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Adsorption of poly(vinyl formamide-co-vinyl amine) onto silica particle surfaces and stability of the formed hybrid materials 2004
Surface morphology studies of sub-ps pulsed-laser-deposited AlN thin films 2004
Luminescence from indented Te-doped GaSb crystals 2004
Rearrangement of bromo-acenaphtheno-norbornanes on silver bromide. Pure exo-acenaphtheno-norbornene synthesis 2004
Artificial membranes by the self-assembly of pyridinium salts derived from pyrylium salts with long alkyl substituents 2004
Efficient phase equilibrium calculation in a reduced flash context 2004
Biocompatibility of hydroxyl-apatite thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2004
Carbon material deposition by remote RF plasma beam 2004
Self organised formation of layered structure in co-deposited Al-C thin films 2004
Al-doped ZnO thin films by sol-gel method 2004
Application of TLC and GC-MS to the detection of capsaicin from hot peppers (Capsicum annuum) 2004
Thermal degradation behavior of polymer blends based on poly(ester urethane)s 2004
Study of the mechanical properties of dibenzyl-based polyurethane containing a molecularly dispersed UV absorber 2004
Viscometric study of poly(ester urethane) solutions: 3 - Influence of chemical structure on the conformational transition 2004
Dynamic adsorption of sulphur dioxide on Y zeolites. Mathematical modelling of adsorption curves 2004
Al2Mo3 - Mocermets 2004
Hydrolytic stability of some thermoplastic poly(ether-urethane-urea)s 2004
Colloidal CdS fluorescence quenching by MV2+ under continuous irradiation 2004
A new X-ray line profile approximation used for the evaluation of the global nanostructure of nickel clusters 2004
On the determination of some electrical conduction parameters of GaAs-n by magnetoresistance measurements 2004
Ultrasonic investigation of n-Si samples 2004
New materials based on phosphorilated calix[n]arene 2004
Memory effect analysis to electrocoated surface from disperse system 2004
Statistical properties analysis of Er3+-doped Ti : LiNbO3 M-mode straight waveguide amplifiers 2004
On the emitted spectrum changing in metal-halide lamps 2004
The 2D-DCT coefficient statistical behaviour: A comparative analysis on different types of image sequences 2004
The IR Spectroscopy analyses of shark liver oil 2004
Studies regarding the formation, characteristics and properties of superstructures adjacent to the polarised electrode 2004
The alloying element effects on the stability of some titanium alloys in aggressive environments 2004
The corrosion kinetics of 304L stainless steel, of incoloy 800 and of SA 516 carbon steel in the secondary circuit of nuclear steam generator 2004
Molecular flexibility descriptors for QSAR calculations 2004
Semicarbazones and thiosemicarbazones of 8-R-tricyclo/,7)/tridecane-2-ol-13-one, substances with a potential biological activity 2004
Reaction of 3,5-di-t-butyl-4-benzoquinonimines with dimethylphosphite 2004
Thermal degradation of polyisoblutylene studied by pyrolysis-gas chromatography 2004
The optimal simultaneous planning on long and short term of multipurpose installations 2004
The influence of raw material origins on deep hydrodesulfurization of diesel oils 2004
The gas-hold up in bubble columns (II). The influence of the electrical conductivity of the continuous phase 2004
Computing the ecological water requirements for preserving and developing the ecosystems in aquatic environment 2004
Poly[(N-acetylimino)ethylene]/polystyrene block copolymers by cationic polymerization 2004
On the kinetic processing of thermal analysis data 2004
Mass transfer in thin films in liquid-liquid systems 2004
The interplay of hydrogen bonding and pi-pi stacking interactions in sustaining supramolecular solid state architectures. The case of the heterometallic system [Mn-III(salpn)(H2O)(2)][Cr-III(bipy)(C2O4)(2)]center dot H2O 2004
On the charge transfer bands from the electronic spectra of the stepped-planar Ni(II) complexes synthesized with ligands from the classes of substituted glyoxalanil-(I)- and glyoxalimino-(I)-phenylhydrazones-(2) 2004
Synthesis of spinelic oxides using polynuclear malates coordination compounds. Nickel ferrite 2004
Hemes revisited by density functional approaches. 1 - The axial ligand and the dioxygen-peroxo chemistry 2004
Structures and spectral properties of a copper(II) complex with N-salicylidene-p-toluidine 2004
Studies on the electron density of the proton in the Zundel complex 2004
Differential mass spectrometry (Dif MS) and computational chemistry. Part I - Dif MS and semiempirical MO analysis of 3-and 4-nitrobenzophenone dimethyl acetals 2004
Study of the [Fe3O(C8H7COO)(6)(H2O)(3)]NO3 complex by cyclic voltammetry 2004
New substituted chromens as selective reagents for iron determination 2004

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