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Lithium cobalt oxide (LiCoO2) nanocoatings by sol-gel methods 2004
Molecular and vibrational structure of 2,4-dinitrophenol: FT-IR, FT-Raman and quantum chemical calculations 2004
On the catalytic properties of mixed oxides obtained from the Cu-Mg-Al LDH precursors in the process of hydrogenation of the cinnamaldehyde 2004
Effect of platinum morphology on lean reduction of NO with C3H6 2004
Synthesis and structural studies of two new base adducts of bis(2,4-pentanedionato)cobalt(II) 2004
Imine oligomers and polymers 2004
Chelate polymers. V. Novel alternating copolymers based on transition metal-azomethine complexes and siloxanes 2004
Thermal degradation of mercury chelated polyacrylamidoxime 2004
The use of the IKP method for evaluating the kinetic parameters and the conversion function of the thermal dehydrochlorination of PVC from non-isothermal data 2004
Wiener index of armchair polyhex nanotubes 2004
Wiener index of zig-zag polyhex nanotubes 2004
Hydrothermal synthesis and structural characterization of (1-x)alpha-Fe2O3-xSnO(2) nanoparticles 2004
The determination of vitamin C from sweet cherries and cherries 2004
Fuzzy principal component analysis and its applications in QSAR studies 2004
The disperse analysis of clinoptilolitic vulcanic tuff. II. Fractions characterisation 2004
The radiolysis of ethylene-propylene/divinylbenzene elastomer systems 2004
Fractal dimension of some tecto-dendrimers 2004
The study of radicalic species formed during the radiolysis of the lead chromate 2004
The synthesis and reactivity of Mannich bases. XIX. The reduction of bis-ketonic Mannich bases derived from cis-trans-2,5-dimethylpiperazine 2004
The study of the chemical properties of alkyl and aryldichlorophosphines. II. A new heterocyclic phosphate compound obtained from p-tolydilchlorophosphine. Synthesis, characterization and biological activity 2004
The evaluation of the oxidative stress in biosystems. IV. Complex biological structures 2004
Influence of the chemical structure of transfer agents in coordinated anionic ring-opening polymerization: application to one-step functional oligomerization of epsilon-caprolactone 2004
Influence of powder precursors on reaction sintering of Al2TiO5 2004
Assignments of H-1 and C-13 NMR spectra of benzo[b][1,8]naphthyridone and of 2,4-dimethyl-5-amino-benzo[b][1,8]-naphthyiridine 2004
Synthesis and reactivity of Mannich bases. XVII - Ketonic Mannich bases derived from 2,5-dimethylpiperazine 2004
QSAR study for HEPT derivatives, inhibitors of HIV-1 reverse transcriptase 2004
The conformational analysis of some calix[4]arenes substituted at the "lower rim" with organo-phosphorus groups 2004
About n-propanol oxidation on NiOOH electrode 2004
Spectroellipsometric characterization of sol-gel TiO2-CuO thin coatings 2004
Spectroellipsometric study of the sol-gel nanocrystalline ITO multilayer films 2004
Dendritic morphogenesis by means of a fractal 2004
On what terms and why the thermodynamic properties of polymer solutions depend on chain length up to the melt 2004
Influence of Gd addition on the magnetism and structure of Finemet-type nanocrystalline alloys 2004
Effects of Zr and Ti substitutions on the crystallization processes of Fe3B/Nd2Fe14B nanocomposite magnetic system 2004
Preparation and magnetic properties of amorphous NiP and CoP nanowire arrays 2004
The influence of the composition on the GMI effect in low magnetostrictive amorphous microwires 2004
Hall effect in Permalloy-based thin films and magnetic multilayers 2004
Magnetic and magnetoelastic properties of Ni-Cu-Mn-Ti-Mo alloys 2004
Yield stress in a fluidized bed stabilized with a compound magnetic field 2004
Magnetofluidic effects usable for sensors achievement 2004
Zero-magnetic field effect in pathogen bacteria 2004
EPR and magnetic investigations of copper ions in 2B(2)O(3) center dot AS(2)O(3) glass matrix 2004
Influence of melting temperature on iron ions behavior in B2O3-BaO-Fe2O3 glasses studied by magnetic susceptibility 2004
Magnetic interactions and spin configuration in FeRh and Fe/FeRh systems 2004
Magnetic interactions and spin structure in composite Fe/Nd2Fe14B systems 2004
Structural, electrical and magnetic properties of Y(1-x)CaxBa2Cu3-yMyO7-delta compounds, where M = Ni, Fe, Al, Cr 2004
Micromagnetic model for magnetisation processes in RE-TM based-amorphous alloys 2004
Nanoclusters-critical thickness-magnetic properties relationship in Nd90-xFexAl10 amorphous ribbons 2004
Correlation of structure and magnetism of AgCo nanoparticle arrays 2004
Magnetic nanostructures obtained by colloidal crystallization onto patterned substrates 2004

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