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Nonlinear vibrations of a nano sized sensor with fractional damping 2005
A new ferromagnetically coupled mu-alkoxo-mu-acetato copper(II) trinuclear complex: [Cu-3(H(2)tea)(Htea)(CH3COO)(2)](ClO4) (H(3)tea = triethanolamine) 2005
Computer-controlled system for ISEs automatic calibration 2005
Hot cracking in Al-Mg-Si alloy laser welding - operating parameters and their effects 2005
Magnetic properties of Al-Gd-Ni orthorhombic compounds 2005
A surprisingly stable 1-(chlorosilyl)-2-phosphaethenyllithium compound, RCl2SiC(Li)=PMes 2005
Kinetic approach on stabilization of LDPE in the presence of carnosic acid and related compounds. I. Thermal investigation 2005
Principal component analysis versus fuzzy principal component analysis - A case study: the quality of danube water (1985-1996) 2005
Synthesis of new polyaza heterocycles. Part 42: Diazines 2005
Electron-phonon interaction in absorption and photoluminescence spectra of quantum dots 2005
Difluorenylsilanes, -germanes, and -stannanes exhibiting an unprecedented parallel arrangement of the fluorene units 2005
Dipole-dipole interactions in spin-labeled Au nanoparticles as a measure of interspin distances 2005
Comparative study of the continuous wavelet transform, derivative and partial least squares methods applied to the overlapping spectra for the simultaneous quantitative resolution of ascorbic acid and acetylsalicylic acid in effervescent tablets 2005
Effect of oxygen concentration in the sputtering gas and effect of substrate type on the electrical resistance of Bi : 2201 nanoscale thin films 2005
Study of the conversion of aromatic hydrocarbons on EMT-type zeolite Influence of the partial substitution of Al by Ga 2005
Gold nanostructured films deposited on polystyrene colloidal crystal templates for surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy 2005
Interpolymer complexes between hydroxypropylcellulose and copolymers of maleic acid: A comparative study 2005
Characterization and classification of lanthanides by multivariate-analysis methods 2005
Liquid-phase alkylation of phenol with t-butanol over various catalysts derived from MWW-type precursors 2005
Laser trapping and micro-manipulation using optical vortices 2005
Biological samples micro-manipulation by means of optical tweezers 2005
Micellar effect on tyrosine one-electron oxidation by azide radicals 2005
Construction of tube- and ladderlike Copper(II) coordination polymers based on the nicotinato tecton 2005
Periodic cages 2005
Combining coordination chemistry with hydrogen bonds: perturbation of the structures by interaction of an organotin(IV) complex with O-donor solvent molecules 2005
Effect of Co substitution for Ni on the microstructure and magnetic properties of (Fe, Ni)-based amorphous alloys produced by melt spinning 2005
Kinetic (PIC) simulations for a plane probe in a collisional plasma 2005
Net current generation in a 1D quantum ring at zero magnetic field 2005
Electrical conductivity and thermodynamic properties of some alkaline earth-doped lanthanum chromites 2005
Writing single-mode waveguides in lithium niobate by ultra-low intensity solitons 2005
The determination of the roughness factor of skeleton nickel electrodes by cyclic voltammetry 2005
On the electrical and optical characteristics of CdO thin films 2 2005
YBa2Cu3O7-delta : Li superconductor system investigated by direct microwave absorption method 2005
The obtaining of chlorophyll in crystalline form from fir needles (Abies alba) and from pine needles (Pinus silvestris) 2005
Proteolytic enzymes in organic media. I. The selection of the enzymes and the optimization of the aqueous-organic media for the optically active aminoacids syntheses by the kinetic resolution of their esthers 2004
Synthesis and characterization of some cationic dyes derivatives of compact condensed system 2-aminothiazolo[4,5-f]indazole 2004
Pyridoxine determination from pharmaceutical products using two kinetic methods 2004
The obtaining and characterisation of NaCl nanocrystalline dispersions for saline type therapeutical climate. III. The evaluation of the "Saline" device reliability 2004
The conditioning in Portland cement of oil radioactive wastes 2004
New N-substituted pyrazolyl-benzenesulfonamide compounds as analogues of COX-2 selective inhibitors 2004
Content on the ash content for anidrous samples of vladimir lignite 2004
Synthesis of fluorescently labeled mono- and diprenylated Rab7 GTPase 2004
Organic-inorganic hybrids made from polymerizable precursors 2004
Ion-exchange resins. III. Functionalization-morphology correlations in the synthesis of some macroporous, strong basic anion exchangers and uranium-sorption properties evaluation 2004
Polyelectrolyte complexes. VI. Polycation structure, polyanion molar mass, and polyion concentration effects on complex nanoparticles based on poly(sodium 2-acrylamido-2-methylpropanesulfonate) 2004
Modeling of thermosolutal convection during Bridgman solidification of semiconductor alloys in relation with experiments 2004
Solute segregation in directional solidification of GaInSb concentrated alloys under alternating magnetic fields 2004
Three-dimensional modeling of melt flow and interface shape in the industrial liquid-encapsulated Czochralski growth of GaAs 2004
Carbonic anhydrase inhibitors: aromatic and heterocyclic sulfonamides incorporating or adamantyl moieties with strong anticonvulsant activity 2004
Distinguishing between abstraction and addition as the first step in the reaction of a nitroxyl radical with cyclohexene 2004

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