phosphines groups 2004
Copolymerization of di-cyclopentadiene with maleic anhydride in heterogeneous systems 2004
Crosslinked copolymers obtained by template polymerization method 2004
Chemical synthesis of polyaniline doped with phenilphosphinic acid 2004
Dielectric behavior of some unsaturated polyurethanes 2004
Inhibition of thermal oxidation of LDPE in the presence of some commercial antioxidants assisted by chemiluminescence 2004
The optimization of some white epoxy-polyester coating powders composition 2004
The kinetic non-isothermal study of the thermal degradation processes of some azo-polyetheric liquid crystals 2004
Exact relationships in phenomenological analysis of rheodynamic relaxation/retardation processes in linear viscoelasticity of polymer systems - II.1. Primary characteristic quantities in the case of stress-controlled processes 2004
Influence of temperature on the polymerization solution of acrylates in a bubble column reactor 2004
The thermooxidation stabilization of LDPE by using new synthesis compounds from secondary aromatic amines class 2004
Organic coatings on powder dyes basis. III. The production of powder dyes 2004
The synthesis and characterization of some copolymers based on poly(ethylene glycol) or poly(vinyl alcohol) with lactic acid 2004
Synthesis of new polysilane-crown ether 2004

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