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Slug flow-radial displacement in the Taylor bubble acceleration mechanism 2004
Flow-vacuum pyrolysis of polycyclic compounds. 17 - Pyrolysis of 2-methyl-cis-9,10-bis(hydroxymethyl)-9,10-dihydroanthracene 2004
Synthesis and characterization of novel oligomers from the reaction of bismaleimides with diols 2004
Optical properties of silicon thin films related to LPCVD growth condition 2004
Kinetics of interfacial layer formation during deposition of HfO2 on silicon 2004
Design and synthesis of new macrocyclic cyclophanes using 1,3-dioxane units as bridges: A molecular "rocking chair" 2004
Scaling and crossovers in nano-island decay: a kinetic Monte Carlo study 2004
Synthesis and fluorescence of polyurethane cationomers N-modified with a stilbene chromophore 2004
Capillary gas chromatography-mass spectrometry of volatile and semi-volatile compounds of Salvia officinalis 2004
IR study on the relaxation of the phosphate group of 5 '-dCMP in (2)H(2)O and H(2)O solutions 2004
A HPLC validated assay of paclitaxel's related impurities in pharmaceutical forms containing Cremophor (R) EL 2004
Rapid HPLC method for the determination of paclitaxel in pharmaceutical forms without separation 2004
Ultraporous single phase iron oxide-silica nanostructured aerogels from ferrous precursors 2004
Binuclear coordination compounds as building-blocks in designing polynuclear complexes 2004
Free-space and intermolecular interaction effects on the local-chain rotational relaxation dynamics in dye plus polymer lasing materials 2004
Mesoporous nickelsilicate membranes on porous alumina supports - I. Effect of nature and surface pretreatment of alumina supports on the catalytic membrane formation 2004
Mesoporous nickelsilicate membranes on porous alumina supports - II. Catalytic reactor for oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons 2004
The effect of an air-dielectric barrier discharge on the surface properties and peel strength of medical packaging materials 2004
Application of GESPECOR software for the calculation of coincidence summing effects in special cases 2004
Influence of the background approximation methods on the analysis of gamma-ray spectra 2004
Standardization of Zn-65 by 4 pi PC-gamma coincidence counting method with efficiency extrapolation 2004
Standardization of (68)(Ge+Ga) 2004
Standardization of tritiated water and Tl-204 by TDCR liquid scintillation counting 2004
Mossbauer study of manganese-doped magnetite below the Verwey transition 2004
Derivated dyes of the 2-aminothiazolo[4,5-b]pyridine compact condensed heterocyclic system 2004
The vapour-liquid isothermal equilibrium in the binary systems of alcanes with chloroalcanes 2004
The termodynamic properties of viscous flow for the propionic acid - Toluene system 2004
The quantification of the oxidative stress in biosystems. III. The behaviour during peroxidation and UV irradiation of some vitamins 2004
Heterocyclic compounds derivatives of 1,2,4-triazole 2004
Cyanide assay based on the inhibition of the catalase activity 2004
Conformational and configurational analysis on some calix[4]resorcinarenes functionalized with organo-phosphorus groups 2004
O-acylation mechanism of p-substituted phenols with various alkanoyl chlorides under phase transfer catalysis conditions 2004
Modified poly (epsilon-caprolactone)s and their use for drug-encapsulating nanoparticles 2004
Synthesis of new associative gel microspheres from carboxymethyl pullulan and their interactions with lysozyme 2004
On the nonlinear isoconversional procedures to evaluate the activation energy of nonisothermal reactions in solids 2004
Rheometers in scanning mode by changing the rates of linear temperature programming for the cure of rubbers 2004
Nearly monodispersed carbon coated iron nanoparticles for the catalytic growth of nanotubes/nanofibres 2004
Wiener index of C4C8 nanotubes 2004
Complex compounds of ions with d(6-10) electronic configuration with bidentate heterocyclic ligands (N, S) 2004
Analytical functions for the proton transfer in the H5O2+ complex immersed in a solvent (water, 1-octanol) 2004
Lanthanide polyoxometalates used in the organic oxidative catalysis 2004
The lipids behaviour in electrical field. I. Fatty acids, cholesterol and glycerol mixtures 2004
The influence of the partial pressure of the sulfurated hydrogen on the deep hydrodesulfurization of gas oils 2004
The gas hold-up in bubble columns. I. The influence of hydrodynamic conditions 2004
Polydisperse solid materials used for the adsorption of petroleum liquids 2004
The influence of reducing agents in the obtaining of the ecological rubby copper 2004
The determination of A and E vitamins from pharmaceutical products by high performance liquid chromatography 2004
Studies on the thermal behaviour of the ammonium cobalt phosphate 2004
The gold recovery from cyanide solutions using commercial anions 2004
The reaction of 6-amino-4-hydroxy-2-naphtalenesulphonic acid with the tetrametylthiurame disulphide 2004

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