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Complex analytical investigations regarding the bio-availability of heavy metals from sediments 2005
New thermosensitive dyes with benzimidazolone-azo structure 2005
Studies on the diastereoisomers of two new azostilbenic dyes 2005
Studies on the reaction system Pd2+-2,6 diaminotoluene 2005
Unconventional method of obtaining nanocrystallites from copper sulfides 2005
Adsorption of U(VI) from HCI solutions on anion exchange resins 2005
The study of the chemical speciation of uranium (VI) in aqueous solutions in micro-concentrations in the presence of complexing agents 2005
The decomposition potential in molten salts. I. Al2O3 in cryolitic melts with inert anode based on SnO3 2005
Studies about CO2+ ion influence on soy plants development and acumulation of other chemical elements (Iron, magnesium, calcium, potassium and phosphorus) 2005
The phenomenology of solid-, liquid-solid interface. I. Quantitative information from the background noise in the current-time electrochemical recordings 2005
Spectrophotometric study and determination of Cu(II) with N-[2-thienylmethylidene]-aminopropane 2005
The study of the corroded steel-carbon surface in industrial waters containing NH3/NH4Cl using Mossbauer spectrometry 2005
Researches regarding the variation of the redox potential in the case of soy milk obtained from deionised water 2005
The influence of the catalyst selectivity on the composition of ethoxymers resulted from the addition reaction of the ethylene oxide to the higher alcohols 2005
Modeling of a filtration unit where clogging occurs II. Stochastic modeling of the clogging function 2005
Perovskitic mixed oxides with and oxidant action on some hydrocarbons 2005
Bioactive nanoparticles - 7. Essential oil from Apiaceae and Pinaceae family plants/beta-cyclodextrin supramolecular system 2005
Technology for the elimination of the chlorhidric acid from the reaction product of the acetochlor preparation 2005
Phospholipasic activity of extracellular proteins biosynthesized from Malassezia pachydermatis 2005
The sinterability, microstructure and fracture behaviour of Al2O3-Ni cermets with/without additions 2005
The modelling of passive film formation on a new titanium industrial alloy in very aggressive media 2005
Thermal activation energies in gamma irradiated alkali halides 2005
The analysis of arsenic in medicinal plants by ICP-MS and the assesment of its transfer into aqueous extracts 2005
The response of the lauric acid at the action of an external electric field 2005
Bivariate and multivariate spectral resolutions of a mixture of benazepril hydrochloride and hydrochlorothiazide in tablets by using linear regression lines 2005
The synthesis of some new unsymmetrical esthers 1-alkyl of the 1,4-dihydropyridines class with a potential biological activity 2005
Iodotriphenylphosphonium triiodide - IR, H-1-NMR, P-31-NMR, UV-VIS spectroscopy and HPLC investigations 2005
Ignition of liquefied petroleum gas/air mixtures by electric sparks 2005
Saving energy by "unorthodox" placement of heat pumps I. Reducing utility consumptions within soda ash manufacture 2005
Establishment of the chemical composition of the oil extracted from Squalus acanthias liver 2005
Authentication of ancient bronze coins by the study of the archeological patina - I. Composition and structure 2005
Characterization and application-for glucose detection of Co-doped PbO2 films in alkaline media 2005
The study of the radicalic species formed during the radiolysis in polycrystalline solid state of zinc, cobalt and mercury chromates 2005
The copolymers of the maleic anhydride modified with benzocaine - II. The influence ofthe molecular mass on the antiturnoral activity 2005
Study regarding the influence of some external fields on the liquid crystal properties of the lauric acid 2005
The dependence of the kinetic parameters of chemiluminescence on the biochemical and hematologic factors determined from the blood of the persons exposed to electromagnetic fields 2005
Comparative study of the obtaining and HPLC, UV-VIS and IR characteristics of the monomer and dimer type complexes of meso-tetranhenylporphirine with Zr(IV) 2005
New benzamides with potential biological action 2005
Comparative spectrometric study of two new azo stilbenic dyes 2005
The study of the interaction between nonionic surfactants of the alkyl polyglucoside type with acid dyes 2005
Stereoselective addition of thiocyanic acid to polycyclic alkenes 2005
A DSC study of some dibenzocycloheptane alcohols 2005
The characterization of the membrane material of a tiocyanate-selective electrode based on rhodium (III) [5,10,15,20-tetraphenyl-21H, 23H-porphyrinato-N21,N22,N23,N24] chloride 2005
Inner-eddy-current transducer with rotating magnetic field: Theoretical model, forward problem 2005
Dependency of luminescence properties of Y2O3 : Eu on the activator incorporation degree and lattice parameter 2005
Fatty acids methyl esters from vegetable oil by means of ultrasonic energy 2005
Methodologic principles for the evaluation of cultural heritage objects made of leather and parchment 2005
On absorption spectra of CoCl2/acetone systems 2005
Optospectral system for the quantification of optical parameters of old paper 2005
Investigations on the dynamics of a metal-ferroelectric-semiconductor heterostructure 2005

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