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Mossbauer study of the RENiSnD (RE : Pr, Nd) monodeuterides 2004
Functionalization of dihydrodipyridopyrazines involving palladium-catalyzed coupling reactions 2004
FT-Raman, surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy and theoretical investigations of diclofenac sodium 2004
Infrared absorption, Raman, and SERS investigations in conjunction with theoretical simulations on a phenothiazine derivative 2004
The solution of Saint-Venant's problem in the theory of Cosserat shells 2004
Structure and electrical properties of electron irradiated CdSe thin films 2004
Electrodeposition of CdTe nanorods in ion track membranes 2004
Spectroscopic characterization of chemical bath deposited cadmium sulphide layers 2004
Amorphous thin films based on paraffin doped chalcogenides, prepared by pulsed laser deposition 2004
Influence of thermal annealing in air on the structural and optical properties of amorphous antimony trisulfide thin films 2004
Multifunctional skeletal catalytic support - 1. Alumina-based composition for porous adsorbing layer 2004
Toward super radiation tolerant semiconductor detectors for future elementary particle research 2004
Transport properties of (Nd0.67In0.33)(1-x)SrxMnO3 +/-delta compounds 2004
Study of the fluorescence-quenching of Mg-TNP by anionic anthraquinones 2004
Electron spin resonance and DC electrical investigations on chlorine doped polyanilines 2004
PDP type barrier discharge ultraviolet radiation source 2004
Comparison of the dielectric properties for doped and undoped TiO2 thin films 2004
Point defects in crystalline and amorphous silicon 2004
Modelling of the complex carbon structure: Fullerene-nanotubule 2004
Particulates generation and solutions for their elimination in pulsed laser deposition 2004
Conduction mechanisms in silicon-based nanocomposites 2004
Schlieren method for measuring the temperature coefficient of the refractive index of optical glasses 2004
Phase synchronization and coding chaos with semiconductor lasers 2004
Analysis of mepivacaine in human serum by gas chromatography after solid-phase extraction 2004
Calibration based estimation of detection and determination limits of Cu(II) and Ni(II), for a TLC analytical system 2004
SAPO-5 zeolite-filled polyurethane membranes. 1. Preparation and morphological characterisation 2004
ESR studies concerning the polyacrylamide radiolysis 2004
The influence of parameters in the synthesis of bis(2-chloroethyl) 2-chloroethylphosphonate 2004
Molecular structure and solid state supramolecular self-organization of nickel(II) di(methoxyethylxanthato)-bis(pyridine) adduct, Ni(S(2)COCH(2)CH(2)OCH(3))(2)center dot 2C(5)H(5)N 2004
Steric and electronic considerations on salicylidene-4-methylaniline as a ligand 2004
WC powders obtained by sol-gel and coprecipitation methods 2004
Crystal and molecular structure of bis(tetraphenylmonothioimidodiphosphinato)dibutyltin(IV), Bu2Sn[(OPPh2)(SPPh2)N](2)-trans versus cis-C2SnO2S2 octahedral cores 2004
New inorganic mercury(II) derivatives of asymmetric tetraorganodichalcogenoimidodiphosphinato ligands. Crystal and molecular structure of Hg[(XPMe2)(SPPh2)N](2) (X = O, S) 2004
Synthesis and characterisation of a new series of rhodium-substituted heteropolytungstates 2004
Pure and doped lanthanum cobaltites obtained from maleate-based precursors 2004
New materials based on organo-substituted phosphazenes. I - Precursors for covalent and non-covalent materials 2004
Synthesis and biological application of a new 1,2,5-oxadiazolo[3,4-c]pyridine moiety fluorescent marker 2004
Experimental and theoretical study of the ground and excited state properties of 3-carboxyphenoxathiin 2004
A thermodynamic study of the sorption of an asymmetric disazo direct dye on mercerized cotton 2004
Determination of glybenclamide in human plasma by high-performance liquid chromatography and diode-array detector 2004
Cyanoethylation of ethanol over mixed oxides obtained from hydrotalcite precursors 2004
Laser-assisted catalytic transformation of methylcyclopentane and methyl-cyclohexane on ZSM-5 zeolite 2004
Structural and textural properties of H-3[PMo12O40] and H-4[PVMo11O40] salts with monovalent cations in relation to temperature. Part I - Synthesis and characterization 2004
Temperature inhibiting effect on the ignition of a lean propylene-air mixture by an isothermally heated platinum filament 2004
Fractal characteristics of the solidification process 2004
Water-soluble polyelectrolyte complexes formed by poly (diallyldimethylammonium chloride) and poly(sodium acrylate-co-sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methyl-1-propanesulphonate)-graft-poly(N,N-dimethylacrylamide) copolymers 2004
Formation of iron micro-tubes in plasma 2004
Amperometric study of the inhibitory effect of carboxylic acids on tyrosinase 2004
The use of scanning transitiometry to investigate thermodynamic properties of polymeric systems over extended T and p ranges 2004
Nonstoichiometric interpolyelectrolyte complexes as colloidal dispersions based on NaPAMPS and their interaction with colloidal silica particles 2004

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