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Potentiometric investigation of the effect of the pH on the ionic transfer of some amino acids at the interface between two immiscible electrolyte solutions 2004
The synthesis investigation of some vitreous materials in the ZnO-TiO2-SiO2 system by sol-gel method 2004
Studies concerning the behavior of hexagonal pyrrhothine during development in acid environment 2004
The characterization of collagenic hydrolised compounds doped with calcium/magnesium ions 2004
Reactions of benzylhydrazine derivatives with carbonyl compounds 2004
Heteropolysalts of organic bases 2004
Electron microscopy studies of octa-calcium phosphate thin films obtained by pulsed laser deposition 2004
Highly conducting indium tin oxide films grown by ultraviolet-assisted pulsed laser deposition at low temperatures 2004
Pulsed laser deposition of biocompatible polymers: a comparative study in case of pullulan 2004
Double beam pulse laser deposition of NiMnSb thin films at ambient temperature 2004
Influence of pulse temporal manipulation on the properties of laser ablated Si ion beams 2004
Lead-based ferroelectric compounds deposited by PLD 2004
Polysiloxanes with chlorobenzyl groups as precursors of new organic-silicone materials 2004
Kinetic method for acetylsalicylic acid determination based on its inhibitory effect upon the catalytic decomposition of H2O2 2004
Quantitative structure-retention and retention-activity relationships of some 1,3-oxazolidine systems by RP-HPTLC and PCA 2004
Magnetorheological suspension electromagnetic brake 2004
On the magnetic structure of magnetite/oleic acid/benzene ferrofluids by small-angle neutron scattering 2004
Cure kinetics of a liquid-crystalline epoxy resin studied by non-isothermal data 2004
Characterization of WOx/CeO2 catalysts and their reactivity in the isomerization of hexane 2004
Optical and dielectric properties of new azobenzene copolyethers embedded in polymer matrices 2004
Modification of poly(styrene-alt-maleic anhydride) with 1,3,4-oxadiazole units for electroluminescent devices 2004
Charge density, solvent polarity and counterion nature effects on the solution properties of some polycations 2004
RuO4-mediated oxidation of N-benzylated tertiary amines. Are amine N-oxides and iminium cations reaction intermediates? 2004
Infinite octamolybdate chains cross-linked by paramagnetic iron (II) centers 2004
Organobismuth homocycles (RBi)(n) and heterocycles (RBiS)(2) 2004
Diamond-like nanostructured carbon film deposition using thermionic vacuum arc 2004
Separation by ion flotation of Bi(III) from aqueous systems 2004
Mineral-chemical changes of clays under the action of basic fluids 2004
The quality investigation of the anticorrosive protection of polyethylene foil or extruded polyethylene isolation for natural gas pipes 2004
Studies concerning the pH dependence of the graphite electrochemical behavior 2004
Vinylsulphonic reactive dyes - Derivatives of the monosulfuric ester of 2-(4-amino-benzenesulphonyl)-ethanol 2004
The direct synthesis of organohalogensilanes. The induction period and the radicalic mechanism 2004
Dimethylether - Ecological fuel for diesel engines 2004
A hybrid algorithmic-heuristic method for optimal retrofit of multipurpose plants 2004
The spatial and temporal dynamics of the physico-chemical characteristics for the quality of aquatic ecosystems of the Danube Delta biosphere 2004
Hydrochemical, thermal and biochemical modelling for water quality prediction in lakes 2004
The obtaining process of the hydrogen needed in a fuel cell by steam methane reforming 2004
Di- and tetraphenylsilyl-containing heterochain and heterocyclic polymers: A review 2004
4f and 5f metal ion directed Schiff condensation 2004
Pentaspiranes and hexaspiranes with 1,3-dioxane or 1,3-oxathiane rings: synthesis and stereochemistry 2004
New binuclear model compounds for the study of the 4f-4f exchange interaction 2004
Time trend investigation of PCBs, PBDEs, and organochlorine pesticides in selected n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acid rich dietary fish oil and vegetable oil supplements; Nutritional relevance for human essential n-3 fatty acid requirements 2004
The intramolecular asymmetric Pauson-Khand cyclization as a novel and general stereoselective route to benzindene prostacyclins: Synthesis of UT-15 (treprostinil) 2004
Fluorescence study on the size and shape of sodium dodecyl sulphate-aluminium salt micelles 2004
Mechanism of ferromagnetic coupling in copper(II)-gadolinium(II) complexes 2004
Bismaleimides and biscitraconimides: Synthesis and properties 2004
Chemical growth of calcium phosphate layers on magnetron sputtered HA films 2004
Bimetallic Ru-(Cr, Ni, or Cu) and La-(Co or Mn) incorporated MCM-41 molecular sieves as catalysts for oxidation of aromatic hydrocarbons 2004
Photolysis of 4-azidodiphenyl in solution studied by UV absorption spectroscopy 2004
Molecular simulation of the free surface order in NLC samples 2004

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